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What font is used in the Women & Golf logo?

“Sardonyx” is the font used in the Women & Golf logo. This font is designed by K-Type. You can use the font in your personal and commercial projects. Simply download it from the link below.

The logo font of Women & Golf magazine is very closely related to this sport. Its tall style has become one of the items in the magazine that is attractive to the audience and is different from other elements. Due to the height of the letters, this logo font is used in many sports brands, Western, classic movie titles, golf classes, and many others.

About Women & Golf

The magazine was founded in 1991. This magazine provides tips and tricks for women in the field of golf. Of course, there are other topics on the website, such as fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

From beginners through to experienced players the aim is to help women golfers everywhere get the most out of the game they love

In the fashion section of this magazine, it advertises the fashion world for golf, such as Chervò Dry-Matic Collection, Sleeveless Golf Tops, Glenmuir Ruche Golf Shirt.

One of the recent articles published on the magazine’s website, https://womenandgolf.com, is a move to reduce plastic consumption in golf. The move follows a pattern of other sustainable measures, as the historic sandwich club seeks to strengthen its positive impact on its environment.

The club’s commitments have been made by course manager Sean McLean, who has managed to rebuild all 27 holes on the rugged coast of Kent over the past two years.

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