80+ Best Free and Premium Watercolor Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Watercolor Fonts

Sometimes your artwork is all about elegance, whereas in some other cases, it’s mostly a note of creativity you want your design to express. When these two approaches meet, or simply put, you want to opt for something equally inspired and fancy, it’s your cue for seeking watercolor fonts.

Considering the modern charm they stand for, it’s not that hard to take the hint and see what an artistic brand logo they can lead to. What else? This exquisite sort of style also comes in handy while designing colorful digital content, cheerful greeting cards, and photography watermarks. Needless to say, the outcome will be easy on the eyes without fail!

Best Watercolor Fonts

An entire bundle of watercolor fonts, filled with outstanding free and premium offers, so that you never again worry about designing aesthetically. Then again, if you fancy more enhancements in the same theme, also try these wonderful thank you fonts.



Font ALL YOU NEED BUNDLE VOL 3.0! It’s an amazing bundle set. This collection contains more than 300 fonts, and if you download this collection, it will save time and save costs, and with this collection, you may not need to download other fonts for a long time.

Price: Premium

ArrowScript Font Watercolor Bonus

ArrowScript Font Watercolor Bonus

ArrowScript Font Watercolor Bonus font is used very naturally and brushes lines. If you like different designs and lifestyle styles that are used in the design of T-shirts, notebooks, and many fashion brands, this font is one of the suitable options.

Price: Premium

Opulent Font SVG

opulent font svg watercolor font

It is a calligraphic font with a mix of cursive designs that undoubtedly catches everyone’s eye. This font has a soft and wet brush. The letters are drawn smoothly and smoothly on the screen. For designing greeting cards, invitations, cosmetic brands of art galleries are suitable.

Price: Premium

Kids Watercolor

kids watercolor watercolor font

 Despite the simple characters, this font can be used in many designs. You can use it for children’s designs and titles of children’s storybooks and magazines that need a subtle format.

Price: Premium


brusher watercolor font

It is a font that is beautiful and inspired by Braille. With this font whose strokes are dancing beautifully, you can have many art designs in Ethan Projects Gallery and move towards success.

Price: Free

Hot Mess! SVG

hot mess! svg bold font

Like the font name, the lines are irregular and messy. This feature is used for art designs and ideas, mugs, invitation cards, and many bold designs. Also, the SVG file of this watercolor font is available, which you can edit as you wish.

Price: Premium

Maltese SVG Watercolor

maltese svg watercolor watercolor font

Maltese SVG Watercolor is a handpainted font that shines like a work of art in art magazines. This font can be used in birthday cards, happy birthdays, even if you have just decided to open a watercolor painting shop, great for the title.

Price: Premium

Better Phoenix

better phoenix watercolor font

With any curve created by the characters of this font, you can realize the skill of design, so do not miss the opportunity and download this font with 400 glyphs and use it in watercolor projects.

Price: Free

The Mammoth! Watercolour Kit Bundle

the mammoth! watercolour kit bundle watercolor font

This font is a clear example of using watercolor to design and blend multiple colors into the font texture. In this font, in addition to the letters, you can use the graphic designs provided and print them on a piece of paper like a natural watercolor painting.

Price: Premium

The Lovestory Font Collection

the lovestory font collection watercolor font

This is a collection of watercolor style fonts that come with a variety of files, including PSD files. Edit any part of the font with this file. This cursive font will help you to better design wedding invitation cards, decorate posters and florals, decorative designs.

Price: Premium


sketch watercolor font

Sketch font is designed by dcoxy – Greg Medina. If you like to try a different design and mix it with painting colors, this is the best font. For abstract and artistic designs can be a good assistant along with other elements.

Price: Free

Breakthrough Watercolor

breakthrough watercolor watercolor font

It is a colorful and beautiful font that is designed from thick and thin lines. This watercolor font is useful for decorative designs, florists, wallpapers, and many invitation cards on happy occasions of the year.

Price: Premium

Hello Sunshine Font Duo

hello sunshine font duo watercolor font

Hello Sunshine Font Duo allows humans to have two completely different but parallel choices. One as script and the other as hand-lettered. This font is a great choice for two different tastes.

Price: Premium

Austhina Brush Calligraphy Scratch

austhina brush calligraphy scratch watercolor font

A playful font that can be used to feel joy in all characters. If you want to convey this feeling to others, do not miss downloading it and even recommend it to others who are looking for watercolor and floral fonts.

Price: Free

Austin OpenSVG Watercolor

Austin OpenSVG Watercolor Font

Austin OpenSVG Watercolor font is a creative and very interesting, and wonderful design. You can not see the details used in this design, even in other fonts. As a result, it is used for design and titling in watercolor, oil paint, and art designs.

Price: Premium

Loving Rose SVG Watercolor

loving rose svg watercolor font

Loving Rose SVG Watercolor is A font with a beautiful name and natural characters. This watercolor font is as beautiful and natural as a wet brush drawn on paper. The PSD and AI file is provided for you to make changes to some of the font details.

Price: Premium


amilo watercolor font

There is nothing cuter than having a small heart in the letter i. This beauty is unparalleled for cursive fonts and watercolor font groups. Design posters, invitation cards, mugs, fantasy writings with this font.

Price: Free


all you need bundle vol 2.0 watercolor font

A very large bundle that many of you have been looking for is introduced below. This bundle consists of many hand-letter, cursive styles. This bundle is so awesome that few people would not want to buy this great collection at an exceptional price.

Price: Premium

SkyLove SVG Watercolor

skylove svg watercolor font

SkyLove SVG Watercolor Font is created by SilverStag. These lowercase letters are designed very small and uppercase letters with stretches and swashes could show an interesting contrast. If your audience needs such designs to offer surprises in products and magazines to others, then do not miss this font.

Price: Premium

Asly Brush

asly brush watercolor font

It is a beautiful and floral font. With this font, all the search for a font that is both floral and watercolor is completed. Just write a custom text to enjoy the beauty of this font.

Price: Free

Watercolor Opentype SVG

watercolor opentype svg watercolor font

It is a watercolor font that the designer was able to present very beautifully and with different handwriting in a natural way. This font is suitable for many advertisements and even luxury brands and home decorations and wallpapers.

Price: Premium

Font Watercolor Bundle

font watercolor bundle 93 watercolor font

It is one of the best watercolor bundles I have ever found in searching for various websites. This bundle has 30 different fonts, each of which can be very helpful in your projects.

Price: Premium


brushes watercolor font

Brushes Font designed with a rough brush. This watercolor font is used for many works of art and oil paintings due to the roughness and texture of the characters. Uppercase and lowercase letters in this font can be a good combination for art brands.

Price: Free

Rivina Brush +30 Watercolor Textures

Rivina Font Brush 30 Watercolor Textures

Rivina Brush 30 Watercolor Textures font is handwritten and oil painting, and you can use these characters that are brushes to design T-shirts, different graphic fonts, and add a few drops of watercolor.

Price: Premium

Hello Beautiful Font Duo Swashes

hello beautiful font duo swashes watercolor font

Hello Beautiful Font Duo Swashes is for those who use beautiful text in images and want to accept and do many projects in this field. In addition to the characters, there is a file that provides different swashes such as brush designs.

Price: Premium

Ciera watercolor svg font florals

ciera watercolor svg florals watercolor font

Minimal font with watercolor texture! This is a minimal font that is very uniquely designed. Having a circular end in strokes makes it used in many decorative works and the variety of 4 styles of this font is exemplary.

Price: Premium

Chasing Embers

chasing embers watercolor font

 This font has a texture like the clouds in the sky, and it is clear that the brush used in this font is inspired by energetic and cheerful designs such as aerobics photos, birthday cards, and congratulations..

Price: Free

Octavia Script

octavia script watercolor font

The first feature that makes this watercolor font attractive is the swashes, which are showing off like delicate petals in the caress of the wind. This package has more than 60 graphic files that you can create works of art with your ideas..

Price: Premium

Fresh Picked Watercolor Font Kit

fresh picked watercolor kit watercolor font

Experience freshness and freshness with freshly picked fonts. By selecting it, you can use it in various designs from juice brands to label design and beautiful texts on photos. This font comes with a package of floral thems and fruit pieces..

Price: Premium


bonita watercolor font

A handwritten font designed by Roy Jorse. This font is great for many people who are interested in flowers and plants and like to use themes in cover and seed packaging, greeting cards, and logos.

Price: Free

Hastagirl Chic brush watercolor

hastagirl chic brush watercolor font

A perfect font with a brush-style is waiting for you. This vintage watercolor font will help you to have an amazing work of art. Styles include 8 fonts with different weights.

Price: Premium

Summer Lemonade Extras

summer lemonade extras watercolor font

Summer Lemonade Extras is a font that is designed very simply with a thin brush. With this font, you can complete many beautiful summer products, labels, and stickers that are on your list of projects.

Price: Premium

KG Life is Messy

kg life is messy watercolor font

KG Life is Messy font is the same as the font meaning. The characters are designed irregularly and not in different sizes, but this is why it attracts attention and is used for simple designs and different teachings in children’s books.

Price: Free

Pickley Watercolor opentype SVG

Pickley Watercolor opentype SVG font

Pickley Watercolor OpenType SVG font is an interesting watercolor design that combines classic style. If you like to write interesting text and certainly not text with a real watercolor brush, we recommend that you use this font.

Price: Premium

Money Penny Script Sans

money penny script sans watercolor font

Font is a hand-letter in which all lowercase letters are glued together. This is a beautiful and brilliant font for those who want to have night themed designs in their projects. Use two types of this font, sans and script, for beautiful streams of ringtones.

Price: Premium

Font Watercolor Bundle 92

font watercolor bundle 92

There are 15 fonts and 300 watercolor illustrations in this bundle, which makes it one of the bundles with large graphic files. If you are looking for paintings and designs that have been digitally prepared with watercolors, we recommend this bundle.

Price: Premium

Wiggle Watercolor brush script

wiggle watercolor-brush script watercolor font

Sometimes brush design is not what you are looking for and you are looking for a font that is similar to the watercolor texture. This ink font, which is very clear that a large brush was used at the beginning of the stroke of the letters, helps you to better design the logo, poster, and artwork.

Price: Premium


runcrow watercolor font

Due to the writing style of this font, this font is handwritten very quickly and with fast movements. This font is one of the best for having a different design in magazines, fashion, art, and posters.

Price: Free

Bonjour! Typeface with Extras

bonjour! typeface with extras watercolor font

It is an ink style font that many people prefer. Amateur designers can choose the right path for future projects by choosing any of the styles in this package.

Price: Premium


heartwell watercolor font

Heartwell is a Modern and calligraphy font that many people like. With this font, you can continue designing Tayba’s logo and texts on greeting and invitation cards without any worries. Also, due to having a dancing baseline, this font can be a good harmony for your texts.

Price: Premium

Better Together Script

better together script watercolor font

Most watercolor fonts have a cursive style, this font also shows with different lines. The font is suitable for personal use and is provided by Katsia Jazwinska.

Price: Free

Little Mo Watercolour Display

Little Mo Watercolour Display Font

The Little Mo Watercolor Display font is interesting in the form of vintage and watercolor drops. As you can see, in some letters, the color intensity increases, and in some colors, it decreases, which indicates the creativity of the designer, and even some letters are angled, and you can use them in designs and art galleries.

Price: Premium

Hamilton SVG Font Collection

hamilton svg collection watercolor font

It is safe to say that this bundle has one of the most diverse watercolor fonts in its heart. Classic, bold, cursive styles can be seen in this bundle, which has 6 different fonts.

Price: Premium

Seaside Font Watercolor SVG

seaside font watercolor svg watercolor font

Seaside Font Watercolor SVG The font has two styles, solid and texture. With these two types, you can enjoy using brush writing designer in both simple and complex images.

Price: Premium


atmosphere free brush watercolor font

Some fonts are very natural and may have been handwritten in digital format. This is an authentic font that is suitable for many logo design projects, labels, invitation cards, social networks.

Price: Free

Buckwheat Opentype SVG

buckwheat opentype svg watercolor font

It is a hand-painted font that is designed with high quality. This collection has 6 different styles for different tastes. Whichever you want can be included in the watercolor or paint project.

Price: Premium

Clementine Script

clementine script watercolor font

For those who like spring flower designs, this watercolor font can be very beautiful and different next to spring elements. You can use all the characters in the text as all-caps to be seen in the titles and logos.

Price: Premium


supernova free hand painted watercolor font

SUPERNOVA – FREE HAND PAINTED is a font that is used for designs and images of space and sky due to the fading margins of letters. As a result, any project related to space or energy music needs a cover and poster, which is possible with this font.

Price: Free

Elska Watercolor Brush

elska watercolor brush watercolor font

Elska Watercolor Brush The font is very different and similar to sea creatures. This is a multilingual support font. You can use it in watercolor brand logos, painting stationery, and many more.

Price: Premium

Tombeo Watercolor Kit Collection

tombeo watercolor kit collection watercolor font

A beautiful combination of several colors has created a beautiful effect on the font. With this font, you can make very simple images attractive and give it a different decoration. Also, this font has 10 handpainted fonts, 50 photoshop styles, which leaves nothing to be said.

Price: Premium

River Drive

river drive watercolor font

River Drive Font designed by The Branded Quotes. By moving the brush, it is clear that the design is done on a rough background. This bold watercolor font is suitable for designing clothes, fabrics, bags, and shoes, and many designs that need a vintage format.

Price: Free

Loving Saskia Font Graphics Bundle

loving saskia graphics bundle watercolor font

Excellent and cursive bundle that is produced with the beautiful movement of the brushes. Decorate many dreamy landscapes with this font without spending time and maybe your goal is stationery or logo or poster, which is also great for them.

Price: Premium

Mustache Script 3 font Swash

mustache script 3 swash watercolor font

Mustache Script 3 font Swash with 340 glyphs has one of the largest letters in the collection. You can completely edit each letter with one of the graphic software and achieve the best results.

Price: Premium

Hey August

hey august watercolor font

Hey August is a hand-painted brush. This font, despite the great skill used in the letters, is available to you completely free of charge. Just visit the Dafont site.

Price: Free

Carolinea Typeface

carolinea typeface watercolor font

It is a hand-painted font with a combination of watercolor brushes that have been highly praised. This floral font is perfect for logo design and backgrounds of landscapes and flowers. Be sure to include this font in your download list.

Price: Premium

Black Caviar SVG

black caviar svg watercolor font

Black Caviar SVG font is provided as a layer that can be run in Photoshop and Illustrator. This font has a hand-painted format that will be great in a dark background.

Price: Premium


westfalia watercolor font

WESTFALIA is a cute and minimal font. The smooth edges of the letters indicate a theme suitable for many rhymes that need elegance in the text. This font is great for designing postcards, minimal themes, painting brands.

Price: Free

Vigneta Typeface

vigneta typeface watercolor font

It is a font that is very powerful by moving strokes in letters like V or T, and this floral style is unique. This watercolor font is a great choice for artwork that needs to be combined with watercolor in digital images or Photoshop files.

Price: Premium

Waterlily Typeface

waterlily typeface watercolor font

The Waterlily Typeface font is inspired by a dry brush that is drawn halfway through the paper at the end. This font is suitable for works of art, cosmetic brands, baby accessories, blankets, and pillows.

Price: Premium


macbeth free svg watercolor font

It is a unique and free font that you can download and use, whether you have a personal design or an advertising design. This font features an open layer SVG file that helps you edit any part of the font and get closer to your desired design.

Price: Free

Gahar Typeface Bonus

gahar typeface bonus watercolor font

Gahar Typeface Bonus is a vintage font. This vintage font has three types: rough, italic, and vintage. Any designer with any taste can choose one or all three depending on their needs and use social network posts in painting brand design projects.

Price: Premium

Misguided Brush

misguided brush watercolor font

Misguided Brush is a modern hand-lettered font that has ink lines in each letter in a very regular way. For example, this font is great for watercolor images and artwork with dry trees and autumn and winter landscapes..

Price: Premium

Ocean Rush

ocean rush watercolor font

Ocean Rush Font was created by The Branded Quotes and is available for oil paint enthusiasts. This font is more artistic on a rough surface. For landscape design, swimwear brands, and anything related to the sea, in general, will be unique and flawless.

Price: Free

The Sweet Blooms

the sweet blooms watercolor font

The Sweet Blooms font is very cute. With this watercolor font, you can cultivate your art like a flower and reach the path of success in designing logos, birthday, and wedding invitation cards.

Price: Premium

Sherin SVG

sherin svg watercolor font

Sherin SVG Displays hand-painted and texture fonts. With this font, you can design many images, tags, quotes without worrying about whether the audience will like it or not.

Price: Premium

Thursday Vibin

thursday vibin watercolor font

Thursday Vibin is one of the fonts that are free for personal use but is worth the effort to use and buy incense. This playful font is designed by Chris Glover and is waiting to be in your design.

Price: Free

Smitten Script Bonus Goodies!

smitten script bonus goodies watercolor font

Smitten Script Bonus Goodies! The font is inked and bold. Also, despite the splatter in the characters of this font, it shows that it is very natural and beautiful, which will make your design attractive. This font is suitable for typography, art brands, flyers, painting training posters.

Price: Premium

Rumpledrop Typeface Bundle

rumpledrop typeface bundle watercolor font

Rumpledrop Typeface Bundle is very wide and has a collection of watercolor textures such as gold, silver, platinum that will amaze you. This collection is presented in Photoshop templates and layers and can be edited.

Price: Premium


carliman watercolor font

Balpirick Studio presented the Carliman font, beautifully and by the principles of natural handwriting. The characters are transparent and can be used in a set of designs and projects. For example in the design of invitation cards, decorative designs, instead of signatures, and much more.

Price: Free

Aloha Babe SVG

aloha babe svg watercolor font

Aloha Babe SVG is a feminine and hand-letter font that is organically inspired by hand gestures for writing letters. This watercolor font is a great choice and a perfect combination for logos, personal business cards, signatures, invitation cards.

Price: Premium

Bant Achillers Typeface

bant achillers typeface watercolor font

Bant Achillers Typeface is a retro font from the ’80s and ’90s, but this collection includes watercolor fonts because the letters are designed with smooth movements. Prioritize logos, invitation cards, quotes, and more to generate logos.

Price: Premium


kathen watercolor font

Kathen has bold fonts and bubble letters for animation and children. It is very legible despite the monoline letters. The combination of happy colors in this font to make the design attractive, whether for celebration or children’s work, is one of the best choices.

Price: Free

Hot Sauce

hot sauce watercolor font

Hot Sauce font is presented with 4 different styles to attract the audience with it. This hand-painted font is a great example of designing logos and advertising posters of food and fast foods. Also great for stationery and children’s picture books.

Price: Free


besteam watercolor font

When a very wet brush is drawn on a sheet of paper, the result is similar to this font. This monoline and watercolor font was created by and will satisfy your desires for an attractive and pleasing design.

Price: Free


filsafat watercolor font

Filsafat is a floral font that Best Font Studio has produced with thin and thick lines. With this watercolor font, dreamy landscapes, dreamier, more beautiful greeting cards, and florist logos will be more attractive.

Price: Free

Greatest Richmond

greatest richmond watercolor font

Greatest Richmond fonts are published in 10 different types that can be of great help to people who edit many texts or long texts and like to use each different style of watercolor.

Price: Free

Tropical Asian

tropical asian watercolor font

Tropical Asian Font is a watercolor artwork by Konstantine Studio. With this hand-painted font, many decorative designs, sculpture shops, art galleries, and various art stores will be special.

Price: Free


worthwhile watercolor font

In this font, the letters are tall and stuck together and it is suitable for designs that have little space for texts. This font can be one of your best projects in winter designs, logos, labels, accessories, and many more.

Price: Free

Surfing Capital

surfing capital watercolor font

Surfing Capital is a chaotic font that can fit into any watercolor design. One of the unique features of this font is the rough texture of the letters, which can be a good match with rough backgrounds such as linen fabrics and designs on them.

Price: Free

Mark My Words

mark my words watercolor font

Mark My Words is a marker font provided by StereoType. With this font, you can view the brush dance on a digital page and include it in your art projects. If you are interested in this font, you might also like to see similar fonts. So I suggest you look at the list of the Best Marker Fonts.

Price: Free


abys watercolor font

Abys is a handwritten and hand-drawn font. Despite the broken and irregular lines, but a lot of nature is like painting with watercolor brushes. You need this font to enhance your design, text, or brand.

Price: Free


webrush watercolor font

Webrush Font with italic style and hand-painted texture will be introduced to you in the following. With this font, you can use it for many marine brands, beach images, and even cosmetics brands such as eye liner, eye shadow.

Price: Free


fontrust watercolor font

Fontrust is a vintage font that is a product of Khurasan studio. This font is very interesting and natural, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish it on paper. Choose fashion brands, business cards, logos for fashion brands.

Price: Free


Watercolor is a style of painting that combines colors. In the collection of watercolor fonts, they are designed by using this method and are great for many purposes that have been introduced, such as designing birthday cards, wedding cards, logos, and art supplies labels.

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