55+ Best Free and Premium Funky Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Funky Fonts

With funky fonts and their cartoonish touch, bring joyful vibes into your text and get it in touch with the playful side of your design subject. This sort of fun, friendly design chimes in perfectly with your creative social media content and works wonders for when you want to communicate with kids.

Just count on their round chubby characters to make your every letter stand out once a lovely tinge of retro is added to your work. Brilliant, right? In addition to those projects mentioned before, the range of designs suited for this kind of unique casual style remains diverse, like other posters, T-shirts, or website headers, and so on.  

Best Funky Fonts

Have fun adding a combination of retro and playful details to your projects with this unique set of both free and premium funky fonts. Besides, if you want to dial up the vintage touch, we also recommend these 90s fonts.


funkies 2 funky font

Funkies Font presented by Blankids Studio is one of the new retro funky fonts which have been inspired by funk designs such as posters. Funkies is for designing badges, shirts, book covers, and a lot more designs. the font is packed with stylistic ligatures and swashes.

Price: Premium

Suthen Bold Script

Suthen Bold Script

One of the most attractive fonts in this list is the Suthen Bold Script font. The funky and bold style of this font makes your text in any design project very beautiful and legible.

Price: Premium


disko funky font

Disko designed by Blue Vinyl is Groovy typeface with two font files. The fancy Disco is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Blufy Font Family

Blufy Funky Font Family

Blufy Font Family is one of the funky and bold fonts that you can use with different backgrounds, characters, and animations for children and T-shirts with the concepts of the sixties and seventies.

Price: Premium

The Ultimate 90s

the ultimate 90s funky font

The next amazing font is The Ultimate 90s Font Pack by Denise Chandler. This fun font has a casual style. You can use this funky font freely for personal and commercial projects.

Price: Premium

Funky Olive

funky olive funky font

Funky Olive by Bethany Phipps is one of the distorted fonts. This bold fancy font includes both upper and lowercase alphabets.

Price: Free

Eiutneck Script

Eiutneck Script Funky Fonts

Eiutneck Script font has a fancy and classic style. You can use this font to design and package chocolates, donuts, and any poster and flyer that you wanted to have a retro style and take on a fancy style.

Price: Premium


seventies funky font

This layered design is presented by Sproviero-Type. Seventies has a calligraphic style and you can use this modern-looking font for magazines, flyers, branding or any other designs that you are working on.

Price: Premium

The Brandy

the brandy funky font

Our next Groovy funky font that is free for personal use is The Brandy by Haksen Letters. I recommend you check out this font. The letters forms are nice and unique.

Price: Free

Aprila Font Family

aprila funky font

Aprila Font Family presented by Studio Sun is a perfect funky font with which you can create your imaginary visions. This bright font has 6 weights and supports many languages.

Price: Premium


funky funky font

Funky by Inspirationfeed is a versatile and gorgeous display font. This typeface is tall and thin and it can create a playful touch for your designs.

Price: Premium


mustardo funky font

Mustardo by StereoType is one of the old school funky fonts. This display font contains Uppercase and Lowercase, Stylistic Alternates,7 Ligatures and supports OpenType Features.

Price: Premium


dopestyle funky font

The next funky font that I want to introduce you is again one of the old school fonts. Dopestyle by Octotype is an in script font that is free for personal use only.

Price: Free

Ramdone Retro Script

Ramdone Retro Script Funky Fonts

Ramdone Retro Script font is one of the eldest and retro styles of the sixties and seventies. You can use this font to design packages, posters that need an old style, invitation cards, book covers, and magazines.

Price: Premium

Frito Vandito

frito vandito funky font

Frito Vandito by dougpenick can remind us of the 70s van culture. Free nomads and their life experiences are what this font was inspired by. With Frito Vandito you can create gorgeous designs.

Price: Premium

Cognace Typeface

cognace typeface funky font

Cognace Typeface is presented by Alterna Typefoundry and is a Roman-style display font. alternate characters for capitals are available and the font supports Latin based languages.

Price: Premium

Boogie Regular

boogie regular funky font

Boogie Regular is a radical display font created by Doug Penick. This typeface is loaded with glyphs and alternates and includes both lower and upper case sets. This funky font will provide you will all you need. Get the party started!

Price: Premium


funkytown funky font

Funkytown presented by Geronimo Font Studios is a cartoon font. This is an all caps font that you can use freely for your personal designs.

Price: Free

San Francisco

san francisco funky font

San Francisco Font is one of the funky fonts that come with the retro vintage character set. This grunge font comes in 3 styles so you will have different options for your design. Mix and match the letters and then you will have a beautiful combination. Capitals and lowercase letters are all included in this font and support for different languages are provided. You will also get multi-lingual currency figures.

Price: Premium


qillow funky font

This font is one of the brand new funky fonts. You can use the playful Qillow for kid products, packaging or any other fun design that you are working on. You will enjoy adding fun to your design with Qillow!

Price: Premium


matey funky font

Matey is a bold decorative font that is highly recommended for designing flyers.

Price: Premium

Funky Dunky

funky dunky funky font

The next fancy font that I want to introduce you is designed by Thomas Canale. This font is one of the Groovy funky fonts free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free

Liong 4 Fonts Styles

Liong 4 Funky Fonts

It is one of favorite fonts in funky fonts collections. if you want to create some of your graphical project, it is a best idea for start.

Price: Premium

Wild Thorn

wild thorn funky font

This font has a funny tall and small funny letter combos. This font can create a unique font for your design. try Wild Thorn!

Price: Premium

Hoagie Brush

hoagie brush funky font

The next one of the fonts that will be on our list is a fun and fast brush font; Hoagie. This typeface is a Sans serif and handwritten font and you can use it for both small and large formats.

Price: Premium

KB Dunk Tank

kb dunk tank funky font

This design is one of the fancy cartoon fonts. KB Dunk Tank can be used for any personal projects without the need to get a license.

Price: Free


wonderbar funky font

Wonderbar is one of the funky fonts with which you can add fun to your projects. This font can create the feel and also the style of 70s. Extended Latin character sets, punctuation, accents, diacritics, and alternates are included in Wonderbar .this font can be used for children’s books, flyers, and packaging.

Price: Premium

Funkiess Display Typeface

funkiess display typeface funky font

Funkiess is one of the handwritten funky fonts with a natural look. You will get International glyphs with this font.

Price: Premium


jalisco funky font

This font is the handwritten script of the year. Jalisco has a signature style and can be used for stationery design, magazine covers, flyers, hipster packaging, etc. OpenType features like Alternate Characters, Swashes and Ligatures are all supported by Jalisco.

Price: Premium

Hi Monday

hi monday funky font

Hi Monday that is one of the Old school funky fonts is presented by Rudhi Sasmito. The font comes with a full set of characters, numbers, and punctuation and it is an ideal font to be used for a wide range of designs and artworks.

Price: Free

Funkie Bunny

funkie bunny funky font

Funkie Bunny that is presented by figuree studio is a fancy typeface that is packed with awesome illustrations. The joy of rabbits is what could inspire this font. Funkie Bunny is a perfect choice for quote design, flyers, badges, labels, and shirts design.

Price: Premium


glubby funky font

Glubby that is one of the fun display fonts is presented by CorgiAstronaut. This funny looking display font is the best choice for fun themed projects. The font looks bold and fast and you can use it for flyers, book covers designs, headlines, etc.

Price: Premium

Nuevo Disco

nuevo disco funky font

Nuevo Disco by Xerographer Fonts is a fancy groovy design. you can use it free of cost for any personal designs like shirts, designing logos, flyers, mugs, ads, etc.

Price: Free

Chronic Sans Display

Chronic Sans Display Funky Fonts

Chronic Sans Display font has a funky and hippie style that you can use this design by designing along with some fantasy animations and characters, and it becomes one of the interesting invitation cards, posters, and covers that have been used so far. You did.

Price: Premium


despacito funky font

DESPACITO is one of the bold fonts and is presented by Art Set. In case you want a bold and gorgeous looking headline this font can help. This font can also look perfect for logos, titles, UI design, ads and many more.

Price: Premium

Apple Juice

apple juice funky font

Apple Juice designed by izzylikestodoodle is one of the uppercase only fonts. You can use this typeface for any quirky designs like greeting cards, invitations, mugs, shirts, etc.

Price: Premium

Weltron Special Power / 2001

weltron special power 2001 funky font

Weltron Special Power / 2001 published by Fontalicious is an all caps font free of cost for personal use. Two font files are included in this font.

Price: Free

Quincey Family

quincey family funky font

Quincey Family by AdultHumanType is an old-style display font. This font is packed with glyphs and standard alphabets. Two regular and medium weights are available for this font.

Price: Premium


peachy funky font

Peachy is from 3D Font Family and is presented by Big Cat Creative. This is one of the all caps Sans Serif fonts with four different weights. This font is recommended to be used for editorial use, or the logos and heading on your web.

Price: Premium


pussycat funky font

Pussycat includes two font files, numbers, punctuation and upper case letters. This is one of the gorgeous funky fonts and is presented by Fontalicious.

Price: Free

Fresty Script

fresty script funky font

Fresty Script by Blankids Studio is an awesome trendy and modern design that is perfect for branding and also logotype. The font is packed with glyphs and alternative characters and provides support for many languages.

Price: Premium

“No Worries”

no worries funky font

“No Worries” by dougpenick is a bold and round Serif typeface that is perfectly suited for packaging, logos, flyers, and fun theme designs.

Price: Premium


dreamland funky font

Dreamland is published by dustBUST. This fancy font has a unique look that can be useful for many projects. This all caps font contains two font files.

Price: Free

Hikaru – Brush

hikaru brush funky font

Hikaru – Brush Font is presented by Dm Studio and is a perfect handwritten font that can create a unique charming look. The font provides multilingual support and includes upper and lower case alphabets. You can use Hikaru for social media posts, titles, funky apparel, labels, and more designs.

Price: Premium


crackalackin funky font

This funny and fresh font set is designed by Denise Chandler. Crackalackin is one of the unique and quirky funky fonts and it has 6 weights. This typeface is ideal for designing bold headlines, typographic flyers, logos, etc. you can use this font for commercial and non-commercial usage with getting a license.

Price: Premium

Funky Fresh

funky fresh funky font

funky fresh designed by Sabrina Schleiger is one of the handwritten funky fonts which is perfectly ideal for many different designs. Latin extensions are included in the font so many European languages are supported.

Price: Premium

Funky Muskrat

funky muskrat funky font

Funky Muskrat by Bionic Type is another one of the 100% free beautiful fonts. This cartoon typeface is an all caps design.

Price: Free


funkydori funky font

Funkydori is a bold font presented by Laura Worthington. The font comes with perfect letterforms and includes swashes, alternates, and ornaments.

Price: Premium

Stack up

stack up funky font

Stack up belongs to the universal font family and it is presented by Vitek Graphic. This font comes with different weights so you can use it for captions, headlines, and texts. With this font, you will only get English characters.

Price: Premium

Funky Stoneage

funky stoneage funky font

Funky Stoneage presented by Pizzadude is free for personal use. This cartoon font has a unique design and you can make the best use of this font for different designs.

Price: Free

George & Francis

george & francis funky font

This is one of the fonts that you should check out as it is a perfect combination of bold and short and also thick and tall fonts. This funky font can create a personal feel for your work. This pack includes English characters and upper and lower letters.

Price: Premium

Wicked Seventies

wicked seventies funky font

Wicked Seventies by Xerographer Fonts is packed with lower and upper letters. This is one of the beautiful and bold funky fonts with a Groovy design.

Price: Free

Jokers Font Set

jokers funky font

Jokers Font Set designed by Denise Chandler is a fun and creative font that will provide you tons of options and features for your designs. The font is free for commercial use and has an all caps version. Give it a try!

Price: Premium


grease funky font

Grease is one of the gorgeous fonts that are packed with a full set of characters and punctuation. This typeface is designed by Rafael Dinner. Grease is only free for personal use and for commercial use of this font you need to get a license.

Price: Free


kalem funky font

Kalem by Symphony Studio is another one of the funky fonts free for personal usages. This new handwritten font comes with two font files. It is definitely a good choice for different designs.

Price: Free

Roundy Rainbows

roundy rainbows funky font

Roundy Rainbows is one of the strong and bold fonts that are presented by Darrell Flood. This Groovy font has 4 font files and also features all caps, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Free

Armonela Black

armonela black funky font

Looking for a unique looking font for your designs? try out Armonela Black by Inopatype that is an all caps free of cost font for personal use.

Price: Free


delicious funky font

Delicious is another one of the fonts presented by Darrell Flood. there are two font files available for this fancy groovy all caps font.

Price: Free

Safir Script

safir script funky font

Safir Script by Måns Grebäck is a various font featuring both uppercase and lowercase alphabets. Basic punctuation is also provided by the font for the users.

Price: Free


Hopefully, our list of the funky fonts can be of great help and useful for you. If you think it can be useful for others why not share the list with them? Also hearing from you can help us to improve our work. So if you have any recommendations or comments for us drop a line in the comment section.

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