85+ Best Free and Premium Leaf Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Leaf Fonts

If you seek to ornate your text with delicate details and a lovely organic feel, you’ll find no match for leaf fonts and their creative stylishness. There’s also something playful about them that tickles your fancy as they inherently convey uplifting vibes to cheer you up. With flourishes blooming here and there, you can see why they’re associated with such a charming feminine flair.

To top it all off, a nice trendy feel is also contributed to your typography. Awesome, right? Full of the joys of spring, these fabulous fonts are perfectly applicable to your modern brands, photography, watermarks, greeting cards, or any other artistic artwork you can think of.

Best Leaf Fonts

Known for its warm, refreshing quality, our gorgeous collection of leaf fonts lies ahead, available for both free and premium users. Plus, since you’re clearly a designer of impeccable taste, you’d better visit our splashy text effects for more surprises.

Flor Layered

flor layered leaf font

Flor Layered Font is an original layered font created by Shoutbam. This inline font includes glyphs, ligatures, and ornaments. Flor Font is beautiful and creates a stunning look for your artworks. The font works for headers, packaging, branding projects, titles, labels, and more.

Price: Premium

Autumn Embrace Floral

autumn embrace floral leaf font

Autumn Embrace Floral Font is presented by anmark. This is a handwritten font with three different styles. The font covers many designs such as magazines, floral shops, titles, menus, social media posts, signature, wedding designs, and more.

Price: Premium

Leafy Stencil

leafy stencil leaf font

Leafy Stencil is a decorative leaf font presented by Character. The font covers many designs; Try it!

Price: Free

Amelie Floral Display

amelie floral display leaf font

Amelie Floral Display Font is presented by Alisovna. This elegant font provides support for a wide range of languages and includes a set of upper and lowercase letters. Symbols, numbers, punctuation, decorative elements, and accents are included in this font. I hope you get the best use of this amazing font.

Price: Premium

Flola Hand Drawn

flola hand drawn leaf font

Flola Hand Drawn Font is created by freeject.net. Lowercase letters and numbers are not provided by this font. The font can create a classy look and it fits logos, headers, signs, and more.

Price: Premium

Little Daisy

little daisy leaf font

Little Daisy is a distorted cursive font created by West Wind Fonts. This script font is packed with glyphs and standard characters.

Price: Free

Floral Secret Island

floral secret island ttf leaf font

Floral Secret Island is created by Drifter Studio. This is a hand-illustrated typeface featuring upper and lower case letters and providing multilingual support. the font can cover a wide range of display designs; give it a try!

Price: Premium


ralgani leaf font

Ralgani font is one of the designs whose capital letters are designed in a decorative way. For example in its design you can see beautiful flowers and leaves, so we recommend designing wedding invitations and brands that need an elegant style is using.

Price: Free

Leafy Plant Fun Typeface

Leafy Plant Fun Typeface

Leafy Plant Fun Typeface font is a font designed by handwriting and according to its name, which is leave, you can use it in images of leaves, plants, and nature, and this font is suitable for florists and those who have greenhouses and you can in the network Use social media.

Price: Premium

Magic Ivy Botanical

magic ivy botanical leaf font

Magic Ivy Botanical presented by anmark is a fantasy font with which you can create a touch of magic for your designs. This font supports uppercase characters and it is a good choice for wedding designs and monograms, flyers, magazines, logos, social media posts, t-shirt designs, and more.

Price: Premium


lsleaves leaf font

LSLeaves Font is designed by Lady Sara. This decorative font includes capital letters only and it has a distorted style. The font provides glyphs to help you with your designs.

Price: Free

Tall & Tiny

tall & tiny leaf font

Tall & Tiny is a funny font Duo created by DesignSomething. This is a playful hand-made font packed with hand-made extras such as flowers and leaves. This is a great font for school presentation and projects. The font is also ideal for other designing projects such as invitation, branding, headers, and more.

Price: Premium

English alphabet. IMAGO

english alphabet. imago leaf font

English alphabet. IMAGO is presented by GeekClick. This leaf font includes the English alphabets in leaves and flowers. Different ornaments and designing elements are included in this font. Try it!

Price: Premium

Jungle Rock

jungle rock leaf font

Jungle Rock Font is created by Jester Font Studio. This cool font has a nice style and including decorative elements, it will create a cute look for man designs!

Price: Free

Lush Sans Typeface

lush sans typeface leaf font

Lush Sans Typeface presented by BeckMcCormick includes capital letters only. This modern font provides support for numeral and punctuation and also European languages. Six logo templates are included in this font. the font is a good choice for branding designs, product packaging, covers, cards, and more designs.

Price: Premium

Full editable alphabet & patterns

full editable alphabet & patterns leaf font

Another leaf font that I want to introduce to you is Full editable alphabet & patterns created by ikopylov. 3 vectors patterns are included in this font and it is a good choice for logotypes, web designs, logos, labels, and many more designs.

Price: Premium

MC Blossoms

mc blossoms leaf font

MC Blossoms Font is designed by Maureen Collins. This is an elegant semi-script font with decorative elements. Looking for a functional font? Check out MC Blossoms!

Price: Free


bunga leaf font

Bunga is a beautiful font created by Bangun Studio. This decorative leaf font includes upper and lower case letters and helps you to create a super-unique look for your designs. Try Bunga!

Price: Premium

SpringVibe Serif

springvibe serif leaf font

SpringVibe Serif Font presented by VPcreativeshop has a modern style and includes alternate letters and provides multilingual support. this versatile font is a perfect choice for packaging, wedding designs, magazines, Ads, and more.

Price: Premium


snowmask leaf font

snowmask presented by weknow is a bold font family with 6 different styles. Capital case, lower case, symbol, number, and punctuation are provided by this font family. Snowmask can be used for movie posters, logotypes, covers, labels, apparel designs, and many more.

Price: Free


leafy art leaf font

LEAFY art font is presented by UVAconcept. This is an all caps font with a unique style. check out LEAFY art!

Price: Premium


gibrael leaf font

Gibrael is a leaf font presented by TRF. This is a handy script font for different creative designs such as greeting cards, logos, titles, magazines, Ads, tattoos, and many more. Alternate characters and glyphs are featured by this font and with it; you can create an elegant look.

Price: Premium


leafy leaf font

Leafy Font presented by West Wind Fonts includes two beautiful font styles. This fancy detailed font features different designing elements for your different designs.

Price: Free

Spring alphabet letters

spring alphabet letters leaf font

Spring alphabet letters is created by Polar Vectors. This is a unique fresh font with fashionable elements and it works for many designs. Check out this beautiful font!

Price: Premium

Ciera watercolor svg

ciera watercolor svg leaf font

Ciera watercolor svg font is created by Skyla Design. This collection includes 4 font files and is functional for creating wedding designs, monograms, typography designs, ads, and many more. Check out this font for your lovely projects!

Price: Premium


gardeniavictorian leaf font

Gardenia Victorian is an all caps leaf font created by Douglas Day. This fancy font has a Victorian style and creates a good look for ads, labels, logos, titles, and more display designs.

Price: Free

Herbaceous Border

herbaceous border leaf font

Herbaceous Border designed by Lauren Ashpole is a leaf font. All letters of this font are in capitals and an alternate set of leafy designs for lower case letters is also available. Basic Latin and Western European languages are supported by this font.

Price: Premium


irisan leaf font

Irisan Font is presented by Bangun Studio. This decorative font includes upper/lower case letters and gives you the chance to create a unique appearance for wedding designs, headers, cards, and more designs.

Price: Premium

Kingthings Annex

kingthings annex leaf font

Kingthings Annex created by Kingthings is a nice practical leaf font with decorative elements. This font is a good choice to create a stunning cute appearance!

Price: Free

Spring Vibes. Floral

spring vibes. floral leaf font

Spring Vibes. Floral Font made by anmark comes in three different styles. This font includes decorative elements to let you make perfect designs!

Price: Premium


brilon leaf font

Brilon Font is designed by Tobias Saul. This elegant typeface has a modern and minimalist style. The uppercase letter, alternates, accented characters, and ligatures are included in this font. the font is suitable for packaging designs, branding, logos, cards, and more.

Price: Premium


tenderleaf leaf font

Tenderleaf Font is designed by David Rakowski. Check out this font if you want to create a unique font for your designs!

Price: Free

Onferia – decorative leaf

onferia decorative leaf leaf font

Onferia is a decorative leaf font created by ilonitta. This is a hand-crafted font with a decorative style. This full-featured font includes symbols, punctuation, catchwords, glyphs, and ligatures. You can use Onferia for digital designs, packaging, blogs, logos, and many more designs.

Price: Premium

Golden Leaves-floral

golden leaves floral leaf font

Golden Leaves-floral font is presented by Innire. This stylish font includes the full set of letters, numbers, and punctuation. The font is suitable for business designs, headers, logos, ads, cards, packaging, branding, and many more.

Price: Premium

Gothic Leaf

gothic leaf leaf font

Gothic Leaf is a free gothic font presented by Flight of the Dragon. Only uppercase letters are included in this font with a charming style!

Price: Free


pumpkin leaf leaf font

PUMPKIN LEAF FONT is created by UVAconcept. This is a playful font that can create a funny look for your designs. Try it!

Price: Premium

Poppit & Finch

poppit & finch leaf font

Poppit & Finch font is designed by Nicky Laatz. This is a beautiful font with pre-designed logo templates included in it. This font is allowed for personal and commercial designing projects.

Price: Premium


chronicgothic leaf font

ChronicGothic Font presented by Xerographer Fonts has a distorted look and is packed with a large number of glyphs. This functional font can cover many designs.

Price: Free

Apothecary Display

apothecary display leaf font

Apothecary Display Font is created by Create The Cut. This is a new handcrafted font featuring only uppercase letters. This stylish font can create a unique fresh appearance for your designs. Get it for your creative designs!

Price: Premium

Cannabis Leaf

cannabis leaf leaf font

Cannabis Leaf Font is created by JoZOO. This is an all caps font and it includes foreign accents and punctuation. Check out this unique-looking font!

Price: Premium


bambu leaf font

bambu Font is structured by Xerographer Fonts. With a full set of standard characters and glyphs; this font can be very functional. Try bamboo!

Price: Free

Thystle Leaf Typeface

thystle leaf typeface leaf font

Thystle Leaf Typeface is created by Creativeqube Design. This hand-made typeface can create a hand-drawn look. Upper and lowercase characters, punctuation, and numbers are included in this font and international languages are supported.

Price: Premium

Forever Grateful

forever grateful leaf font

Forever Grateful Font & Doodles is designed by Denise Chandler. This playful hand-drawn script font comes with capital and lower case letters. This leaf font is allowed for commercial use. This font supports English language only!

Price: Premium


green tea leaf font

GREEN TEA Font made by weknow comes with a bold style. This free font for personal deigns looks good on different designs such as signs, flyers, cards, logos, monograms, and many more.

Price: Free


scandinavian leaf font

Scandinavian Font Family is made by Favete Art. This font family has three fonts and you are allowed to mix and match them for to get interesting results. An extensive range of languages are supported by Scandinavian. Symbols are also included and you get to create a super-unique look for your designs.

Price: Premium


new! fleuro colour leaf font

FLEURO Colour Font is designed by Nicky Laatz. This is an amazing leaf font with a license for both commercial and personal use. This full-featured font can cover unlimited projects. Check out FLEURO and get the best use of it!

Price: Premium

LCR Autumn

lcr autumn leaf font

LCR Autumn made by LeChefRene and is a lovely and functional font. this is a unique leaf font; give it a try!

Price: Free

Leaf cut

leaf cut leaf font

Leaf cut font presented by pashabo is an excellent single-weight leaf font for different themed designs such as environmental designs, organic food, and more.

Price: Premium

Mother Nature

mother nature leaf font

Mother Nature Font is designed by Denise Chandler. This hand-drawn font can create a classic look for your projects. The font is allowed for both personal and commercial use and it can be used for wedding invitation, logos, banners, labels, and more designs. Get the font and create a touch of uniqueness!

Price: Premium


holly leaf font

Holly is a floral font made by Scrappinfun. It is a cool font; try it!

Price: Free

Afecta Clean

afecta clean leaf font

Afecta Clean is a lovely font designed by Ilham Herry. This display typeface includes swashes and supports OpenType features. You can use this font for many various purposes such as covers, titles, logos, banners, signs, quotes, cards, and more.

Price: Premium


herina leaf font

Herina Font created by Graptail is an all caps serif font that can create a modern touch for your designs. The font has a charming style and includes abstract shape elements with ligatures and alternate characters. Herina is allowed for versatile design options such as posters, apparel designs, postcards, banners, and many more.

Price: Premium


harb leaf font

Harb created by BRIDGEco comes with a unique style to create an outstanding look for your designs. Try this leaf font!

Price: Free

S&S Amberosa

s&s amberosa leaf font

S&S Amberosa created by Spencer & Sons Co. this versatile typeface includes alternate characters. With this typeface, you can create an elegant traditional look and it is suitable for covers, labels, titles, banners, quotes, apparel designs, and more. This typeface includes Uppercase /Lowercase, standard and Discretionary Ligatures, Glyphs, Numerals, and Punctuation.

Price: Premium


polyspring leaf font

Polyspring created by PintassilgoPrints is a hand-drawn leaf font. This display font includes stylish ornaments and alternates and it fits many display purposes. OpenType features are supported by this handcrafted font; give it a try!

Price: Premium


thefotosintesis leaf font

thefotosintesis is a versatile font family with 7 different font styles created by weknow. To use this font family for commercial designs; you need to purchase a license!

Price: Free

Rustical Boardwalk

rustical boardwalk leaf font

Rustical Boardwalk is a hand-drawn font created by AurAandTheCat. Unique font files are included in this font that is free for commercial use as well as personal use. The font is perfect for stationery, cards, covers, logos, flyers, and more.

Price: Premium

Christmas Glee

christmas glee leaf font

Christmas Glee created by caocastudio is a perfect multilingual font for Christmas designs. check out this font!

Price: Premium


leaffy leaf font

Leaffy is a hand-decorated leaf font created by EvasUniqueFonts. This fancy font includes Kerning and standard character set.

Price: Free


luran leaf font

Luran is a hand-drawn all caps font presented by Digital Typeface Studio. This font has two font files and it is great for flyers, logos, covers, business cards, headlines, and more.

Price: Premium

Thorce Rounded Sans

thorce rounded sans leaf font

Thorce Rounded Sans Font is presented by Maulana Creative. This leaf font is suitable for game designs, graphic designs, websites, posters, logos, and more.

Price: Premium

Hojas de plata

hojas de plata leaf font

Hojas de plata is a handy leaf font made by José Tijerín. This is a very nice font and I recommend you to check it out!

Price: Free

Greentea Display Typeface

greentea display typeface leaf font

Greentea Display Typeface is presented by herulogo. This is a simple yet functional typeface for a wide range of designs such as quotes, signage, posters, graphic designs, web designs, and more.

Price: Premium

Leafletter Monogram

leafletter monogram leaf font

Leafletter Monogram Font Kit is presented by Eclectic Anthology. A set of three font files are included in this pack and lowercase, punctuation, or symbols are not provided. This leaf font works for a wide range of your art works; try it!

Price: Premium

Aquarius – A Tropical

aquarius a tropical leaf font

Aquarius is an elegant and tropical font family created by IconsByKassy. This font family has a clean style and 5 versions; Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Outlined. Accented characters are supported and many designs like headlines, apparel designs, branding, quotes, poster can be covered.

Price: Premium


leafyction leaf font

Leafyction is a hand-drawn leaf font created by Digital Typeface Studio. This font is allowed for commercial use and it looks good on homeware designs, packaging, branding, graphic designs, social media posts, and more.

Price: Premium


doodleafs leaf font

DoodLeafs Font designed by Eva Barabasne Olasz comes with different designing elements. This hand-drawn font is a good choice; try it!

Price: Free

Two beautiful

two beautiful leaf font

Two beautiful presented by GeekClick is a decorative font including standard characters and elements for different designing purposes. Check it out!

Price: Premium


molga leaf font

Molga is an elegant Sans font created by creativemedialab. This leaf font comes with three styles and includes stylistic alternates. This font has beautiful curves and creates a modern elegant look for different designs such as cards, posters, wedding designs, logos, and more.

Price: Premium

Janda Rosalie

janda rosalie leaf font

Janda Rosalie is a detailed font created by Kimberly Geswein. Check out this floral font and create a gorgeous look!

Price: Free

Summertime bitmap color

summertime bitmap color leaf font

Summertime bitmap color font is made by Malena. The font provides support for OpenType features and includes the letter set, numerals, and punctuation. It is a nice font for graphic designs, children’s products, website headers, cards, covers, and many more designs.

Price: Premium

Wisteria • Display

wisteria • display leaf font

Wisteria is a perfect display font created by Tugcu Design Co. alternate characters are available for every letters and numbers, punctuation and multilingual letters are also included in this font. The font works for both large and small size titles and texts. Try Wisteria!

Price: Premium


petalglyph leaf font

PetalGlyph is a single-weight font with a wide range of glyphs and characters created by Essqué Productions. This futuristic font is allowed for personal use only. Do you want to use it commercially? Get a license!

Price: Free

Snowy Floral Color

snowy floral color leaf font

Snowy Floral Color Font is made by NEWFLIX.Bro. This is an awesome bold font and has a detailed style. Using this font, you can make amazing cards, postcards, covers, logos, posters, and more.

Price: Premium

Antique Initials

antique initials leaf font

Antique Initials font is created by kaer_shop. Two font variations are available for font initials. The font has a unique style and flower pattern. Check it out!

Price: Premium


leaves leaf font

leaves Font created by Fontilizer is beautiful with a decorative style. Get the font and get the best use of it!

Price: Free

Vine and Branches

vine and branches leaf font

Vine and Branches is a floral display font created by Shiloh Graphic Design. This font provides support for OpenType features and greatly works for wedding cards, quotes, social media posts, logos, and more.

Price: Premium

Drop Cap illuminated initials

drop cap illuminated initials leaf font

Drop Cap illuminated initials is created by Polar Vectors. This decorative leaf font includes designing ornaments and can help you with a wide range of your designing projects. The font is compatible with different genres. Give it a try!

Price: Premium


flowerflow leaf font

FLOWERFLOW Font is designed by Billy Argel. This fancy font with a clean design is allowed for personal use only unless you get a license for commercial use.

Price: Free

Flowing Flowers

flowing flowers leaf font

Flowing Flowers is an awesome leaf font created by Darrell Flood. This decorative cute font is free for personal designs only. The font can create a hand-made look; enjoy designing with Flowing Flowers!

Price: Free

Plant Type

plant type leaf font

Plant Type Font is presented by Xerographer Fonts. This leaf font includes a large number of glyphs and standard characters. With Plant Type you get to create a new look!

Price: Free


plantsletters leaf font

PlantsLetters designed by Manfred Klein is a gorgeous single-weight font including the full set of alphabets, numeral, punctuation, glyphs and other designing elements to fulfill a wide range of your designing elements.

Price: Free

New Garden

new garden leaf font

New Garden Font is designed by Billy Argel. This is a decorative modern font and it is a good choice for many designs such as stationery, incitation cards, labels, logos, web designs, headers, and many more.

Price: Free


unileaf leaf font

UniLeaf is a calligraphy font with a bold style created by designstation. This romantic decorative font has only one weight. The font has a calligraphy style; give it a try and create a nice look!

Price: Free

MTF Base Leafy

mtf base leafy leaf font

MTF Base Leafy Font is designed by Miss Tiina. This uppercase font is free for personal non-profit use and is ideal for many designs such as monograms, logo, titles, typography, and more.

Price: Free

the leaves of the forest

the leaves of the forest leaf font

the leaves of the forest Font is created by Cé – al. this is a single-weight decorative font with which you can create a fantasy look. The font looks good on posters, logotypes, banners, titles, cards, quotes, and more.

Price: Free

MTF Base Dash Leafy

mtf base dash leafy leaf font

MTF Base Dash Leafy is a beautiful decorative font made by Miss Tiina Fonts – MTF. Create a fancy look with this all caps font!

Price: Free

FTF Leafy Lopstonesia

ftf leafy lopstonesia leaf font

FTF Leafy Lopstonesia is a fancy leaf font created by Fizzetica.id Typefoundry Indonesia. This font t is for personal use only. If you wish to use it commercially, get a license!

Price: Free


Did you enjoy this list of amazing leaf fonts? Could you find the one font you were looking for? Drop a line for us in the comment section and let us know.

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