60+ Best Free and Premium Wanted Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Wanted Fonts

For when you want to lend a gentle note of urgency to your text, don’t think twice before counting on wanted fonts and their sharp, arresting design. As they evoke a curious retro feel, their pointy structure does all the work for capturing a well-established identity and then displaying it in a recognizable manner.

Plus, you can rest assured that this western flair hardly ever goes unnoticed, especially since it contains hints of western life, too, looking wild and quirky all the way. Now, where do you think they are better applicated? Well, thank their country style for they make absolutely stunning signages, unique commercials, and all kinds of striking artworks.

Best Wanted Fonts

Up for some terrific news? Hyperpix offers an impressive list of wanted fonts inclusive of more than 60 free and premium items. Then again, closely similar to them is this other selection of ours for western fonts. How cool, right?

Gandul Family Pack

gandul family pack wanted font

Gandul family pack created by YockMercado has four weights. The old American typography inspired this font that is one of the highly practical wanted fonts. Full set of characters, numbers, and punctuation are available for the font.

Price: Premium

Wild West

wild west wanted font

Wild West presented by West Wind Fonts comes with three font files. This western font is totally free for commercial and non-commercial use. This is a fancy all caps font that you need to check out for your creative designs.

Price: Free

Western Lake Brewski Typeface

Western Lake Brewski Typeface

Western Lake Brewski Typeface font With its decorative and vintage style, it is considered one of the best fonts in this collection. You can use it to design flyers, posters, logos, packaging, and even t-shirt designs with many wild west elements.

Price: Premium

Texicali Serif

Texicali Serif Western Font

Texicali Serif font is designed in a classic and very wide way. If you like the pictures, you have in restaurants and have a special effect, be sure to put this font on your list.

Price: Premium


western wanted font

Western font designed by James L. DeVriese features upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation. The bold style of this font can be very useful, check it out.

Price: Free


warsaw wanted font

Warsaw presented by Studio One Four is a perfect vintage display font. Three styles are available for this versatile font; Regular, Distressed, and Distroyed. Try this font.

Price: Premium


hipotesis wanted font

Hipotesis presented by Arendx Studio is a fancy western font free for non-commercial use. Check out this font, you will pretty much appreciate it.

Price: Free

Vintage Wood Type Classics

vintage wood type classics wanted font

The next one of the wanted fonts that is going to be on our list is Vintage Wood Type Classics presented by Aerotype. This font has an old fashioned style and can create a distinctive look for your designs. this authentic wood type font supports OpenType features and includes the full set of upper and lower case letters.

Price: Premium

Old Spirits Display

old spirits display wanted font

Old Spirits Display font published by Vintage Type Co. is a bold vintage typeface. The font includes upper case glyphs and also catchwords. An extensive range of languages is supported by this font. Enjoy it!

Price: Premium


bogusflow wanted font

Bogusflow by Spork Thug Typography is a totally free bold font with a western style. Only upper case alphabets are available for this font. check out this strong font, it will look good on a wide range of designs.

Price: Free


Yermo A Laid Back Geo Slab

Yermo A Laid Back Geo Slab Western Font

Yermo A Laid Back Geo Slab font has a wild west style. If you are interested in the sixties and seventies’ nostalgic themes, you can consider and download this font on the website.

Price: Premium

furius wanted font

Furius font is presented by Typogama. This display typeface is inspired by Serif style and supports OpenType features. Regular, Regular Italic, Title, Title Italic are the available weights for this font. this font is a good solution for your versatile designs.

Price: Premium

Nandaka Western

nandaka western wanted font

Nandaka Western designed by Goma Shin is one of the 100% free fonts. this western all caps font has a bold strong style which makes it a great choice for headlines, titles, banners, and signs.

Price: Free

Mamute Family

mamute family wanted font

Mamute Family presented by PintassilgoPrints is a complete package with a cool natural look. Alternates for numbers and punctuation are also available in this pack. This decorative typeface has two regular and condensed widths. Catchwords are also available to help you spice up your designs.

Price: Premium


cherif wanted font

Cherif typeface is presented by Atrax and has two font files. This typeface features both upper and lower case letters and is free for commercial and personal designs. Cherif is one of the wanted fonts with which you can draw attention to your designs.

Price: Free

Knucklehead Typeface

knucklehead vintage typeface wanted font

Knucklehead Vintage Typeface presented by Headfonts is one of the perfect wanted fonts that you can use for vintage themes. The American western culture inspired this font and it is suitable for logos, invitations cards, posters, and more.

Price: Premium

Hells Rider

hells rider wanted font

Hells Rider designed by Chris Vile comes with a unique fancy style. This bold western font features capital letters only and is free for personal use only.

Price: Free

Hothead Western

Hothead Western Font

Hothead Western font is one of the most interesting fonts in the collection of One Ted fonts. You can use this font to design posters that show a very important title or even hairdressers and missing people to people who are asked to find them.

Price: Premium

The Northwest – Vintage Type Family

the northwest vintage type family wanted font

The Northwest is a vintage Type Family presented by NEWFLIX.Bro. This vintage font is truly hand-made and can create a modern vintage touch. All caps, Numeral, Punctuation, and Symbols are featured by the font. this font is great for logos, restaurant menus, labels, or any other vintage style related designs.

Price: Premium


pinewood wanted font

Pinewood is designed by Richard William Mueller. This typeface is one of the unique fonts that can create a good unique look for your designs. with the font, you will get capital letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols.

Price: Free

Cayuse Display

cayuse display wanted font

Cayuse Display Font designed by William Hastings is a thick, dense and Slab Serif font. You can use this typeface for a wide variety of your designs. check it out!

Price: Premium


helldorado wanted font

Helldorado is one of the full-featured fonts created by No Images Fonts. Capital letters, numbers and punctuation are featured and the font is free for personal use. Try this fancy font!

Price: Free

Thistle Creek

thistle creek wanted font

Another one of the wanted fonts that I recommend you to check out is Thistle Creek font designed by Nicky Laatz. This new western font can create a vintage touch and is a good choice for vintage-themed designs. Try this font for your next project!

Price: Premium

Westwood Funny Western

Westwood Funny Western Font

Many of you must have seen the Westwood Funny Western font. This font has eight different types, and it is mostly used in the term Wild West themes and designs. If you want your restaurant to look great from a distance and different people can see the sign in the distance, be sure to use this font.

Price: Premium

HFF Young Wanna

hff young wanna wanted font

HFF Young Wanna by Have Fun with Fonts is an amazing font with four font files. This all caps fancy font is free for personal use and looks good on display designs.

Price: Free

Black Django Typeface

black django typeface wanted font

Black Django font presented by Blankids Studio is a new font inspired by vintage decorative shapes. This great font features upper/lower case letters, numbers, ligatures, symbols, and provides support for multilingual. The font is great for posters, logos, titles, cards, quotes, and many more designs.

Price: Premium

Laredo Trail

laredo trail wanted font

Laredo Trail presented by Iconian Fonts has 11 font files and is a versatile font. This is an uppercase font that has a bold strong style. The font is only free for personal use.

Price: Free


humblest wanted font

Humblest is designed by Gleb Guralnyk and includes ligatures and swashes. This vintage typeface comes with additional font files and works well for small-sized font text. Enjoy creation with Humblest font!

Price: Premium


stag wanted font

Stag is presented by Aschwege Creative and is a rustic extended typeface. This font is a great choice to create a vintage look with. The font comes in Block and rounded styles so it can work for different designs.

Price: Premium


wantedo wanted font

Wantedo is one of the bold strong fonts created by junkohanhero. Two font files are available for this fancy font and you need to bys a license for commercial use. Wantedo is an ideal font for logos, titles, banners, and more display designs.

Price: Free

Jason Caps Distressed

jason caps distressed wanted font

Jason Caps Distressed font by TypeFaith Fonts is an old typeface that includes capital letters and beautiful ornaments. Glyphs are also available for this font. get the font and enjoy creation.

Price: Premium


toeris wanted font

Toeris presented by Fernando Carvente is one of the wanted fonts that come with light and bold versions. Two font files are available for this western-style font. Try it for your next creative project.

Price: Free


wooderson wanted font

Wooderson Font by Sirmon Stuff is a wood type inspired typeface. Handcrafted glyphs and five styles are available for this font. With this font, you will also get a handful of ornaments. It is a highly practical font; try it!

Price: Premium

Dispatch Black

dispatch black wanted font

Dispatch Black is a free font created by phallicymbal. You will love the unique look of this fancy font, check it out!

Price: Free

El Durango

el durango wanted font

El Durango presented by namistudio is one of the fonts that can perfectly represent the western culture. This wild western font can be used for many designs such as t-shirt designs, flyers, games, labels and more.

Price: Premium

Band Stand

band stand wanted font

Band Stand presented by Xerographer Fonts is a fancy typeface free of cost for personal use. Get this font and create a unique look for your designs.

Price: Free


roper wanted font

Roper designed by Arkitype is a Sans Serif font. This font family comes with 12 styles so Sans and Serif versions are both available. You can use this display font in many ways and bring your imagination to life with Roper.

Price: Premium

IFC Boothill

ifc boothill wanted font

IFC Boothill is designed by Anton Krylov and is only free for personal use. This fancy font has a western-style and is a good font for your designs that hace different purposes.

Price: Free

Trail Ranger

trail ranger wanted font

Trail Ranger by JoshuaRed Design is a Slab Serif font with which you can create a western vintage touch. Regular and Narrow weights are available for the font. uppercase, numbers, and symbols are features by the font.

Price: Premium

Medium Rare

medium rare wanted font

Medium Rare designed by Chris Vile is another one of the amazing wanted fonts. this fancy typeface contains only capital letters with numbers and punctuation and can add elegance to your designs.

Price: Free

Wanted Denim layered

wanted denim layered wanted font

Wanted Denim layered font presented by OlegVoznyy is one of the vintage looking fonts inspired by classic fonts. the font has six styles and works well for retro designs such as logos, T-shirts, labels, and more.

Price: Premium

Diamond Creek

diamond creek wanted font

Diamond Creek made by BLKBK Fonts is a fancy bold font. This all caps typeface comes with a license that makes it free for personal use only. Try this font for headers, titles, banners, signs, cards, and more.

Price: Free

Portage : Adventurous Slab

portage adventurous slab wanted font

Portage : Adventurous Slab font is presented by Black Lab Type. This font carries its own weights and can make your designs stand out. The journals from the mid-50s inspired this typeface.

Price: Premium

Marshal Risk

marshal risk wanted font

Marshal Risk is 100% free for commercial and non-commercial designs and is presented by Riskiansyah Ilyas. Capital letters and numbers are available for this good looking font to make a unique look for your designs.

Price: Free

Quick or Dead

quick or dead wanted font

Quick or Dead by OlegVoznyy comes with numbers, symbols, alternates, and catchwords. This vintage look typeface was inspired by the American west history and it has six styles. You can use this font for retro designs such as t-shirts, labels, flyers and more.

Price: Premium


regulators wanted font

Regulators is created by Iconian Fonts and is free typeface for non-profitable use. This fancy western font comes with 6 font files. This all caps font covers many of your designing needs.

Price: Free

Rio Grande

rio grande wanted font

Rio Grande designed by Anton Krylov is one of the fancy wanted fonts with two font files. This all caps western font is free for personal use only.

Price: Free


kirsty wanted font

Kirsty font is presented by Typodermic Fonts. This western typeface has five font files and is totally free of cost for all your designs. try this font for designing labels, signs, video games, posters, and more designs.

Price: Free

Confetti Western

confetti western wanted font

Confetti Western is presented by Chequered Ink and is a free font for non-commercial use. This western font comes with a bold sharp style so it can help to draw attention to your designs.

Price: Free


stadium wanted font

Stadium is designed by Florian Mihr and has two font files. This fancy western typeface has two font files and comes with a license which makes it free for commercial use. This font features only capital letters.

Price: Free

Euro Western

euro western wanted font

Euro Western created by Woodcutter is a western fancy typeface. This good looking font is free for personal use and it contains upper case letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Free

Arenosa BQ

arenosa bq wanted font

The next one of the wanted fonts that I want to recommend you to check out is Arenosa BQ presented by Mauricio Vides Anillo. This fancy font is inspired by the popular graphics. The font is a combination of different styles and can create a modern look for your designs.

Price: Free

DK Bad Medicine

dk bad medicine wanted font

DK Bad Medicine is one of the fonts with a bold style created by Hanoded. Extras ad glyphs are available for this font. you are not allowed to use this font for apps or software.

Price: Free


kittrick wanted font

Kittrick typeface with 17 font files is created by Iconian Fonts. bold and light weights are available for this font and it only free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free


roughknight wanted font

Roughknight font has a western-style and is presented by Pixel Sagas. Full set of alphabets and punctuation are available for this font and you won’t need a donation for the personal use of it.

Price: Free

Chicago Express

chicago express wanted font

Chicago Express presented by Iconian Fonts has 27 font files. This bold sharp font with western-style can cover different designs such as titles, banners, flyers, headers and more. This typeface is one of the wanted fonts that I recommend you to check out.

Price: Free

Body Hunter

body hunter wanted font

Body Hunter designed by Billy Argel is only free for personal use. With this fancy font, you will get uppercase letters, so it is an ideal font for logos, titles, banners and other designs that you want to draw the audience’s attention.

Price: Free

Cheap Stealer

cheap stealer wanted font

Cheap Stealer is a free font for personal use and is designed by Billy Argel. Create a good looking distinctive look with this fancy font.

Price: Free


heffer wanted font

Heffer created by Tension Type is a font for personal use only. Uppercase letters and numbers are supported by this font, try it!

Price: Free

Rayyan CFC

rayyan cfc wanted font

Looking for one of the unique wanted fonts? Look no further! Check out Rayyan CFC by Vidkä© Foundry. It is a practical full-featured font.

Price: Free


like wanted font

Like Font designed by Billy Argel is a bold fancy typeface. The bold style of this font makes it perfect for logos, headlines, titles, banners, and signs. Try it and enjoy creation.

Price: Free


bullhawk wanted font

Bullhawk is a free font for personal use created by ilhamtaro. This regular outline font creates a good look for your designs.

Price: Free


cowboys wanted font

Cowboys is a Slab Serif font carefully crafted by Sharkshock with today’s standards. The font includes Basic Latin, Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and punctuation. The support for different languages is provided by this fancy font. cowboys is only free for personal use.

Price: Free

Boots & Spurs

boots & spurs wanted font

The last one of fonts that is going to be on our list is Boots & Spurs designed by Chris Vile; an all caps font free for non-commercial use only.

Price: Free


I hope you enjoyed this list wanted fonts. Drop a line for us in the comment section after you checked the list; this can help us improve our work.

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