60+ Best Free and Premium Neon Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Neon Fonts

In simple words, neon fonts are what you get for adding a pleasant bold exterior to the bare bone of a retro style. Then comes tuning things up with additional colorful details to get the final work to stick out realistically with the least effort. It gets even trickier when these captivating fonts manage to conjure stunning contemporary vibes, too, despite their supposedly old-school design concept.

So, as far as one can tell, neon fonts lend themselves well to any project regardless of vintage or utterly modern, say catchy billboards, stylish logos, creative signs, etc. In the end, they’re all gonna share the same well-expressed approach. How fascinating is that?

Best Neon Fonts

Save yourself the trouble of finding the ultimate neon font and instead benefit from this extensive collection of ours, packed with free and premium items. And if you think we’re even remotely done, these ’80s and ’90s fonts can disagree.

Retro Neon Font Collection

Retro Neon Font Collection

Retro Neon Font Collection has a bright and shiny style. To design posters that need a lot of light or even neon signs, you can download this font first and have a preview of your design.

Price: Premium

Cosmopolitan Script & Sans

cosmopolitan script & sans neon font

This monoline font is created by Fenotype. Cosmopolitan comes with both script and sans versions which will be great together or alone. This font has five weights and also printed versions. For both upper and lower characters, there are different Swash Alternates available. OpenType alternates are packed with this font.  

Price: Premium

Neon 80s

neon 80s neon font

The fancy groovy Neon 80s is created by Essqué Productions. This is one of the neon fonts which were designed to be reminiscent of the neon lettering.

Price: Free

Neon Alphabet Kit

neon alphabet kit neon font

This font is created By MiksKS and allows you to create neon signs with its kit. Upper case alphabet and numbers from 0-9 are included in this neon font. You will also get interrogation and exclamation points. With this kit, you can make great banners and titles. Each of the letters included is about 2300px tall. There are two versions for each character.

Price: Premium


aerioz neon font

This monoline all caps typeface is created by Letrasupply which comes with different characters and letters. You can use this elegant font with confidence. The smooth rounded lines will look perfect on any projects like neon signs, custom magazines and even for our typography work. Ornaments and OpenType alternates are packed with Aerioz. The combination of a regular font with them will be amazing.  

Price: Premium


beon neon font

You can use Beon for both personal and commercial purposes. This neon font is made by Bastien sozoo. Beon is a fancy font that includes numbers, letters, and symbols.  This neon typeface supports Latin and western European languages.

Price: Free

Neon – An Outline

neon an outline neon font

This high-quality font is ideal to be used for posters, logos or labels. Neon is a bold all caps San Serif 90’s style font and is created by Big Cat Creative. 5 unique font files such as Regular, Solid, Outline, Shadow, and Double are included in Neon. With Neon, you will get alphabets and different characters. Neon is modern and edgy which is perfect for our headings or printed materials.

Price: Premium

Neon Type

neon type neon font

This neon typeface is very cute and functional. It is designed Catarina Pinto. You can use it to create eye-catching posters, headlines, and logos. With Neon type, you can make realistic works with the glory of neon.

Price: Premium


neoneon neon font

The 80’s style of signages is imitated by this font. You can use this typeface for advertising packages and posters. This neon style font is a multipurpose typeface. It is also perfect to create headlines, covers and graphic posters with it.

Price: Free

Neon Type 2

neon type 2 neon font

Neon type 2 is designed by Design Assets. Letters, numbers and some special characters are included. Personal usage of this font is free. With this font, you will have a clean and realistic look.

Price: Premium

Neon Type 3

neon type 3 neon font

Neon Type 3 in another design By Design Assets which will provide you a clean look. Your projects will have the glory of outlined neon.

Price: Premium

Neon Display

neon display neon font

The first one of the neon fonts we are going to discuss is Neon Display. This glowing 80’s style display font with its modern continuous lines that remind us of the 80’s will look perfect on signs. It also would be cool to use it on tv, different websites and apps and also banners. This font by Avalon Design has two styles. Neon Display supports different languages. This neat font is ideal for thematic designs.

Price: Free


selfie neon font

Selfie is influenced by vintage signage scripts seen in Galerías of Buenos Aires and created by Sproviero-Type. This trendy San serif font has perfectly shaped curves and this makes the font so easy to be used in different angles.

Price: Premium

Realistic Neon Light Alphabet

realistic neon light alphabet neon font

This font By Revelstockart is a perfect vector font for Adobe Illustrator. Realistic Neon Light Font can be used for creating titles. You can easily use swatches in order to change colors and set the brightness.

Price: Premium

Las Enter

las enter neon font

Another one of neon fonts that I would like to introduce you is las Enter which is created by Måns Grebäck and is perfect to be used in neon designs. las Enter is only free for personal use.

Price: Free


bayshore neon font

This font is designed by Sam Parrett and comes straight out of the 80’s. This mono-line script font is perfect for making stylish lettering. Your text will have an unmistakable retro quality with Bayshore. With this font and its single font file, you can customize our text. Bayshore has a large glyph set, upper and lower characters are included and multilingual support is provided.

Price: Premium

Palm Beach

palm beach neon font

Ivan Rosenberg is the designer of this San Serif script font. This clean rough font will look perfect on posters, business cards, postcards, T-shirts, magazines, etc. Palm Beach provides multilingual support. A complete set of lowercase and uppercase characters come with this font. There is also a large range of punctuation ligatures and numerals available. This typeface can bring the feel of 80’s and 90’s to your projects.

Price: Premium

Neon One

neon one neon font

Neon Disco is created by Xerographer Fonts as a fancy groovy font. This font features uppercase characters and also numbers and punctuations.  Neon one is a great choice for your signage, logos, posters, badges and other projects. This is one of the neon fonts that is inspired by 80’s style neon.

Price: Free

Neon Desmon Neon Light

Neon Desmon Neon Light Font

Neon Desmon Neon Light font has a modern and elegant style. Each of the lines is similar to the lines and neon lamps that are connected to each other with wires, so you can use them in nightclubs and nostalgic designs of the sixties and seventies.

Price: Premium

Meteoric Light

meteoric light neon font

This rounded Sans which is designed by NunoDias will help you to create something futuristic and fun. You can use this font for retro posters, comics and logos to make success. This three-weight font has a distinctly futuristic look. It feels modern. This font is perfect for typographic applications.

Price: Premium


caang neon font

This typeface will help you to make contemporary neon signs. Letterforms are narrow and condensed. Bonus rector icons and retro signs are included in this pack. Caang is created By TGIF.STD and is inspired by neon light signages. This font has small rounded smooth letterforms. If you want to add a glowing light effect to your design this font is for you. Caang comes with Uppercase, Lowercase, Regular & Outline font styles, Numerals, and Punctuation.

Price: Premium

Neon Glow

neon glow neon font

This font is created by Weknow Font Foundry. In order to get commercial use of this neon font, you need to purchase a license. It has different amazing styles that you can choose from to suit your design. Neon Glow comes with different characters and numbers. With this font, you can create glowing neon text effects.

Price: Free

HT Neon

ht neon neon font

HT Neon which is inspired by old shop front lettering and also vintage wall-paint advertisements is created by Dharma Type. This will remind you of sticky bubble gum days and starry nights. This retro scripts font has regular 90’s style. HT Neon is a rounded and monoline font and is very striking. You can use it on your Logotype, packaging, and shop signs.

Price: Premium

Lineat III

lineat iii neon font

This font by Sentavio will give you a chance to stand out from the rest. Lineat III Font is stylish and creative so you can use it on your logo designs and also posters, banners, and titles to make a 90’s feel for your designs. with this typeface, you can make a first big impression.

Price: Premium


neon neon font

Another one of neon fonts is this high-quality font which is very easy to use and customize. This Techno design is 100% free and can be used for labels, posters, headlines, etc. you can use this font for any projects that need a classic retro vibe.

Price: Free

Nightlife Decorative Neon

nightlife decorative neon neon font

The party will be at our place with Nightlife. This font from popskraft represents the energy and life of neon signs. You can see the romanticism of the lamp signs of the twentieth century in this font. This font has 6 weights and you are free to choose the optimal size for different cases. For your steep typography, Text style, logos, Nightlife will be the best options. Latin and most European language characters are supported by this font. this is one of the neon fonts that you can light up your design with.

Price: Premium

Neon Typeface Gods Own Junkyard

neon typeface gods own junkyard neon font

This typeface was inspired by Chris “The Neon Man” Bracey. Chris was a designer and artist. Neon Typeface contains 92 glyphs in total; upper and lowercase characters, numbers and some punctuation. This font helps you make your creations glow.

Price: Premium

Neon Lights

neon lights neon font

This fancy decorative font is created by Allen R. Walden. Neon Light is 100% free. This interesting font has an amazing subtle 3D effect which is built in the shape of strokes inside each available glyph.

Price: Free

Robinson Outline

robinson outline neon font

In case you are looking to have a bold and attractive title and you want it to be followed by small text then Robinson is the font for you. This font was inspired by vintage newspaper titles and does a great job in neon colors. Robinson is one of the cool neon fonts that contain oblique versions. This classic condensed display is free for your personal use and comes with 18 different styles; mix them to create our favorite styles. This font is designed by Tugcu Design Co.

Price: Premium


neonize neon font

Neonize is one of 100% neon fonts which is made by Rayhan. This Techno typeface is a fancy digital shaped choice for your designs.

Price: Free

Neon Tubes

neon tubes neon font

Neon Tubes which is inspired by real neon lights is created by Medialoot. This minimalistic typeface has smooth rounded corners with which you can make amazing logos, signs, labels, posters, and ads.  With this font, you can add glowing light effects to your designs.

Price: Premium


enlighten neon font

The concept of this San Serif font is the era of 60’s design. This font is ideal to be used in the vintage neon sign. Uppercase and lowercase letters are available for you to combine them and make great fun projects. Enlighten with its old modern look is perfect for headlines, branding, mobile application, flyers and etc.

Price: Premium

Portico Outline

portico outline neon font

This blood typeface is ideal to be used for titles and big line text. Portico outline is a Sans Serif font that will look great on neon designs. This uppercase font comes with large variations of styles and you will definitely find the one that suits your design. Portico Outline is just free for personal use.

Price: Premium


neonic neon font

Neonic is an in script various font made by Christian Munk.  This font comes 100% free.   

Price: Free

Neon Disco

neon disco neon font

This typeface is made by Xerographer Fonts and is a fancy and groovy and blurred font. this one is digital shaped neon fonts.

Price: Free

Marquee Moon

marquee moon neon font

This 80’s style font is a twin-ruled headline screamer. Marquee Moon by Typodermic Fonts is 100% free. This font comes with a commercial license so you can install it on your computer and use it. The font is designed by Ray Larabie and falls in outline fancy category.

Price: Free

Library 3 AM

library 3 am neon font

This font was created in 2018 by Igor Kosinsky. This creative outline font has two weights; regular and soft and supports Multilanguage. Library 3 AM contains all caps letters, numbers, and symbols and it is an ideal option for headlines, movie titles, logos, flyers, etc. this Techno 90’s style font is free for both personal and commercial use.

Price: Free


monoton neon font

Monoton which is designed by Vernon Adams is one of Neon fonts that support different languages. This font is designed to be used at font sizes above 30 points. This font which is taken on metal press fonts like Prisma is a pure display web font and falls in the decorative category. You can employ this font freely throughout the web.

Price: Free


rubber neon font

This fancy groovy font is made by Levi Szekeres. Rubber is a 90’s style Grid-based headline display font. It is only for personal use.

Price: Free


neonclipper neon font

Neonclipper is one of 100% free neon fonts with three font files. This modular font is ideal to be used for signs, posters, and flyers. This unique looking font can be your text font. Neonclipper is made by NimaVisual.

Price: Free


mexcellent neon font

The Groovy Maxcellent has two font files and is made by Typodermic Fonts. This tri-linear stripe font allows you to combine different layers to make amazing color effects. Maxcellent Regular has tighter spacing than other layers. Math symbols are included in this font.

Price: Free


nickainley neon font

Nickainley is a script handwriting font and includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numeral, and punctuation. You can use this font for different purposes like logos, decorations, wedding cards, t-shirts, letterhead, signage, flyers and etc. Nickainley is designed by Seniors Studio.

Price: Free


lovelo neon font

This Sans Serif font comes with two lined versions. The geometric Lovelo is designed by Renzler Design. Different font files are included in this typeface. For your neon 90’s style designs Lovelo is a great option.

Price: Free


rafale neon font

This free font is presented by Fontfabric. Rafale is an all caps font which contains Ligatures, Alternates, and Fractions. This font can be a perfect display type for posters and headlines and titles.

Price: Free


weston neon font

The rounded slab-serif Weston is designed by Pavel Pavlov. This font is perfect for modification in headlines and in logos. This font has all caps characters and also regular versions. To spice up your design you need Weston!

Price: Free


oval neon font

You can use this Sans font for different graphic designs such as print and motion graphics. You can also use it on T-shirts and other items as well. Oval is one of the amazing Neon fonts made by Fontfabric and it contains 12 styles. Multilanguage support is provided by Oval.

Price: Free


multicolore neon font

This colored and rounded free font is presented by Fontfabric type foundry. You get to make short colorful texts with this Multicolor font. With a few characters, you get to create art. Multicolor is a Sans serif font and is available in two different formats.

Price: Free


metropolis neon font

The use of a double line technique has made an art deco style that represents that era. This bold typeface was designed by Josip Kelava. Metropolis is 100% free.

Price: Free


mensch neon font

Mensch is a decorative Sans serif 90’s style font which has 7 font files. This font which is designed by Morgan Knutson has 4 weights; thin and inline and regular and bold weights.

Price: Free

Wisdom Script

wisdom script neon font

Wisdom Script was designed by James T. Edmondson and is designed for Woods of Wisdom. For commercial use of this Wisdom Script, you will need to get a license.

Price: Free

Neon Pixel-7

neon pixel 7 neon font

This Techno typeface is created by Style-7. You can use this digital shaped font freely for your personal use. The native size of this font is 30 points and the font has 2 font styles.

Price: Free

60s Pop

60s pop neon font

60’s pop font is made by Galdino Otten and it is free for personal usage. This typeface is a fancy groovy multi-lined font.

Price: Free

Hello Denver Display

hello denver display neon font

This caps only typeface which is made by Good Apples comes in different styles. Hello Denver Display is a Sans Serif font. This font can be used freely for both personal and commercial use.

Price: Free

Halogen Gas Lights

halogen gas lights neon font

This retro fancy font with its nicely balanced characters is free for personal use. Halogen Gas Lights was created in 2018 by Chequered Ink and falls in the outlined category.

Price: Free

Lie to Me

lie to me neon font

This typeface is created by Misti’s Fonts and it is free for your personal projects. Lie To Me is an In Script handwritten font with two font files. You will definitely love the beautiful cursive letters of this font.

Price: Free


chicago neon font

Chicago is created by Vladimirnikolic.  This fancy retro font comes with 14 font files.

Price: Free

Night Club 70s

night club 70s neon font

Night Club 70s is one of the neon fonts which were created in 2014 by Jambo Fonts and Design. This Sans Serif and rounded design is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Neon Club Music

neon club music neon font

This font with 5 different styles such as italic, light, regular, medium and bold is free for personal use. Neon Club music is designed by Manuel Viergutz. This Sans Serif circular font is from various groovy category.

Price: Free


These were some of the popular and useful neon fonts that we thought could be helpful for you in your designs and projects. We hope you find the ones that suit your project and try using them in your design.

In the end, if you have any recommendations, questions or any other neon fonts that you think we should add to our list feel free to mention it in the comment section; that would be great to hear from you.

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