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Scary Movie Text Effect premium

Among the bushy of leafy trees on the wood, and the clutter of dry branches, the rustle of leaves breaks the silence. This script could be the start of one of the horror films. The tree sticks that mark the life have come to the scary movie this time to save lives. This fear reaches its peak when the blood splattered on walls and trees.

In the field of cinema, tree-lined wars do not just take revenge, but also the wooden cabin, like the movie in the same name, will take its revenge from humans. Perhaps this revenge is rooted in cutting them off and building a wooden house with them. Whatever it is, vengeance is their top priority.

In this scary movie text effect, the pieces of wood are stacked together and the gray on them indicates fire ashes. The anger and horror in the wood-inspired films are only extinguished by fire.

With what other elements do you bring this fear and fright that lies in the text beyond the awe?

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above
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