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What font is used in the Doctor Sleep logo?

“Friz Quadrata Bold” is the font used in the Doctor Sleep logo. This font is designed originally by Ernst Friz in 1965 and published by ITC. This font can be purchased from the following link.

If you do not want to buy this font, we have also provided a free and alternative font that is very similar to the original font. You can use this font in your personal projects. Download and enjoy this font from the link below.

Sometimes it is not necessary to smear or alter the original font effect with sharp edges or splashes of blood, enough to put a scary background behind it so that viewers will be frozen in fear. In Doctor Sleep logo font, the ghostly white font adds to the scary color along with the scary background. There are many ways to get into the world of superheroes, and this is one way to use this font for the sci-fi movie.

About Doctor Sleep

39 years is a long time to build a cinema sequence. But it does seem a little harder here, as it is a sequel to the work directed and immortalized by the legendary  Stanley Kubrick.

As fans of The Shining know, Doctor Sleep’s story is about Danny Torrance. The famous little boy in the first film, now 30 years after seeing his father Jack go mad, he also suffers from mental crises and knows he has the potential. But when Danny is in relative relaxation, he meets a girl named Abra who has similar conditions to Danny.

Doctor Sleep, the sequel to “The Shining,” by Mike Flanagan, is the best gift we’ve received from Hollywood since Blade Runner. “Dr. Slip” is normally one of the top three horror films, but it has a more special place for its special audience.

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