60 Best Free and Premium 70’s Fonts

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Best Free and Premium 70s Fonts

Revisit the 70’s by lending a nice vintage flair to your lettering, something our fantastic collection of 70’s fonts is best known for. The trick is to look as if the whole design was made back then, or bank on large letterforms and bright colors to create a striking design. That’s pretty much what defined the typography of that era.

When it comes to logos and branding, these fonts rise to the occasion once again by taking on a sophisticated and elegant look to signal timelessness. They’re also bold and playful enough for posters and T-shirts. So, the question is, is there anything at all these fonts can’t excel at?

Best 70’s Fonts

Get your hands on our inventory of 70’s fonts ASAP, and start designing a distinctively retro artwork using any of the free or premium choices. To follow the same mood, the 1950s fonts can be your next option in line. 


kehlin 70s font

Kehlin is a Vintage Casual Font designed by Konstantine Studio. This font can work as a time machine and get you back to the magnificent 70’s era. This old retro and vintage 70’s font can be used for headline content, logo, branding, posters, wallpapers and also in fashion.

Price: Premium


groovy 70s font

Groovy is one of amazing 70s fonts which is created based on hand lettering project in 2017. This font got inspired by the famous retro typography design from the late 60’s and 70’s. The extra Extruded Font version of this design can save your time. The font also has some OpenType features. Different Glyphs are also crafted inside Groovy.

Price: Premium


cairlinn 70s font

Cairlinn by Twicolabs Fontdation is a Retro Fancy 70’s font with two different font files. This clean Serif font is inspired by the old letters which are used in classic advertisements. You can use Cairlinn for different purposes and also to create vintage touch. For example to design labels, fashion designs like shirts, typographic quotes, packaging, music album covers for rock bands maybe and many more.

Price: Free

The Beardy

The Beardy Font

The Beardy is a retro and decorative font. This 70s font with letters that have a circular end is suitable for nostalgic designs, packaging, posters, invitation cards, and flyers of celebrations.

Price: Premium

Juicy Rooky

Juicy Rooky Vintage Family Font

Juicy Rooky Vintage Family Font Designed by wubstudio. This classic and vintage font can be seen in many nostalgic 70’s video games. Also suitable for arcade ads and happy themes.

Price: Premium

Discomobile 1972

Discomobile 1972 Font

Discomobile 1972 has a classic and slab style font. This font is available in semi-bold, which can be used for classic designs, packaging, and labels of Western stores and video games.

Price: Free

Halycoon Script

halycoon script 70s font

Halycoon Script created by Almeera Studio is a 70s retro bold script font. The font includes hundreds of alternates and is one of the bold script fonts. Extruded and Outline are the two versions available for this font. The font will also provide swashes, ligatures, and multilingual support.

Price: Premium

Saturday Night

saturday night 70s font

Saturday Night Font Family is created by Aiyari. This font embraces the 1970’s and 1980’s disco music. Saturday Night has 7 styles and it also includes features like stylistic alternates, swash and also ligatures. This 70’s typeface can be used for different projects and purposes such as headings, logotype, 79′ show, fashion designs, invitations, flyer, poster, wallpapers, product packaging, book cover, cover album of rock bands, music, etc.

Price: Premium


retrology 70s font

Retrology is a retro monoline script. This Sans font comes with a classic touch. Retrology is created by Letterhend and includes upper case, lower case, numerals, punctuation, Accents, ligatures and also stylistic alternates. This typeface provides support for multilingual languages. This vintage font is ideal for logotype, headline, apparel, wallpapers, and poster and also 70’s show with vintage feels.

Price: Premium

Nomos Typeface

nomos typeface 70s font

Nomos is a retro vintage display font that is perfectly ideal for your retro vintage designs. There are four gorgeous styles available for this font. This fancy typeface was created by cruzine and shared by Gift4Designer.

Price: Free

Figuera Variable Fonts

figuera variable 70s font

Figuera Variable Fonts is created by AF Studio. This variable 70s font family has a Victorian style and comes with different formats. Create a custom look with this font family!

Price: Premium

The Modern Font Bundle Vol. 2

The Modern Font Bundle Vol. 2

The Modern Font Bundle Vol. 2 is a complete set of 12 modern and minimal fonts. Each of these fonts can be used to advertise products and logos of different brands. And since it is a bundle, you can show it with a double arrow and buy it at a lower price.

Price: Premium



TAN MON CHERI Font is a combination of modern and groovy style. Each character is specially designed with a combination of thin and thick strokes. This font is suitable for luxury brands, logo design, invitation cards.

Price: Premium


billionaire 70s font

Billionaire by Peter Olexa is a retro font with two different amazing styles. You can use this typeface without a license for personal use only.

Price: Free

Venomous Typeface

venomous typeface 70s font

Venomous Typeface has a retro vintage style and includes four different font files. You can use this font for grunge and retro projects. This high-quality typeface is created by Cruzine.

Price: Premium

Funkies Bold Script

funkies bold script 70s font

This retro bold script font called Funkie is among amazing 70’s fonts which is inspired with album covers and disco music and posters of funk. This font has a fun style. It comes with features such as stylistic alternates and swash & ligatures. You can use Funkie for logotype, Badges, posters and other new and old designs.

Price: Premium


hominis 70s font

Retro Fancy Hominis is created by Paul Lloyd and is a Serif bold type font. This retro font is free for both commercial and personal use. Hermonis is an all caps font.

Price: Free

Reuben – A Vintage Display

reuben a vintage display 70s font

Reuben is a Vintage Display Font created by JK Design Co. this font is inspired by 70s vintage signage and has a thick to thin contrast. This Sans Serif font has a unique letterforms and has three different styles. This 70s font creates a good bold look for branding and packaging designs.

Price: Premium

Retylle Solyta Monoline

retylle solyta monoline 70s font

Retylle Solyta Monoline is an amazing beautiful retro script font that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This 70’s vintage font is ideal for branding projects, logo, wedding designs, wallpaper, advertisements, product packaging, poster, label, photography, watermark, music cover of rock bands, invitation, stationery and any other projects that need handwriting taste. This font was created by Creatype Studio in 2019.

Price: Premium

Ponds Typeface

ponds typeface 70s font

Ponds Typeface is a Retro, vintage style display font that you can use for your retro, vintage and also grunge projects. This 70’s typeface has four creative font styles; regular & grunge, inline and grunge. This typeface is created by Cruzine.

Price: Premium

The Goldsmith Vintage

the goldsmith vintage 70s font

The Goldsmith Vintage which is created by Burntilldead Typefoundry. This font has 2 styles and is free for Personal and Commercial use. This cool font has upper case letters and numerals.

Price: Free

Bourbon House font + Vintage Frames

bourbon house 70s font

Bourbon House font designed by Andrey Sharonov is inspired by classic 70s Whiskey labels. This strong Serif font includes capital letters only and has 8 variations. The font supports many languages and covers many designs.

Price: Premium


boston 70s font

Boston is a Vintage Style Font which comes with 8 different styles. This unique vintage Serif font is created by Latinotype. Boston is a rounded-edged font with a strong personality. 634-characters are included in this font and also support for a wide range of languages is also provided.

Price: Premium


alter 70s font

Alter which is a Vintage Style Font is one custom Serif 70s fonts that have 6 styles which are regular and grunge, inline and inline grunge, bold inline and bold inline grunge. This font is created by Jumbo Design and has a unique retro style.

Price: Premium

Hamburger Heaven

Hamburger Heaven 70s Font

Hamburger Heaven created by Nick’s Fonts is a retro fancy font that is free of cost for both commercial and personal projects. This font includes all caps and also lower case letters.

Price: Free

Brighton Typeface & Ornaments

brighton typeface 70s font

Brighton Typeface & Ornaments made by Fortunes Co is a vintage typeface with a hand-drawn style. The font comes with ornaments and decorative packs and perfectly fits 70s vintage themes.

Price: Premium

Fairy Tales

fairy tales 70s font

This amazing font was inspired by the classic advertisement and also the movie posters. Fairy Tales is ideal for different purposes such as headline, wedding invitation, greeting cards and etc. this font can make a highly vintage feel for you. By the use of OpenType feature, you will be able to make an attractive message for your design. 231 glyphs and also alternate characters are included in this font.

Price: Premium


ruas 70s font

This Vintage Style Font has 6 different display styles. Ruas is a custom Sans Serif font with an amazing retro style. This eroded fancy font which is presented by Jumbo Design is great for retro and vintage projects.

Price: Premium


greenland 70s font

The Goldsmith Vintage which is created by Burntilldead Typefoundry. This natural-looking font has 2 styles and is free for Personal and Commercial use. This cool font has upper case letters and numerals. This Sans Serif old and modern vintage font is suitable for different projects such as logos and branding, invitation cards, wedding designs, fashion purposes, social media posts, advertisements, product designs, label, photography, music album cover, rock band, watermark, signature or anything else like 70’s show.

Price: Free

Gold Queen Vintage

gold queen vintage 70s font

Gold Queen Vintage Font is designed by Harry Kasyanov. This 70s font family is highly practical and includes the full set of characters, numerals, and punctuation. You can try this font family for 70s designs, logos, labels, and more.

Price: Premium


monophone 70s font

Monophone is a Fancy 70’s font. This vintage style display comes with four font files which are all just perfect for your creative projects. This vintage font is designed by Cruzine.

Price: Premium


giant 70s font

Another vintage style font that we are going to talk about is Giant. This Serif vintage font has 6 cool font files. Giant is created by Jumbo Design.

Price: Premium


titania 70s font

Titania is designed by Dieter Steffmann. This font comes with 3 cool font files and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. Upper case and lower case characters and also numerals, punctuations and some symbols are available for Titania.

Price: Free


tuesnight 70s font

Tuesnight by PintassilgoPrints is inspired by the posters of the movies from 60’s. This is one of the 70s fonts that comes with lots of alternates and interlocking pairs. Both uppercase and lower case characters are available so you will get different shape letters.

Price: Premium


redoura 70s font

The 70’s font style is what this typeface got inspired by. Redoura Font Duo is an absolutely awesome choice to be used for logotype, especially for sport theme ones. This Serif font is a perfect pairing one. Upper & lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals are all included in this font. Alternates and ligatures are also included in this font.

Price: Premium

Nouvelle Vague

nouvelle vague 70s font

Another Basic Serif 70’s fort that we get to know is presented by Dirk Schuster. This extreme did one typeface is free for personal use. Nuvelle Vogue will provide you upper case and lower case characters and also numbers and punctuation.

Price: Free

Summer 0f 76

summer of 76 70s font

Summer 0f 76 is a Multi-Line Font created by Darumo Shop. This nostalgic font is inspired by the 1970’s aesthetic. This design is perfect to be used for headers and it also is ideal for text blocks. If you are looking to make a design with a lovely retro touch this font is for you. Use this font for your amazing designs you will love it.

Price: Premium


lovadelic 70s font

Lovadelic is presented by Aiyari. 70’s script lettering and also psychedelic balloon typography are what this retro script got inspired from. Open type features like stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, contextual alternates and also ligatures are provided by Lovadelic. The extra graphics of this package allows you to have amazing designs. This typeface is best to be used for headings, fashion design, quotes, apparel design, wallpaper, poster, greeting cards, book cover, printed quotes, rock band cover album, music, rock band, movie, 70’s show, etc

Price: Premium

Kool Beans

kool beans 70s font

Kool Beans Font was created in 2000 by Insanitype and you can use this freeware font for both commercial and personal projects without the need to get a license. This retro serif font would be perfect for logos.

Price: Free

Virmana Script

virmana script 70s font

Virmana Script is a retro calligraphy font with a bold appeal. This 1970s font comes with three amazing styles and it can make an incredibly stylish look for your designs. Open type feature, stylistic alternates and ligatures are all available and Virmana supports most western languages. Use Virmanan for your modern designs such as logos, posters, wedding invitations, wallpapers, social media posts, rock band albums and more. With this font you will have lower case letters and also stylistic alternates, beginning and end swashes.

Price: Premium

CA Negroni

ca negroni 70s font

CA Negroni has been named after a cocktail. This font comes in three different styles; Normal inlined and round. Extensive language support is provided by this display font. This font which was designed by Stefan Claudius can create a more playful look for your projects. You can use CA Negroni to elevate the style to a contemporary level.

Price: Premium


carrington 70s font

Another font that is going to be on our list is a retro fancy design by Bright Ideas. Carrington is a calligraphic elegant display font that includes upper and lower case characters.

Price: Free


mustardo 70s font

Mustardo by Stereo Type is a cool font which has old school script feel. The font comes with different ligatures and alternate letters. Uppercase and lower case characters are both available. OpenType feature is provided by Mustardo. This font has two styles.

Price: Premium

Frito Vandito

frito vandito 70s font

Frito Vandito by dougpenick is a throwback to 70’s culture. This nostalgic font is inspired by free-wheelin’ and also the nomad and their unforgettable life.

Price: Premium


edition 70s font

Edition is one of 70’s Basic Serif fonts that comes with only one variant. This all caps display font contains numbers and some symbols.

Price: Free


seventies 70s font

Seventies is a design by Sproviero-Type. This typeface is one of 70s fonts that can make your project stand out. This font will be awesome to be used in posters, wallpapers, rock band album covers, magazines, book covers, etc. the font also has a different style that you can mix and match.

Price: Premium


recoleta 70s font

Recoleta designed by Latinotype is one of popular 70’s fonts. This font combines the soft and gentle shapes with fluid strokes and the result is the fresh and modern Recoleta. The font has different styles and a wide range of choices are provided. Some of the weights of this font are perfect to be used for body text and the heavier ones you can use for headlines. The different characters of this font will give your logo or any other of your designs a unique look.

Price: Premium

Royal – Vintage Style

royal vintage style 70s font

Royal is a Vintage Style Font created by JumboDesign. The font has a decorative style and works for retro vintage designs. Check out this 70s Serif font!

Price: Premium

Dream Orphans

dream orphans 70s font

Dream Orphans designed by Typodermic Fonts is a basic Sans Serif font that has four gorgeous styles. This condensed display font comes with some charming curves. Dream Orphan can help you in designing posters, fashion designs, rock bands, web graphics, game graphics, t-shirts, videos, logos and can be used for 70’s show.

Price: Free


wonderbar 70s font

Wonderbar is one of retro 70’s fonts that can bring fun to your projects. This gorgeous font brings the style and also the feel of being the kid in 1970’s. Wonderbar contains punctuation, kerning, accents, diacritics, alternates, a few ligatures and also extended Latin. You can use the glyphs panel to access to the alternates. Wonderbar can be used in posters, wallpapers, badges, and packaging.

Price: Premium

Handy Script

handy script 70s font

Handy Script has a vintage style and is inspired by the old posters in the eighteenth century. This font has a unique modern look and you can use it for your new projects such as designing wedding cards, logos, posters, wallpapers, etc. handy by Malindo Creative is a nice handwritten script font. This font includes two different styles, lower case and also all the basic characters.

Price: Premium

Bodoni XT

bodoni xt 70s font

I want to introduce you Bodoni XT which you can use freely for commercial and non-commercial projects. This font is presented by Manfred Klein and is a Basic Serif style. With this font, you will get numerals, Symbols, punctuation, upper case letters and also lower case letters.

Price: Free

Franklyn 1706

franklyn 1706 70s font

This font is inspired by Benjamin Franklin. Franklyn is a high-quality font with two styles. It has a clean and rough design and it is ideal for your logo, label, wallpaper, posters, badges, and apparel design. Ligatures, stylistic set, stylistic alternate and multilingual are all included in this vintage font.

Price: Premium


retrotype 70s font

Retrotype with only one variation is designed by Nirmana Visual. This cool design is free for personal use.

Price: Free

York Whiteletter

york whiteletter 70s font

York Whiteletter designed by Pilaster Davy is a retro fancy 70’s typeface which is perfect to use for easy logos and banners. This cool font is inspired by the Delittle design and also the 18th-century wood type. Ligatures are included in this font and also there are numerous ends and ornaments. This font will serve free for personal use.

Price: Free


mexcellent 70s font

Mexcellent is created by Typodermic Fonts. You can use this tri-linear stripe to combine different layers to make amazing color effects. Mexcellent is free for personal and commercial use. This font includes two styles so get ready to mix and match!

Price: Free


rakoon 70s font

Rakoon is another fancy groovy 70s font created by Måns Grebäck. This typeface that features both upper case and lower case characters is free of cost for personal projects.

Price: Free

Hand Shop Typography

hand shop 70s font

Hand Shop Typography C30 by Fontscafe.com is a retro fancy typeface that comes with just one variation. This all caps 70’s font is free for personal use.

Price: Free

1927 Epoque

1927 epoque 70s font

1927 Epoque which is design presented by Galdino Otten is free for personal use. This font that is a retro fancy typeface feature upper case characters, lower case characters, numerals and punctuation.

Price: Free


alba 70s font

Alba by Fontalicious is a fancy groovy 70’s font that comes with 3 different font files. Alba is free for personal use and features uppercase, lower case, numerals, and punctuation.

Price: Free


These were some of the best 70’s fonts we listed for you. You can use these fonts for different periods and also for retro aesthetics. These fonts are some of the best representatives of the 70’s. To transport the nostalgic summers of that decade you can pick one of these styles for your project. Do you have any other retro font that can evoke a similar feel and style? Let us know in the comment section below.

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