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best free premium japanese fonts

Another fan of East Asian culture, huh? Then let this creative selection of Japanese fonts combine a sense of sophistication with your letters now. They can also express a value for virtues, acuity, and art, much like what Japan itself is known for.

It’s either the brush texture or the resemblance to the Japanese alphabet that stands accountable for the compelling Asian feel they provoke. But here’s where it gets interesting! Depending on the style, they do a fine job being both modern and ancient so that the diversity is smoothly implied. This allows creating plenty of announcements, playful social media posts, or anything else of the same attributes.

Best Japanese Fonts

Without further ado, explore our selection of Japanese fonts, available as free or premium assets. The best samurai fonts also await you if you want something that pairs with these ones wonderfully. Click the hyperlink, and we’ll lead the way!

Fujimaru – Ninja’s Brush

fujimaru ninja's brush japanese font

Fujimaru – Ninja’s Brush Font is presented by Nurrehmet Studio. This Japanese font with a handcrafted style creates an Asian look. This font features multilingual support and includes numeral, punctuation, symbols, and marks. It is a great font for heading styles, posters, logos, text, and more designs.

Price: Premium

Kawaii RT

Kawaii RT japanese font

In addition to being inspired by Japanese letters, the Kawaii RT font has a fancy and childish design. You can use this font to design greeting cards, stationery, notebooks, and T-shirts for children.

Price: Premium

Japanese Brush

japanese brush japanese font

Japanese Brush is a beautiful script font. Upper/lower case letters, numeral, and punctuation are featured by this font. Check out this font for your designs and create an Asian look!

Price: Free

Sakura Japanese style

Sakura Japanese style font

Sakura Japanese style font may not be legible at first glance and think it is another language. If it is in English and for those who are critics of Japanese movies or like to design Japanese themes and very similar to Japanese letters, we recommend this retro and vintage font.

Price: Premium

The Tokyo Creative Kit

the tokyo creative kit japanese font

The Tokyo Creative Kit with an authentic Japanese style is created by Good Stuff and Supplies. 12 different font files are included in this package and a wide range of awesome designing features are supported. Check it out!

Price: Premium


okami japanese font

OKAMI is a Japanese inspired display font created by Glyph44. This is a modern all caps font including decorative elements, stylistic alternates, glyphs, numeral, and punctuation. Regular and outlined font styles are featured by this font.

Price: Premium


Yoben japanese font

Yoben font was designed by Jocostino. This font is inspired by the letters of the Japanese alphabet, and one of its interesting letters is the letter O, which is designed in a sharp way. You can use this font to design comic books, many restaurants, and coffee shops that have Japanese food.

Price: Free


Dujitsu japanese font

Dujitsu font has a typographic and geometric design. The letters of this fund are inspired by Japanese letters and are designed by Indieground Team. You can use adventure animations for video games.

Price: Premium

Japanese by Graphue

Japanese by Graphue

Japanese font is for those who are interested in designing video games for martial arts and sports such as judo, taekwondo, and karate. You can use these letters on websites, social networks, flyers, and comic books.

Price: Premium

Almost Japanese Comic

almost japanese comic japanese font

Almost Japanese Comic is a foreign-looking font designed by Galdino Otten. This all caps font is for personal use only. If you want to create an Asian look, you need to check out this font!

Price: Free

Harukaze Brush

harukaze brush japanese font

Harukaze Brush Font presented by NUG’S is inspired by Japanese calligraphy. This perfect display typeface can create a bold and powerful feel for different designing projects. Give it a try!

Price: Premium

Osake Japanese

Osake Japanese font

Osake Japanese font is designed in calligraphy and hand letter. The lines are designed in the form of brushes that you can use in martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate to design clothes, logos, and club signs.

Price: Premium

Wasabi Asian Style

wasabi asian style japanese font

Wasabi Asian Style Font is made by YandiDesigns. The font has a simple modern style and includes Standard English characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. This font is suitable for logos, quotes, heading, titles, and many more designs.

Price: Premium


japanese japanese font

Japanese is a perfect font with which you can create an Asian look. Try this font!

Price: Free

Tokyo Typeface

tokyo typeface japanese font

Tokyo Typeface presented by Inspirationfeed comes packed with upper and lower case letters and can create a Japanese appearance for your designs. Get the font and create a beautiful original look!

Price: Premium

Japanese OTF vintage label

japanese otf vintage label japanese font

Japanese OTF vintage label font is made by Fractal Font Factory. This all caps font looks good on labels designs, logos, titles, magazines, packaging, and more. Check it out!

Price: Premium

La Oriental

la oriental japanese font

La Oriental is a bold display font made by Don Marciano. This fat display font is a good choice for branding designs, logos, headers, labels, and many more. For commercial use, you need to get a license!

Price: Free


kenjo japanese font

Kenjo is a perfect typeface collection designed by Anthony James. This collection features only uppercase letters and can create a sharp display look for your designs. Numbers, Punctuation, and a number of non-English languages are supported by Kenjo. This collection works for magazines, wedding designs, social media posts, blogs, logos, and many more.

Price: Premium

Hikaru Asian

hikaru asian japanese font

Hikaru Asian presented by YandiDesigns is a cute Japanese font. This is a playful multipurpose font including Basic Latin characters. The font fits many designs such as heading, titles, banners, logos, and many more.

Price: Premium

Almost Japanese Cartoon

almost japanese cartoon japanese font

Almost Japanese Cartoon designed by Galdino Otten is an all caps Asian looking font. this font is for personal designs only.

Price: Free

Toshi Emori – Handcrafted

toshi emori handcrafted japanese font

Toshi Emori – Handcrafted Font is made by Bunichi. This Japanese font has a brush stroke and it includes Uppercase Numerals Stylistic Alternates. This perfect font creates a great personality for your designs and it looks good on headers, magazines, logos, social media posts, invitation cards, and many more.

Price: Premium

Hokuto Asian

hokuto asian japanese font

Hokuto Asian Font is made by YandiDesigns. This cute simple font includes Standard English character, number, and symbol. It is an ideal Japanese font for covers, banners, logos, titles, quotes, kid’s designs, and more.

Price: Premium

Japanese 3017

japanese 3017 japanese font

Japanese 3017 created by Darrell Flood is a foreign-looking Japanee font. This is an all caps font with two font styles and a bold look. Give it a try and make something unique!

Price: Free


hashi japanese font

Hashi created by Dismantle Destroy has different styles; regular, italic, bold and bold-italic. This font collection is made of a large number of glyphs, ligatures, and alternate characters. Get the best use of Hashi!

Price: Premium

Japanese Robot

japanese robot japanese font

Japanese Robot is a font made by Darrell Flood. This all caps font includes four font files and it has a bold style to create a powerful look. Do you want to create a foreign look? Get this font!

Price: Free

Okashi シ Typeface

okashi シ typeface japanese font

Okashi シ Typeface is made by Shaped Fonts. This font features numbers, symbols, and language support and can be used for many different purposes. This Japanese font has a brush styled characters. Try it!

Price: Premium


fancyheartbk japanese font

FancyHeartBK presented by NorioKanisawa is a cute and fancy font. this font is designed with heart and supports OpenType features.

Price: Premium

House Of Nguyen Typeface

house of nguyen typeface japanese font

House Of Nguyen Typeface is designed by Andree Nguyen. This display typeface brings an Asian vibe to your designs. Latin characters and the lines of Hanzi are combined and this font is created. Glyphs and a wide range of languages are supported by this font. Get it!

Price: Premium


otenbagothic japanese font

OtenbaGothic is a font created by NorioKanisawa. This font includes the full set of Alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. OpenType features are fully supported and a wide range of different designs can be covered by this font

Price: Premium

Almost Japanese

almost japanese japanese font

Almost Japanese is designed by Galdino Otten. This is an all caps font featuring numeral, punctuation, and symbols. This font is free for personal designs, try it.

Price: Free


alkilri japanese font

Alkilri is an amazing brush script font created by Vunira. This is an original font with a calligraphy style containing Stylistic Sets, Stylistic and Contextual Alternate, SWASH and Ligature.

Price: Premium

Kabuto Tribute

kabuto tribute japanese font

Kabuto Tribute Font is made by DonMarciano. The font has a beautiful style and creates a feel of Japanese characters. The font has straight and curved lines and includes glyphs. Upper and lower case letters are supported by this font and it works for many designs.

Price: Premium

Japanese Tourist

japanese tourist japanese font

Japanese Tourist is an amazing script font created by Intellecta Design. This calligraphy font is free for personal use. You can use this font for making cards, signature, branding, quotes, and more designs.

Price: Free

Moshi Moshi

moshi moshi japanese font

Moshi Moshi is a perfect display font created by Unio | Creative Solutions. This Japanese font creates a modern brushy look and it has a minimalistic style. Several languages are covered by this font and it can create an eye-catching style.

Price: Premium


kuso japanese font

Kuso is made by Hydro74 and is a beautiful hand-crafted typeface. The font has a bold style and can create something unique. Try it!

Price: Premium


kato japanese font

Kato is a font created by K-Type. Upper and lower case letters can be mixed to create a unique look. This bold font is free for personal use. This font can be used for headlines, titles, banners, signs, and many more designs.

Price: Free

Samurai Cab Co

samurai cab co japanese font

Samurai Cab Co Font Family is made by Blambot Comic Fonts. This futuristic font family has an outline style and can be used for futuristic designs and also other designing projects. Try it!

Price: Free


electroharmonix japanese font

Electroharmonix Font is designed by Raymond Larabie. This is a Japanese foreign display font and it is allowed for commercial use. You can use this font for creating amazing posters, graphic designs, logos, banners, branding, quotes, cards, and many more.

Price: Free


japperneese japanese font

Japperneese font created by Pizzadude is an Asian display font. Although this font is very hard to read but can give a good impression to your designs. it is a good font for body text, headers, and more design projects.

Price: Free


hirosh japanese font

Hirosh Font designed by Jonathan Smith has a modernistic letter set and adds a Japanese flavor to your designs. check out this bold Japanese display font!

Price: Free

Almost Japanese Smooth

almost japanese smooth japanese font

Almost Japanese Smooth is designed by Galdino Otten. This 3D rounded display font is free for personal designs. check out this heavy Japanese font!

Price: Free


brushido japanese font

Brushido created by rolandhuse is a font with a brush style. This calligraphy Asian font is free for personal designs and with it, you get create eye-catching looks. Try it!

Price: Free

Far East

far east japanese font

Far East designed by Matthew Welch is a Japanese font suitable for graphic designs, logos, labels, and more display designs. Check out this font!

Price: Free


kamikaze japanese font

Kamikaze is a versatile font family made by vladimirnikolic. This retro font family is a good choice for headlines, titles, banners, and more designs. Kamikaze id free for personal use.

Price: Free


latikana japanese font

Latikana Font is created by stormag. This typeface includes diacritics and contextual alternates. The commercial license is available for Latikana!

Price: Free

Nuku Nuku

nuku nuku japanese font

Nuku Nuku Font is designed by Vic Fieger. This Japanese display font creates a bold black look and it is an ideal choice for headers, titles, banners, and many more.

Price: Free

Osaka-Sans Serif

osaka sans serif japanese font

Osaka is a sans serif font created by Vic Fieger. Use the font for headlines, banners, titles, logos, social media posts, covers, and more designs.

Price: Free

Romaji Mincho

romaji mincho japanese font

Romaji Mincho Font structured by takuminokami is a light Asian free for both commercial and personal use. Check out this font!

Price: Free


japonesa japanese font

Japonesa Font presented by Intellecta Design has an outline style and is packed with standard characters and glyphs. Check out the font if you want to create a unique look!

Price: Free

CF Samurai Bob

cf samurai bob japanese font

CF Samurai Bob Font is created by CloutierFontes. This big bold font is free for personal use only. Give it a try!

Price: Free


I hope this list has helped you choose the best Japanese font. If you know a suitable font that is not in this list, we would be happy to introduce it to us.

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