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What Font Was Used in Shrek Logo and Posters?

Sherk is the font used in the movie Sherk. This font is designed by Kevin Wilson. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

About Shrek Movie

Shrek is an American computer-animated comedy movie that is based on a book by William Steig; an American cartoonist who is the writer of children’s book. The Shrek franchise that is consists of different films is the story of Shrek who is grouchy ogre with a big heart. The Shrek Franchise is one of the highest grossing and also highest grossing animated franchise if all the time. This franchise could receive mixed yet mostly positive reviews.

The first film is this franchise; Shrek (2001) grossing $484,409,218 worldwide is the story of this lonely ogre, Shrek who is surprised that Lord Farquaad has sent fairy tale creature to live in his swamp. Shrek is now a friend with a talkative Donkey and they want to meet with Lord Farquaad with whom Princess Fiona has to marry. Trying to save Fiona, Shrek fall in love with her and after their first kiss, Fiona turns into a permanent Ogress.

In the second film, Shrek 2 (2004) Prince charming is trying to save Fiona but he finds out that Fiona is on Honeymoon with Shrek so he tries to break their marriage. And also after drinking a potion Shrek and donkey are turned into something unexpected! The second installment if Shrek Franchise could gross $919,838,758 worldwide and the average score it got on Metacritic was 75 out of 100.

Shrek the Third (2007), grossed $798,958,162 worldwide. In this film, Shrek and Fiona are trying to find Fiona’s cousin Artie so that he will be the next king. But after finding him he reveals that he is scared of being the king and they meet with Artie’s former magic teacher on an Island.

The last of this franchise that is Shrek Forever After and was released in 2010 is the story of Shrek being a family man and longing for the days he was a real Ogre. After Shrek is tricked to sign a pack unexpected things happens and he finds himself in a twisted version of Far. Fiona and the Donkey don’t know him, will they end up together? This last one grossed $752,600,867 worldwide.

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