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Schindler's List Font

What Font Was Used in Schindler’s List Logo and Posters?

Schindler’s” is the font used in the movie Schindler’s List. This font is designed by Juan Casco. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

About Schindler’s List Movie

This American Historical Epic Drama film was written by Steven Zaillian and directed by the world-renown Steven Spielberg. Among the stars of the film, we can name Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Jonathan Sagall, Caroline Goodall and Embeth Davidtz.

The film got nominated for 12 Academy Awards, out of which it won 7 including Best Picture, Best Original Score and Best Director award. It has also won numerous other awards which include 2 Golden Globes. It is a box office success, grossing over USD 322 Million. The IMDB rating for this film was of 8.9 & 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

This film takes you through the history and horror of the Holocaust. The film was released on December 15, 1993. It is often included in the list the greatest films ever made and has a very special place in the cinematic world as one of the most dramatic pieces.

The film, based on a true story, is about an Industrialist, Oskar Schindler, in the German-occupied Poland who is concerned about his Jewish workforce. Initially, he makes money from the Germans rise to power by bribing to win contracts and using flattery. However, he later realizes the danger his Jewish workforce is in. This sense of concern about the Jewish workforce invokes after he witnesses first-hand the persecution of the Jews by German Forces. After which he makes a conscious effort to save them.

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