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grave of fireflies logo font free download

What font is used in the Grave of the Fireflies logo?

“Caslon Antique MN” is the font used in the Grave of the Fireflies logo. This font is published by Mecanorma Collection. You can purchase this font from the link below.

If you do not want to buy this font, we have also provided a free and alternative font that is very similar to the original font.

You can use this font in your personal projects. Download and enjoy this font from the link below.

The logo font of “Grave of the Fireflies” animation, which is equal to a beautiful movie, is known for its beautiful brilliance like fireflies. Two children who are trying to survive the war and are blind to hope. Given the unevenness at the edges of the margins of the letters, it shows the same symbol of war. In many cartoons, cinematic and fantasy film projects, you can post posters introducing insects and much more.

About Grave of the Fireflies

The Animated Grave of the Fireflies was made in 1988 from the best-selling novel of the same name by Akiyuki Nosaka, directed by Isao Takahata.

The 88-minute animation was also well-received in the United States, and critics were positive. In praise of the people’s battles, the film is miles away from the battlefield to survive. Things to do for a bite to eat, and today, in a warm home, it may be interpreted as ruthlessness and begging.

But what makes this story a rare one is that two young children are at the center of the story. Sita, who is not old enough, is forced to protect her little sister. He does everything for her sister, steals, beats him, and lies to her that their mother is alive.

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