95+ Best Free and Premium Western Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Western Fonts

Capture a wild and untamed western look in your next design with nothing but a gorgeous set of western fonts we’re about to offer. Customize your text now and your final work will end up simple but bold and classic, all for the sake of generating a familiar country feel. Talk about a unique design, right?

Now that we know what impeccable qualities they stand for, where to use them is no longer a hard nut to crack. To give you a hint, posters, striking billboards, newspapers, YouTube thumbnails, and packaging can be some of the possible options to name, but the list is still far from over. Amazing, huh?

Best Western Fonts

Don’t miss the following selection of the best western fonts, created by genius designers from all around the globe. Included are both free and premium fonts, so what are you waiting for? Make yourself at home and take your pick!

LHF Branding Iron

LHF Branding Iron

LHF Branding Iron font designed for fun and rounded letters. This font is inspired by the classic 1930s style, and its characters can be used for many different Wild West designs.

Price: Premium

Marshal Variable Typeface

Marshal Variable Typeface

Marshal Variable Typeface font has monoline and slab styles. You can use this classic font to design gangster, action, western movie posters.

Price: Premium


helldorado western font

The fancy western Helldorado is made by No Images Fonts. Caps on characters and numbers are free for personal use.

Price: Free


lawless western font

Lawless font by Itsmesimon is inspired by the American wood type of 1800’s. Lawless is bold and brash. If you want to get that Wild West wood this font is ideal. This typeface has 4 different styles such as Regular, Spur, Shadow, and Grunge and to get the look you want just mix them. Upper case and lower case characters, numbers, punctuation and symbols are other things that Lawless provides for you.

Price: Premium


montrena western font

This western style font is a design by Heybrinc Studio. This cowboy lettering is a handmade display which comes in 2 styles and will create a vintage feel in your designs. You will definitely be satisfied using this font.

Price: Premium

Laredo Trail

laredo trail western font

Laredo Trail by Iconian Fonts has 11 font files and is free for non-commercial projects. This western category font needs a license for commercial use.

Price: Free

Westwood – Funny Western

westwood funny western western font

This unique and western style is designed by Cruzine. Westwood can be a great display font for your new and also funny projects, especially retro projects. There are 8 different styles for this font.

Price: Premium

El Durango

el durango western font

El Durango is a fancy font with a western-style designed by Sahirul Iman. This all caps font is free for personal use only unless you make a donation!

Price: Free

Buckboard Family

buckboard family western font

Wild West can perfectly be designed by this font. This typeface us designed by Aerotype. Open type ligature features are provided with Buckboard and you will get unique characters. Old-style numerals and small caps are also featured by this cattle font.

Price: Premium


wantedo western font

Wantedo by junkohanhero is a western font with two styles that you get to freely use for personal use. This Serif font has a rough cowboy shape and it’s an all caps design.

Price: Free


un'chained western font

This lettering design by Vintage Voyage D.S. is inspired by Spaghetti Western Movies and also Leon Movies. This font has 7 typeface styles and also 4 other styles for supports.

Price: Premium


goliad western font

Goliad Font by Trailhead Design Co comes with 5 different styles. This typeface is designed with Texas in mind and it is perfectly ideal for branding, labels and other designs. Surely you will love this retro font.

Price: Premium


bootstrap western font

This cowboy font is made by Aerotype. Bootstrap features small caps, old-style numerals and also upper case letters. The less distressed Bootstrap will alternate each open type features.

Price: Premium


savath western font

This typeface by Aiyari is inspired by retro horror movies. Savath can be used for headings, logos, book cover, quotes, album cover, product packaging, etc. extra graphic elements are available with this font to help you make stunning designs.

Price: Premium

Outlaw Stars

outlaw stars western font

This font is a design from Imagex and is one of the free western fonts for personal use. Outlaw stars is an all caps font.

Price: Free

Kicking Horse

kicking horse western font

Kicking Horse is made by Greg Nicholls. This typeface is a family of Four Slab Serif which comes with a vintage print look. The characters of this font have rounded edges. You can use Kicking Horse for logos and textbooks.

Price: Premium


warsaw western font

Warsaw is a vintage display western font made by Studio One Four. This versatile font has three styles and works for different genres. Give it a try!

Price: Premium

Tanomuze Cowboy

tanomuze cowboy western font

Tanomuze Cowboy designed by Goma Shin is a western-style font that is allowed for commercial use. This bold fancy typeface features only uppercase letters.

Price: Free

Western Monttero

Western Monttero

Western Monttero font is a combination of Wild West style and brush, which means that in these characters, you can have a sense of violence along with a sense of being in a Wild West atmosphere, so it is suitable for designing posters of Wild West movies and martial arts.

Price: Free

Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete font is for those who watch a lot of Western movies, and also, if you like to design video games of cowboy games and the menu of restaurants in the Wild West, this font can be one of your best options.

Price: Free

Sabatons Vintage Font Duo

Sabatons Vintage Font Duo

Sabatons Vintage Font Duo font is an excellent combination of two types of fonts, and the goodness and uniqueness of the two types of fonts are that you can design the title with one model and sub-text with another model. Wild West logos and posters are appropriate.

Price: Premium

CA Coronado Family

ca coronado family western font

This typeface is one of the best western fonts for your titles, headers and logotype. Regular and Shadow are two different styles of this CA Coronado. By first look you might think that upper and lower characters are the same but actually they are a little different in their outlines. This font is an amazing display which can create a sense of friendliness and human feeling for you.

Price: Premium

Blink Kiss

blink kiss western font

The Blink Kiss by Lettersiro is a unique typeface font which is free for your personal usage such as your logos and posters. Uppercase and lowercase characters are available for you to play with. Blink Kiss is one of western fonts that you will definitely enjoy.

Price: Free

The Vintage Slab

the vintage slab western font

This typeface is created by Zone 6 and comes with everything you want to make an authentic design. With this font you will get two different styles. This design which is inspired by the Wild West is from a bold Slab Serif collection. Web Font, numbers and punctuation are all included.

Price: Premium

Harsh Typeface

harsh typeface western font

Harsh Typeface by Magicpics comes with bold characters. The glyphs of this western typeface are very ideal to make amazing designs. You can use Harsh Typeface for logos, movie, poster, packaging, etc.

Price: Premium

K22 Ambelyn Condensed

k22 ambelyn condensed western font

K22 Ambelyn Condensed by Toto with two different styles will amaze you. This amazing decorative font is free for personal use.

Price: Free


chaiaathah western font

Chiaaathah by TGIF.STD comes from a layered type family and is inspired by old American typography. The font has different layering options and you can use it for different purposes such as labels, logotype, T-shirt. You can mix upper case and lower case characters and make a handmade look. Chaiaathah comes in 6 different styles

Price: Premium

Chester Typeface

chester typeface western font

This typeface by StoricType is from a layered font family and is inspired by old stamps and also rustic paintings. Chester has a unique decorative shape. With this font you will have the possibility of combination to make different effects. Use Chester for logo, labeling, posters, signs, badges and etc.

Price: Premium

Carnivalee Freakshow

carnivalee freakshow western font

Carnivalee Freakshow is one of western style fonts by Christopher Hansen as only one variant and is a free font for personal use.

Price: Free

Vintage Wood Type Classics

vintage wood type classics western font

Applewood, Bootstrap and Buckboard families are all included in Vintage Wood Type Classics. This retro font has an old fashioned sensibility and will bring a unique flavor to your projects. This design is one of amazing old western fonts that can be used for different range of purposes such as logos, labels, steakhouse menus, etc.

Price: Premium

Shelton Slab

shelton slab western font

This font by HVD Fonts has an eroded and printed type look. This typeface represents for you amazing uppercase characters. Every uppercase wood type character has an alternate character in the lowercase slot. Central and eastern languages are supported by the extended characters of Shelton Slab.

Price: Premium

Battle Road

battle road western font

This bold vintage display is a design by Fachran Heit and has two font files. Battle Road is a fancy western teypeface with regular characters and it has a retro feel. Your creative projects will stand out with Battle Road.

Price: Free

Woodblock Collection

woodblock collection western font

This font by Hustle Supply Co. is an all Caps Sans and Slab Serif font. This collection can be so perfect for restaurant menus, bars and pubs and also for tattoo shops or any other related things. WoodBlock has 6 different styles for you to choose from and supports different languages.

Price: Premium

Space Cowboy Serif Aged and Clean

space cowboy serif aged and clean western font

This cowboy font is made by Corgi Astronaut and has a bold aged shape. To make rustic impression for your layouts this Serif font is very ideal. Aged and Clean are two versions of this western all caps font.

Price: Premium


showguide western font

Show guide is a fancy western font with just one variant. Capital letter, lower case characters and numbers are provided by Showguide.

Price: Free


barbarossa western font

Barbarossa is one of the country road fonts designed by namistudio. This typeface comes in 4 variants naming reguler, shade, scribble, and sexy stamp. You can use Barbarossa for typography, titles, headers and etc. this font can give you that amazing effect of wildness.

Price: Premium

Americus Script & Sans

americus script & sans western font

Americus Script & Sans by Andrey Sharonov has an imperfect shape to give natural look to our design.  With this font you can make traditional look logos, labels, package design and other designs with this font.

Price: Premium


nashville western font

This western outlaw font by Disturbed Type is free for personal and also commercial use. With this font you will get all the letters and different signs. This serif typeface will be a unique font for your projects.

Price: Free

Smoking typeface

smoking typeface western font

This typeface is one of amazing vintage western fonts which is made by Gleb Guralnyk. Smoking typeface comes with 3 different gorgeous styles.

Price: Premium


dafodil western-font

This typeface is made by Flavortype and can revive the sense of western-ish for you. Dafodil is inspired by cowboy style and comes with strong and bold characters which can perfectly describe this font in the very first look. This font can be used for signs, branding, posters and headlines.

Price: Premium


saddlebag western font

Saddlebag by Dieter Steffmann and only one variant is free for both commercial and personal use. This wide display is among slab serif fonts. Upper case, lower case and numbers are all available for this font.

Price: Free

Western Lake – Brewski Typeface

western lake brewski typeface western font

This Serif display which has a vintage style is made by NEWFLIX.Bro. This stylish font is inspired by vintage Brewery packaging and also Beer advertising. This western design is ideal for vintage logo design and also packaging design. Uppercase letters and stylistic alternates, numerals and punctuation are all available.

Price: Premium


empera western font

Empera is designed by BoxTube Labs. This typeface comes from a fearless font family and has six different amazing styles so the font is full of flexibility and variation. The bold and confident appearance of this font is perfect for sport logos, posters, branding and apparel design. Upper and lower case characters are provided and they have a natural look.

Price: Premium


woodcut western font

This fancy font is a good selling design and it looks rough and narrow. Numbers and letters are provided by Woodcut for you.

Price: Free


trailhead western font

Trailhead by Trailhead Design Co. is inspired by the North West Mountains and rivers. Trailhead comes with two gorgeous styles. This typeface is the font for the west.

Price: Premium

Brigand Typeface

brigand typeface western font

This typeface designed by Tugcu Design Co. is inspired by western film and movies.  This lettering includes uppercase characters, numbers and punctuation. The rough and regular style of this western font is what you are looking for.

Price: Premium


germinabunt western font

Germinabunt by Dald Sgh is another font that can be used freely for personal use. This amazing font comes with alternative characters. Germinabunt is a very suitable choice for designing magazines, headers, posters and ant other creative project that you are working on.

Price: Free

Western Grit hand made typeface

western grit hand made typeface western font

This hand down typeface is distressed. It includes the basic characters, numbers, symbols and punctuation. If you are a fan of Western Grit you will definitely like this font which is made by Itsmesimon.

Price: Premium

Gandul family pack

gandul family pack western font

Gandual is inspired by the American typography and is made by yockmercado. This western type font has 4 different styles. Grandul is among amazing old western fonts.

Price: Premium


rustler western font

The fancy western Rustler by Fontalicious includes two font files. Rustler is only free for personal use and for your commercial projects you need license.

Price: Free


wooderson western font

This western country road font is designed by Sirmon Stuff. Wooderson is designed based on old wood block type. This cattle retro font features five different styles such as Crisp, Soft, Chiseled, Angular and Rough and finally Distressed so with this font you will get smoothed out roughness and it can suit your fancy. also if you dislike pointy thing Wooderson is a great option for you.

Price: Premium


shelton western font

This typeface with eroded and printed look is made by HVD Fonts. Shelton can convey a wood type feeling. Each letter of this western font has alternate features. Wide range of languages is supported by this retro font. arrows and other special glyphs are also included in this design. œ

Price: Premium

West Hood

west hood western font

West Hood by Letterhend Studio includes all characters and numbers. Various styles are available to this font. This Wild West style will rock!

Price: Free


ricochet western font

This font is made by benharman and is a masculine all caps typeface. Ricochet comes with a large range of numerals and punctuation and also multilingual support.

Price: Premium

Insane Fear

insane fear western font

This cattle font is is one of western style fonts which is designed by Gleb Guralnyk. This rough and clean font has separated font layer versions. You can use the “Stylistic Alternate” feature and then you will see the first and the last leers are different. You can also get this feature from glyphs tab.

Price: Premium

Anderson Thunderbirds Are GO!

anderson thunderbirds are go western font

Anderson Thunderbirds Are GO! Is a fancy western font by Steve Ferrera. The font contains all caps letters, numbers and punctuation.

Price: Free


pressbox western font

PressBox Font Combo by Vintage Type Co. is and Americana inspired design which has 2 styles. You can switch between the upper and lower characters of this font and this way you will simply be switched between the widths of the glyphs. Pressbox comes with multilingual supports. Decorative elements are provided by this font to be used for your creative designs.

Price: Premium

Circus Freak

circus freak western font

Circus Freak font by Itsmesimon is based on old American wood type. This western style font has 4 different font files that can be combined together to get an effect which is reminiscent of vintage letterpress.

Price: Premium

La Tequila

la tequila western font

With this typeface you can make an ambience of fun. You can use this font for many purposes such as cards, shirts and signs. La Tequila is made by Leonard Posavec and gas two different styles.

Price: Free


firebox western font

This Slab Serif font is made RetroSupply Co. this font has a cowboy hat style and supports European languages.  This design urges others and says look at me!

Price: Premium

Future West

future west western font

Future West by Magique Fonts is free for both commercial and personal usage.  This font has a fat, wide and 3D  shape.

Price: Free

Wood Print

wood print western font

This typeface by Elo Marc is only free for non-commercial use. Wood Print includes lower and upper case letters and also numbers.

Price: Free

Drift Type

drift type western font

Drift Type by TracerTong has two different styles. This decorative western font includes 32 glyphs / 58 characters.

Price: Free

IFC Insane Rodeo

ifc insane rodeo western font

This typeface by Anton Krylov is a western font. You can use one of the two styles of this fancy font for your projects to make them stand out. For commercial use of this font you need license but for personal use it is free.

Price: Free


regulators western font

This typeface comes with 6 different styles that you can use them all for personal use. Regulators is created by Iconian Fonts.

Price: Free


eastwood western font

Eastwood by Gaut Fonts comes with only one variant. This wooden typeface design is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Illini Spike

illini spike western font

Illini Spike by Daniel Heikkinen is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. This fancy and Western type font provides you clean characters. use it for different purposes ranging from posters for the films to the steakhouse menus.

Price: Free


strongbox western font

Strongbox by Billy Argel can be freely used for personal projects.

Price: Free


bogusflow western font

Bogusflow by Spork Thug Typography is among fancy western fonts which are free for both personal and commercial use. This decorative font which is labeled as western has only one variant.

Price: Free

Great Band

great band western font

Great Band by Xerographer Fonts is one of western fonts that can make a design for you. You can use it for film posters, restaurant menus, steakhouse menus and other creative projects.

Price: Free

Bazar Costa

bazar costa western font

Bazar Costa by Woodcutter is only free for personal use. This wide wood shape font comes with uppercase letters and numbers.

Price: Free


toeris western font

Toeris by Fernando Carvente has two different styles. Toeris is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Dispatch Black

dispatch black western font

Dispatch Black by phallicymbal is a 100% free font. This typeface with just one variant will provide all caps letters.

Price: Free

Royal King

royal king western font

Royal King by PutraCetol Studio can freely be used for personal projects. This font comes with a decorative and clean style. Royal King can be used for different display purposes like handwriting quote, logos, poster, title, packaging and etc.

Price: Free


baccer western font

Baccer by Mike Maynard is a western woodcut-type font which is based on the based on the logo of a long-leaf tobacco pouch. Baccer is free for both commercial and personal use.

Price: Free

Heil West

heil west western font

Heil West made by Woodcutter is a personal use the only font. This fancy font with only uppercase letters has western style. Check out Heil West!

Price: Free


kirsty western font

Kirsty by Typodermic Fonts comes with 5 different file fonts. This design is 100% free.  This Serif handwriting typeface is ideal to create posters, web graphics, game graphics, signs, logos , film posters and more.

Price: Free

Durango Western

durango western western font

This authentic looking western font is a design by Sharkshock. Any plans to design a WANTED poste? This font is so ideal for that. you can also use this typeface for social media or movie posters.

Price: Free

Confetti Western

confetti western western font

Confetti Western is a design by Chequered Ink which is free for non-commercial use. This western looking font will give our design an authentic feeling.

Price: Free

Rio Grande

rio grande western font

Rio Grande is one of fancy western fonts by Anton Krylov. This display with two font files is free for personal use. This cowboy western design is among serif fonts. 

Price: Free

Whiskey Town

whiskey town western font

Whiskey Town with three different styles is made by Tom Kolter. This design is a fun font that will make your projects unique. Commercial use if this font needs purchase.

Price: Free

High On Fire

high on fire western font

High On Fire is a western design by Billy Argel and is a partial free font for personal usage.  This high quality font is found in the fancy category.

Price: Free

Band Wagon

band wagon western font

Band Wagon made by Hanode is among great western fonts with which you can have an authentic design. This font family is free for personal projects.

Price: Free

Texas Troupe FP

texas troupe fp western font

Texas Troupe FP by Carrot Rope is a fancy font for personal use only. This font with only one variant is enough for your creative projects.

Price: Free

Sang Jawara

sang jawara western font

Sang Jawara by Gilang Senzana is made for PERSIB BANDUNG who was a winner in Indonesian soccer. This western fonts is free for personal use.

Price: Free

Dollar Bill

dollar bill western font

Dollar Bill is made by Twicolabs Fontdation and has 2 different styles. This all caps typeface is inspired from letters in Dollar Bill. Upper and lowercase, numerals and basic punctuations are all available.

Price: Free

Bleeding Cowboys

bleeding cowboys western font

This design by Segments Design (aka Last Soundtrack) is among western fonts with one variant. Bleeding Cowboy is a popular grungy font. Alternate letters without swashes have been made for this font.

Price: Free


cowboys western font

This popular slab serif font is designed by Sharkshock and it includes Basic Latin, Extended Latin, Cyrillic and punctuation.  This font is used for logo of a professional American football team. Cowboys is available in capital letters. Numbers and limited punctuation marks are also available.

Price: Free


edmund western font

This cowboy font is a design by Typodermic Fonts. Edmund has two styles that you can use to make posters, game graphics, videos, signs and more.  

Price: Free

Game Music Love

game music love western font

This cowboy font is made by Goma Shin. Game Music Love font is free for non-commercial use.

Price: Free

Olivia Spurs

olivia spurs western font

This western inspired font is made by FlatWheat Studios and has two different styles. Olivia Spurs is a twist off of the flat wheat font.

Price: Free

Body Hunter

body hunter western font

This font by Billy Argel is free for personal use. All caps letters are provided by Body Hunter.

Price: Free

Texas Tango

texas tango western font

This font which falls in western category font listing is a design by Billy Argel. This western display is free for personal usage.

Price: Free


roughknight western font

This western style font is inspired by Sony’s “Wild Arms 5” video game logo. The font is made by Pixel Sagas and comes in full alphabet and also punctuation. Roughknight can freely be used for personal projects.

Price: Free

Chicago Express

chicago express western font

Chicago Express by Iconian Fonts has 27 font files. This fancy font with its different styles will please you.

Price: Free


like western font

Like is another western font designed by Billy Argel. This typeface with just one variant is free for personal use.  

Price: Free


orwellian western font

Orwellian is one of another great western style fonts which is designed Shiva Nallaperumal. This font is a reversed-stress typeface that is perfectly designed to be used for display. The concepts explored by George Orwell are what this country road font is inspired by.

Price: Free


We tried to do our best preparing a list of some of the awesome western style fonts that hopefully you may want to use in your next western-style creative project. If there are any other amazing western fonts in your mind that you think we should add to the list share it with us in the comment section. We would be happy to receive our feedback and suggestions.

 Also if you liked our list it would be nice of you to share it with friends.

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