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What font is used in the Dexter logo?

I did a lot of research to find the font used in the Dexter logo. I didn’t find the exact font used in the logo. Most likely, this font has been personalized.

Anyway, I found two fonts that are very similar to the original logo font. The first is premium and the second is free. You can manipulate these fonts a bit to make them look like the desired font.

The first font is “Soda Script” and was designed by Zuzana Licko. This font is Premium and you can buy it from the link below.

The second alternative font is free and you can use it in your personal projects. Click on the button below to download it.

Complexity and deception can be seen in many horror movies, and the movie “Dexter” is no exception. And its logo font is as complex and intelligent as the main character, and with a combination of fear and action style, it has been able to make the first impression, so can do for your design.

About Dexter

Usually, those who are very interested in the story and the character of the high-detail production, like to watch the series more than the movies. Because a lot more time is spent on detailing and complicating the story, while in movies, due to time constraints, we rarely see this accurate storytelling.

2006 coincided with the launch of a series called Dexter, which later became the most popular TV series on Showtime. The series, which appeared powerful from the beginning and showed a big difference from other TV series.

Dexter is the name of a person who works as a hematologist at the Miami City Police Department. He examines crime scenes and how people were killed, helping the police and their medical team. But this is not his main job. Dexter is a serial killer!

Dexter is based on the novel written by Jeff Lindsay. The series’ fictional ideas and Dexter’s unique characterization set the TV series apart from other series, and it gained a lot of popularity during the eight seasons it aired on ShowTime.

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