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What Font Was Used in Devil May Cry Logo?

“DMC5” is the font used in the Devil May Cry logo. This font is designed by Kalina Ann. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

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About Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is an action-adventure video game series developed and published by Capcom. This hack and slash game series is created by Hideki Kamiya. This video game series follows Dante’s efforts to avenge his mother’s murder.

This character tries to exterminate demons. Heavy combat scenes are included in the gameplay and the player must attempt to avoid damages to exhibit stylized combat. This game includes some puzzle-solving elements and the focus is on actions.

When grading the player’s performance in this game the number of items collected and used and other elements are considered. Devil May Cry is based on the Italian poem Divine Comedy and the protagonist Dante and some other characters are included.

Many of the enemies in this game such as “Hell Pride” are named after the Seven Deadly Sins. Selling multiple million copies this video game series was commercially successful. Devil May Cry was awarded the “Platinum Title” award by Capcom.

Some comic books and animations are created based on this game series. This game series received positive reviews from the critics and the game was known to be the beginning of the subgenre of action games. Devil May Cry 5 is the new installment in the original series and it was released on March 8, 2019.

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