40+ Best Free and Premium 90s Fonts

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Best Free and Premium 90s Fonts

Nothing beats the 90s fonts when it comes to expressing a retro feel through a cartoonish style and making it appeal to kids or adults too. While the playfulness takes control of your design mood, the message will be conveyed in the twinkle of an eye, engaging your viewers with a friendly approach.

You’ll see how perfectly suited they are for all kinds of standalone headlines with those bold letterforms and everything. Better yet, the more expressive they get, the more striking your banners, posters, apparel, and so on. And get this, despite the retro concept, they’re just as good at involving a modern touch in your final work, you wouldn’t believe.

Best 90s Fonts

There’s this helpful list of all the unique 90’s fonts including the free and the premium ones. But there’s also this other bundle that pairs impeccably with it: these 80s fonts should do it. So let’s get going!


scalter 90s fonts

SCALTER is a typeface with 42 styles and 4 types of Serif – Semi Serif – Sans Bold – Sans Black – Script, and also there is a great variety of characters. If you want to be the best for retro packaging and designs, choose SCALTER typeface.

Price: Premium

Hot Rush Font Duo

Hot Rush Font Duo 90s font

Hot Rush Font Duo can be considered an interesting combination of retro and vintage style. This font is suitable for futuristic designs and themes, flyers and disco posters, and nightclubs.

Price: Premium

Quarantype Embrace

quarantype embrace 90s fonts

Quarantype Embrace Font is a different artwork by Zetafonts. The letters are designed in slab style. With this font, the wallpapers of the 90s that were used in most clubs, stores, music covers will come to life.

Price: Free


thunderstorm extras 90s fonts

Thunderstorm Font is a brush and vintage. Inspired by disco and pop culture, it is possible to design logos, book covers, invitation cards, and much more.

Price: Premium


jmh rocambole 90s fonts

 Jorge Morón produced the Rocambole Rocambole 90s font. All the characters evoke the feel of the movies of the ’90s and the titles that were displayed in large banners and movie screens. This font is a good start to the continuation of the ’90s.

Price: Free

Introductory Gulfs Display

introductory gulfs display 90s fonts

Retro characters come together with different themes in a beautiful frame. In this frame, 12 different fonts with condensed, semi condensed, normal, to extra expanded weights are provided so that you can prepare for many special designs of the ’90s.

Price: Premium


bayshore 90s font

Do you agree with a hipster and neon font that we review the continuation of the fonts of the 90s? In Essen Font, everything from the ’90s, from disco and music to video clips and clubs, is restored in the blink of an eye.

Price: Premium


ultraquick 90s fonts

Ultraquick is a Bold and retro font designed by Darrell Flood. Create retro music, nightclubs, and present to your 90s audience with this font and magazine cover.

Price: Free

Nineties Display

Nineties Display 90s font

Nineties Display has a good font that says that this font is one of the nostalgia of the ’90s. You can use this font to design magazine covers, greeting cards, PowerPoint themes, and present scientific and engineering topics.

Price: Premium


balgin 90s fonts

This typeface can be considered as one of the largest collections of retro typefaces of the 9th century. Includes over 80 different fonts with a variety of 5 weights from condensed to extra expanded. I came up with a lot of creative ideas. How about you?

Price: Premium


omnibus 90s fonts

It is a retro 1990s font that contains certain characters. Characters such as A, F, E, which are rounded, and characters C, G, which are larger than other characters, are designed transversely. It is a good choice for designing clubs and casino logos.

Price: Free

CITYPOP Japanese

citypop japanese 90s retro fonts

CITYPOP Japanese is inspired by the Japanese alphabet in many brands and posters. This font is also great for many brands, logos, flyers and posters, billboards due to various styles, including neon, screen, digital, and automotive. To see more similar fonts, see the list of best Japanese fonts.

Price: Premium

The Moonlight

the moonlight 90s fonts

It is a font of the moon. With this neon font, you can create beautiful writings on the cover of music, celebrations, and flyers of different year events, such as the New Year. And complete your design in the best way.

If you are interested in this font, you might also like to see similar fonts. So I suggest you look at the list of the Best Neon Fonts.

Price: Premium

Quarantype Chillout

quarantype chillout 90s fonts

Quarantype Chillout Font is retro and chubby. With this font, which was mostly used for many packages and flyers, you can also expand your creativity and use it in branding and other digital arts of the ’90s.

Price: Free


gumzilla 90s fonts

Gumzilla font is rounded and inspired by the packaging and flyers of the ’90s. There were many authentic elements in these parties’ flyer that you can still put in pictures and posters.

Price: Premium


novanta 90s fonts

Novanta Font is nostalgic and cute. This font was widely used for posters and titles of movies and animations of the 90s and can now be used in packaging, logos, and animation titles.

Price: Premium

Outrunner Retro Script

outrunner retro script 90s fonts

Outrunner Retro Script Font with neon borders and 3D style is one of the best fonts to remember the disco and music of the ’90s. With this font, you can use different themes with happy and bright colors.

Price: Premium

Jaksel Bold Square Sans Serif

jaksel bold square sans serif 90s fonts

It is a 3D font that is inspired by the adventure packages and flyers of the ’90s. Use this font in many designs such as clothes, logos, music covers, and you will see the vibe of the 90s in it and attract your audience.

Price: Premium


brotherline 90s fonts

Hendra Pratama created the Brotherline font. With this 90s font that many characters have a cursive and display mode, you can design fashion brands, motorcycles, bikes, and many brands that need creativity and scrip font.

Price: Free

MEMPHIS Type Collection

MEMPHIS Type Collection 90s font

MEMPHIS Type Collection has four styles: dark, solid, regular, Dk solid. These colorful characters, each with a different geometric shape and lines, are suitable for designing happy themes, flyers, and club and party posters.

Price: Premium


border 90s fonts

Border font is the same font common on billboards and neon billboards in nightclubs in the 1990s. With such characters, you need bright colors that are dazzling in the dark of night, and without very time-consuming effects, you will have a nice design at the end.

Price: Free

RENIN Edgy Slab Serif Display

renin edgy slab serif display 90 font

It is a funky and slab font that has been very popular in music covers. With this font of the ’90s and retro, many moments of readers are associated with the peak. What do you think about updating and designing a cover and wallpaper culture?

Price: Premium

Capital Relationship

capital relationship 90s fonts

Capital Relationship Font is attractive and glamorous. Each letter is in a rectangular block with circular bulbs at the edges. With this idea, you can start with gold, red, or green for the lamps and use white for the characters in dark themes.

Do you like the style of this font? Don’t miss the list of Marquee fonts.

Price: Free

Gimbo a Big Display

gimbo a big 90s font

Gimbo a Big Display A fat font that has seven different fonts. With this font, you can travel to the 90s and movies and cartoons. This font is best for designing T-shirts, sewing toys, clothes, and fancy postcards.

Price: Premium

Empire State

empire state 90s fonts

It’s one of the best styles I’ve ever found in the ’90s. With this font, which has an outline border and two horizontal lines, you can use different boards outside the store, casinos, video games, and many designs that need attention.

Price: Free


velocette 90s fonts

It is a retro 90s font inspired by posters and bike brands, with the font that the characters are different and the circular end, You can offer other designs.

Price: Free

Retro Kiddo Vector Alphabet

retro kiddo vector alphabet 90s fonts

Pixel and 8-bit 3D font can be used in many nostalgic themes. If you are interested in designing animation and video games and developing the game, this font is for you.

Price: Premium

Retrow Mentho

retrow mentho 90s fonts

It is a retro and handmade font that shows a fan and fantasy theme. This font can be placed on postcards, invitation cards, nostalgic posts, and other elements to make it nostalgic.

Price: Free


storybook 90s fonts

There is an adventurous and mysterious feeling in this font of the 90s. This font is perfect for child themes with fan characters and cursive smoothness. Imagine being printed in books, comic books, and baby clothes.

Price: Free


turnpike 90s fonts

The turnpike is a wide and all-caps font that is great for many nostalgic themes and headlines. This 90s font allows you to recklessly and thoughtfully use any idea you have in your art projects.

Price: Free

Alkaria Vintage Retro Decorative

alkaria vintage retro decorative 90s fonts

Alkaria Vintage Retro Decorative is a happy and pop font from the ’90s. The cursive ending and the Christmas vibe with letters are great examples of the year’s designs and themes. Apply now to decorate Christmas projects as the last days of the year approach.

Price: Premium


truant 90s fonts

Truant font is sketch and retro. This font is very simple and handwritten. Many designs of school supplies, pencils, chalk, a crayon can be branded with this font.

Price: Premium

Charge Off

charge off 90s fonts

Charge Off Font designed by Checked Ink. This bold and chubby font with square characters with smooth edges is familiar to many designers at the height of their fame in the 90s. With this font, it is possible to design packaging, logos, food brands, postcards, and many more.

Price: Free

Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy

vintage dreams modern groovy 90s fonts

You can see the vintage font with the groovy script below. This font is very important and nostalgic because its groovy can still be modern and used in designs. This font has clean and brushes versions that for many people who are interested in simple texture can use the solid version.

Price: Premium


thundergood 90s fonts

Thundergood font is like a fast thunder and motivational thrill. This 90s font is great for steel and silver effects. You need to be able to design car posters, racing magazine covers, and many fashion themes.

Price: Free


retroking 90s fonts

PutraCetol Studio created Retroking Font. With this font, a whole lot of memorable ideas come to life. Vintage texture with retro characters is better than anything needed by an amateur designer who does not want to spend a lot of time designing fonts.

Price: Free

Billion Dreams

billion dreams 90s fonts

You can see a font with a playful baseline above. This font can be placed in many nostalgic designs due to its smoothness and characters designed with a medium brush, and many of your texts will be attractive and dazzling with it.

Price: Free

Gin and Soda

gin and soda 90s fonts

Gin and Soda Font is more common in movie and theater titles in the 1990s. You can have all-caps wide and normal letters in this font. This font is for free personal use, and if you want to put projects with advertising goals in the resume, buy a license.

Price: Free


wagoon 90s fonts

It is an inline 90s font that animations received a lot of attention in nostalgic themes. You can use this font with wood and wild western elements and provide a happy atmosphere for the child audience.

Price: Free


geomancy 90s fonts

Thin and thick are two types of styles designed with a lot of differences in this font. Natasha Fernandez-Fountain has used geometric style in designing the characters. This font was commonly used in movie titles, animal animations in the ’90s.

Price: Free


goodbees 90s fonts

If the bee is your favorite animal and you like to have a T-shirt, wallpaper, and bee accessories with you. This font allows you to do this. Each character is designed like a bee’s head and tentacles, which is a nostalgic idea..

Price: Free

The RainK

the raink 90s fonts

The RainK font is casual and retro. With this font, you can design many creative arts. For example, label design, art stationery, minimal invitation cards are some of its uses.

Price: Free


bodacious 90s fonts

Bodacious Font is a superhero and sci-fi theme from the ’90s. The characters are like spaceships attacking other planets. If you are interested in designing comic books and magazines, this 90s font is definitely what you are looking for.

Price: Free


We reviewed the nostalgic memories of the ’90s fonts together. We have tried to bring everything that brings you, professional designers, to that era in this article. On the other hand, we gave ideas to amateur designers that we hope you have noticed.

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