45+ Best Free and Premium Tiki Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Tiki Fonts

Move way beyond mere appearance to where tropical elements and traditional patterns all come together to make your text more inspiring. That adjoining point is what defines tiki fonts. And while it’s all in motion to link your design to a rich background, the additional note of playfulness is supposed to generate cheerful vibes and make it easier on the eyes.

No wonder why the result is so captivating, huh? Much like a well-spiced dish with just the right amount of everything. Rooted in such a rich culture, tiki fonts lend themselves well to all sorts of Hawaiian designs, T-shirts, creative packaging, and labeling as well.

Best Tiki Fonts

Hyperpix not only offers the perfect list of all the unique tiki fonts, including free and premium, but there’s also this bundle of African fonts we strongly recommend. They’re both so rich in cultural aspects that you’d think they’re two peas in a pod!

Tropika Island Font Family

Tropika Island Font Family

Tropika Island Font Family font has tribal and island styles. You can use this font to design logos, typefaces, book covers, or stores that have antique accessories and their own area.

Price: Premium

Tikiland Typeface

tikiland typeface tiki font

Tikiland Typeface presented by PutraCetol Studio is a fun display typeface that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. The font is great for social media posts, logos, cards, posters, titles, branding designs, and more.

Price: Premium

Super Tiki

super tiki tiki font

Super Tiki Font is presented by Etherbrian and is free of cost for commercial use. Super Tiki is an all caps font that can be used on a wide range of designs such as headers and titles.

Price: Free

Desert Island

desert island tiki font

Desert Island is a tropical display typeface presented by BusyPort. Alternate characters for letters are available and perfectly match together to create a unique look. The US and Western European language support are supported by this font. Desert Island is a perfect choice for headlines, give it a try!

Price: Premium

Tiki Hut

tiki hut tiki font

Tiki Hut Font is created by Reg Silva Art Shop and is a fun exotic font. This fresh font has uneven edges and covers a wide range of designing projects such as flyers, stationery, social media posts, graphic designs, and more. The font includes upper/lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, and European language characters.

Price: Premium

Tiki Tooka BV

tiki tooka bv tiki font

Tiki Tooka BV designed by Blue Vinyl is one of the totally free Tiki fonts for personal and commercial use. The font is loaded with glyphs and can create a bold look to draw attention to your designs. check out the font!

Price: Free

Lucidity + Extras

lucidity + extras tiki font

Lucidity presented by Aiyari is a neo-psychedelia font family. OpenType features such as stylistic alternates and ligatures are supported by this font family and you can create a modern touch. This font family works for tiki covers, magazines, logos, quotes, apparel designs, and more.

Price: Premium

BIMBO • Hand Lettering Collection

bimbo • hand-lettering collection tiki font

BIMBO is a practical Hand Lettering Collection created by Vintage Voyage D.S. this collection is a great choice to create a hand-lettering look and give a hand touch to your designs. you can use BIMBO for graphic designs, gift cards, posters, and more designs.

Price: Premium

Jungle Rock

jungle rock tiki font

Jungle Rock presented by Jester Font Studio is one of the Tiki fonts with a cool style. This is an awesome font that can be used free of cost for non-commercial designs and different genres. Create a unique loo with Jungle Rock!

Price: Free

Juicebar Display

Juicebar Display Tiki Font

Font Juicebar Display The Collectors Bundle 53 Fonts! It has a vintage style. If you are a fan of juices and drinks, you can put an interesting design on your graphic projects’ bottles and packaging. You can also use it to design stationery with summer styles.

Price: Premium

Wakiki Layered Typeface + Bonus

wakiki layered typeface + bonus tiki font

Wakiki Layered Typeface presented by Drizy is a fantastic set with a Hawaiian look. The font has three different layers and you get to create your favorite look with it. You can use this lively typeface on different designs such as cards, tiki posters, signs, quotes, apparel, covers, and more.

Price: Premium


beachcomber tiki font

Beachcomber is a handmade font and is ideal for retro designs. This font is presented by Think Make Design and is inspired by Tiki style. If you are looking for a unique font, look no further! Try Beachomber!

Price: Premium

Tiki Tropic

tiki tropic tiki font

Tiki Tropic Font Family is made by Sharkshock and is an irregular display font with a Hawaiian style. This font family is loaded with different graphics and it includes a license for personal use only. This font collection is a great choice for summer designs. Try it!

Price: Free


musubi tiki font

Musubi presented by JonathanBall is one of the stylish Tiki fonts. This juicy display font supports special features and decorative elements. This font fits different designs and is also ideal for tiki and tropical designs. Give it a try!

Price: Premium

Forbidden Isle Tropical

forbidden isle tropical tiki font

Forbidden Isle Tropical Font is presented by Spring Break Jake. This is a hand-drawn modern tropical font that includes standard characters, numbers, and symbols. This font with which you can create bold look pairs with Seri and Sans font and fits different designs such as apparel, logos, tiki packaging, cards, and more.

Price: Premium


african tiki font

African Font is designed by Allen R. Walden. This is a totally free font for both commercial and personal designs. Make your designs stand out with African Font!

Price: Free

Tiki Tiki Festival

tiki tiki festival tiki font

Tiki Tiki Festival Font Duo is created by TuNeuwin. This font inspired by the summer vibes is a perfect choice for professional designers and fits social media posts, tiki logos, banners, titles, branding, and more professional designs.

Price: Premium

Ethnic love

ethnic love tiki font

Ethnic love font presented by Latin Vibes is a cute playful font that comes with beautiful illustrator brushes. The font includes unique decorative elements. Get this package and create a unique touch for your tiki designs!

Price: Premium

Tropical Punch: a fun retro

tropical punch: a fun retro tiki font

Tropical Punch: a fun retro font is designed by Missy Meyer. This retro tropical font includes ligatures, alternates, Catchwords and can create a touch of fun for different designs. you can easily install this font and apply it to different designs.

Price: Premium

KR Bamboo

kr bamboo tiki font

KR Bamboo Font is created by Kat’s Fun Fonts. This font that is free for personal use has a unique style and makes your designs stand out. Check out the font for your creative designs.

Price: Free


manicuore tiki font

Manicuore is presented by PintassilgoPrints and is a beautiful hand-drawn typeface. This all caps font is inspired by movie posters and supports OpenType features. A beautiful set of graphic elements are included in this font and makes the font practical for different designs.

Price: Premium

AZ Tiki

az tiki tiki font

AZ Tiki presented by Artistofdesign is an ideal font for the headlines of your designs. this is one of the bold Tiki fonts that you need to check out!

Price: Premium

Afrika T Ubuntu

afrika t ubuntu tiki font

Afrika T Ubuntu created by Fonts of Afrika is allowed for commercial designs. This font is perfect for African theme designs and is so ideal for headlines and headers.

Price: Free

Tiki Time

tiki time tiki font

Tiki Time Font Collection presented by Digital Hustler is a perfect typeface with a unique style. This font that is inspired by Hawaiian culture includes the set of standard characters and provides multilingual support. check out this font, you will enjoy it for your projects!

Price: Premium


fruitos tiki font

Fruitos presented by Fenotype is a funky font family packed with loads of ligatures. This full-featured font family has a wide range of use and so ideal for packaging designs, logos, tiki flyers, and more display designs.

Price: Premium


hastagirl one demo tiki font

Hastagirl One DEMO Font created by Konstantine Studio is a lovely font with a hand-lettering style. note that this stylish font is for personal designs only unless you make a donation!

Price: Free

rio de janeiro

rio de janeiro tiki font

rio de janeiro is one of the practical Tiki fonts created by GIT. This script font has a bold style and creates a handwritten look for your designs. Use it for posters, headers, apparel designs, wedding designs, cards, and many more.

Price: Premium

Desert Display

desert display tiki font

Desert Display Font is presented by NienowBrand and includes three unique font styles. All that vintage and retro flair that you need for your creative designs is provided by this font. The font works for tiki and tropical poster designs, headers, banners, and more display designs.

Price: Premium


bamboo tiki font

Bamboo Font designed by Ryan Neaveill is free of cost for personal use only. Bamboo has a wide range of use on different designs. Give it a try!

Price: Free


goombah tiki font

Goombah presented by Cool Fonts is a practical font with two versions; Regular and Outline. You can mix different styles of this font and create a modern look for your designs. This font has retro roots and includes the standard character set with numbers, punctuation, and accents.

Price: Premium

Summer of Love Psychedelic

summer of love psychedelic tiki font

Summer of Love Psychedelic Font created by Mysterylab Designs provides multilingual support. This font is perfect for your retro designs and creates a touch of grooviness. The font has a vintage style and includes multilingual glyphs. Get this funky font and create a whimsical vibe!

Price: Premium

Tropical Asian

tropical asian demo tiki font

Tropical Asian DEMO created by Konstantine Studio is a paint font. This beautiful font is loaded with glyphs and has a bold style. The font features different designing elements and can be used for different genres.

Price: Free

Summertime bitmap color

summertime bitmap color tiki font

Summertime bitmap color presented by Malena is one of the Tiki fonts I recommend you to check out. The font includes Latin letter and Cyrillic letter set, and also numbers, punctuation, and symbols. You can use the font on social media posts, apparel, branding, packaging, and so many more designs!

Price: Premium

Halau • A Fancy

halau • a fancy tiki font

Halau is a Fancy Font Family presented by Vintage Voyage D.S. This elegant and fun font family includes different styles and is a perfect choice for summer and sunny projects. You can combine different styles and create the look you like. Multilingual support is provided by Halalu.

Price: Premium

Good Unicorn

good unicorn tiki font

Good Unicorn Font created by Misti’s Fonts can create a fun playful look for your designs. this funky font is free for personal use and covers different designs such as headers, photography designs, logos, flyers, and many more.

Price: Free

Voyage Summer

voyage summer tiki font

Voyage Summer presented by Fenotype is a perfect script font with a smooth and friendly vintage style. This is one of the full-featured Tiki fonts packed with ligatures, alternates, and swashes. This font is a great choice to create customized headlines. Give it a try!

Price: Premium

Fonseca Grande

fonseca grande tiki font

Fonseca Grande is a layered retro font designed by Nasir Udin. The font can be paired with handwritten script fonts and create a new fresh look. You can use this font for branding, packaging, posters, logos, titles, and more display designs.

Price: Premium

Vacations in Paradise

vacations in paradise personal tiki font

Vacations in Paradise Personal Font is designed by Billy Argel. The font has a cursive lettering style and is free for non-commercial use. Get this calligraphy font and create a handwritten look!

Price: Free

Billy Ohio Typeface

billy ohio typeface tiki font

Billy Ohio Typeface is created by alit design and has a brush style. With this font, you can create a natural handmade font and it is best used for fun and sporty designing projects. The font has two different styles and provides a wide range of alternate glyphs. This font also features a standard character set, numeral, and punctuation.

Price: Premium


arthos tiki font

Arthos presented by namistudio is a beautiful font with curvy lines and creates a humanist touch with a fresh vibe. Multi-language support is provided by this font and ligatures and symbols are included. Try Arthos!

Price: Premium

Black Fox

black fox personal use only tiki font

Black Fox Personal Use Only Font is created by Måns Grebäck. This is one of the bold condensed Tiki fonts that you can use for many display designs such as headers, titles, banners, signs, titles, and many more. This font is free of cost for personal use!

Price: Free

Clementine Script

clementine script tiki font

Clementine Script is one of the handmade Tiki fonts designed by Emily Spadoni. This all caps font has bold characters and can create your designs stand out. This script font looks good on logos, titles, posters, signage, and more display designs.

Price: Premium

Picasso in Paradise

picasso in paradise tiki font

Picasso in Paradise is a wild abstract script font designed by Nicky Laatz. This fresh font has a playful edge and includes natural-looking ligatures. This is a handy font; give it a try!

Price: Premium

Jurassic Park

jurassic park tiki font

Jurassic Park is one of the all caps Tiki fonts created by Filmfonts. This is a great font for African theme designs. You can also use the font for many other genres. Jurassic Park font is free for personal use. Try this font!

Price: Free

Peachy & Pure – Typeface

peachy & pure typeface tiki font

Peachy & Pure is a perfect full-featured typeface created by Layerform Design Co. this handcrafted typeface fits headlines, typography designs, and different artworks with different concepts.

Price: Premium


marienthal tiki font

Another one of the Tiki fonts that I want to introduce to you is Marienthal Font created by DittonSupplyCo. This summer font collection includes 4 font files with different styles that can be combined together and used for different designs such as tiki t-shirt designs, logos, flyers, headlines, covers, and many more.

Price: Premium


changing tiki font

Changing presented by PintassilgoPrints is one of the lively Tiki fonts supporting magic OpenType features. This is a striking typeface that can be used on tropical designs. Try it!

Price: Premium


We hope you have enjoyed this list of hand-picked Tiki fonts. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Share your thought and ideas with us in the comment section.

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