65+ Best Free and Premium 8 Bit Fonts

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65+ Best Free and Premium 8 Bit Fonts

Take a trip back in time with our stunning selection of 8-bit fonts and determine a touch of nostalgia as an inseparable aspect of your typography. Once applied to any text, these fonts are capable of bringing back memories of when Super Mario explored the Mushroom Kingdom trying to save the princess, in other words, the 80’s.

Their pixel-based elements, along with the unrefined edges, turn your lettering into a quaint piece of graphics with video game-related vibes. Use any of them in your websites or gaming graphics, T-shirts, or any other projects as such, and next thing you know, you and your audience are reminiscing about good old times.

Best 8 Bit Fonts

In the following, discover some of the exciting 8-Bit Fonts we suggest from both free and premium categories and produce a more captivating impact. We’d also recommend checking out our best arcade fonts selection to put together the best combo.

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Retro kiddo vector alphabet

retro kiddo vector alphabet 8 bit font

Retro kiddo vector alphabet font shows the design of the eighties and 8-bit. We can use this font for video games that children are interested in, for puzzles, and even retro games. In addition, you can use it to design T-shirts.

Price: Premium


minecraft 8 bit font

The Minecraft font is inspired by the game of the same name. You can see this 8 bit font, which in some letters is pixelated and in some, does not follow this rule, so you can use a different design to design your video games and design a different and interesting menu.

Price: Free

Level Up

level up 8 bit font

Level Up font is designed digitally and squarely. This font is very interesting and practical in large dimensions, and you can use it to design billboards and casino boards.

Price: Premium


fipps 8 bit font

Fipps font is one of the most widely used designs, and if you played video games as a child, you must have seen this 8 bit font, and you can use it to design all kinds of video games, pixel animations, and T-shirts, and all kinds of toy brands.

Price: Free

Game Over 8Bit

game over 8 bit font

Game Over 8Bit font designed as art-deco and retro design. You can use this font to design the logo, menu, and video title of different games with different themes, including puzzles, adventure.

Price: Premium

Eight Bit Dragon

eight bit dragon 8 bit font

Eight Bit Dragon font can be an interesting design that you can use for different video games, including scary video games and stage mode. One of this font’s great features is that it has more than 300 characters and up to 300 characters. It gives you unlimited choices to create your own design differently.

Price: Free

Bitcraft Computer

bitcraft computer 8 bit font

Bitcraft Computer font has a retro style, and usually, if you have old and installed computers or have seen this 8 bit font is displayed on the first pages of computers, and in addition, you can use it to design video games and retro themes.

Price: Premium


pixelbroidery 8 bit font

Pixelbroidery font is a combination of pixel style and tailoring. You can use this font to design clothes, T-shirts as well as games that are sewing training.

Price: Free


pixelo 8 bit font

The Pixelo font shows a pastel, eight-bit pixel design. You can use this font for many children’s themes and video games that are suitable for children.

Price: Premium

Pokemon Classic

pokemon classic 8 bit font

 Inspired by the Pokemon Classic font, it is one of the most popular games to follow even in the 21st century. You can use this font to design video games and design motivational texts for gamers, such as T-shirts and mugs.

Price: Free

SuperDario Pixel

superdario pixel 8 bit font

The SuperDario Pixel font has only one type of font, but the same type of font that is eight-bit can do a lot of different designs for you, including branding, designing game websites.

Price: Premium

Edit Undo Line

edit undo line 8 bit font

Edit Undo Line font has a retro and arcade design. Each letter has parallel lines that form a grid. You can use this font in addition to video games in cyber and science fiction designs.

Price: Free

Pixie Family Bundle

pixie family bundle 8 bit

Pixie Family Bundle font has 15 different styles. With this 8 bit font, you can download a series of elements that are very useful in games, and you want to use them for your menus or a series of symbols such as hearts or bombs that are in some video game adventure games.

Price: Premium


daydream 8 bit font

Daydream font is one of the fancy and handmade fonts that can be said. The designer of this font has tried to use more pixels more carefully so that in the far view, it can even be said that this font does not look pixelated and is considered a normal font. You can use toy packaging to design children’s clothes.

Price: Free


minibyte 8 bit font

The Minibyte font has an 8-bit pixel style. You can see that each of these fonts has a block border and is suitable for designing video games, puzzles, and house building.

Price: Premium

Vermin Vibes 1989

vermin vibes 1989 8 bit font

The 1989 Vermin Vibes font is a combination of eight-bit style and triangular geometry. For example, if you look at the letter A, you can see that it is designed as a staircase, or the letter B has larger dimensions than the other letters.

Price: Free


kleyn 8 bit font

Kleyn font is designed with interesting vintage and pixels. For example, diagonal lines are designed as pixels, and horizontal and vertical lines are designed as straight lines. This font has two types, wide and regular, and you can use it for different video game designs.

Price: Premium

Connection II

connection ii 8 bit font

Connection II font is another interesting pixel design in this collection. This font was commonly used in many Windows 98 computers, and you must have encountered it if you had access to a computer at the time. In addition, you can use this 8 bit font to design the logo of game brands and design T-shirts.

Price: Free


twiddlybitz 8 bit font

TwiddlyBitz font is in digital and computer style. You can use this font for computer games such as puzzles, tic-tack-toe, and many different types of genres.

Price: Premium

8 Bit Wonder

8 bit wonder 8 bit font

The 8 Bit Wonder font is a simple, square design with pixels in some areas. This font is an interesting design that can present the video game you have designed to gamers with an interesting view.

Price: Free


pixelly 8 bit font

The Pixelly font has a retro typographic design. This 8 bit font can be used to design video games, postcards, and many personal designs.

Price: Premium


pixeboy 8 bit font

Pixeboy font is an eight-bit design, and for some letters, for example, the letter X is pixelated, but for letters like ‘I’, the letters are very regular and simple. This font has more than 100 characters and is suitable for video games.

Price: Free

Colorful pixel retro alphabet

colorful pixel retro alphabet 8 bit font

Colorful pixel retro alphabet font is in the form of color pixels, and you can see different colors in this font, and it is better to use a simple design in the background. You can use this font to design T-shirts and many people who are interested in computer games.

Price: Premium

Super Legend Boy

super legend boy 8 bit font

The Super Legend Boy font shows another layout of the eight-bit font set. This phone has more than 200 characters and 196 glyphs, and you can use it to present an interesting and different design for children’s work.

Price: Free

Jeebz 8 bit

jeebz 8 bit font

 Jeebz 8 bit font is designed as retro and art-deco pixels. You can use this font to design many video games, retro designs, and old games of the sixties.

Price: Premium

Press Start 2P

press start 2p 8 bit font

Press Start 2P font is an eight-bit design, and you must have seen this 8 bit font in many games by Sony, and now you can download this file safely and use characters that have more than 550 characters.

Price: Free

Jaunt 8 bit pixel

jaunt 8 bit pixel 8 bit font

Jaunt 8-bit pixel font is retro design, and you can use this font for many games that are running in a two-dimensional space, such as spaceships or shooting and warships.

Price: Premium


poppkorn 8 bit font

Poppkorn font is one of the designs that is designed as a square. In addition to the characters, this font is great for some of the symbols that are commonly used in games, such as arrows, characters such as octopuses, boats, airplanes that we can play, for example, some space video games.

Price: Free

Chubby Choo Pixel Art

chubby choo pixel art 8 bit font

Chubby Choo Pixel Art font has Arcade and Artdeco style. You can use this font for the title of casinos and many video games and games that offer space and environment.

Price: Premium

Wayfarer’s Toy Box

wayfarer's toy box 8 bit font

Wayfarer’s Toy Box font is an interesting and nautical design, meaning that the characters have a specific pixel curvature. You can use this font for video games related to the sea, such as fishing.

Price: Free


1980 8 bit font

1980 font has five different types, and the interesting thing about this font is that each of the styles in this collection is either wide or bold, and it allows you to not work in a limited way and present an attractive and different theme.

Price: Premium

Scream When You’re Ready To Die

scream when you're ready to die 8 bit font

Scream When You’re Ready To Die font is a combination of eight-bit and rounded style. You can use this 8 bit font for various video game designs and even for designing girls’ t-shirts.

Price: Free

Waves CPC

waves cpc 8 bit font

Waves CPC font is designed in retro and pixel. In addition, we can say that this font is an epic pixel font and is used to design epic and superhero genres in video games.

Price: Premium

Lady Radical 2

lady radical 2 8 bit font

Lady Radical 2 font is a combination of geometric and pixel style. You can use this font for many video games that are a combination of horror and puzzle genre.

Price: Free

Sprout Bit

sprout bit 8 bit font

Sprout Bit font is one of the fun and retro designs in the collection of eight-bit pixel photos. You can use this font for Sega 2D video games with an animation mode, such as Mario game.

Price: Premium

Teeny Tiny Pixls

teeny tiny pixls 8 bit font

The Teeny Tiny Pixls font is an interesting design that you can rarely use in its characters’ eight-bit style. But for example, you can clearly see the letter X or the letter k, which are pixels, and you can download this set and use its 211 characters for your designs.

Price: Free

Ate Bit

ate bit 8 bit font

Ate Bit font designed in a square format This font can be said to be a nostalgic font of the eighties, and you can use it for designing T-shirts, drawing on mags, designing video game titles, and even game magazines.

Price: Premium


frogotype 8 bit font

Frogotype font has about 100 characters. You can use this font for games that require thinking and creativity. You can also use it for logo design, t-shirt design, and branding of games you have just implemented.

Price: Free

Eight Beats pixel

eight beats pixel 8 bit font

The Eight Beats pixel font is a collection of fonts and characters that you must have seen in Sega and Sony video games. We can consider this font a nostalgic font and present a retro and old design using the font elements.

Price: Premium

Endless Boss Battle

endless boss battle 8 bit font

Endless Boss Battle font provided by Checkered Ink designer. The letters in this font are bold, and you will not see any pixels in some letters. For example, each letter E and L also has properties that you can use for different designs.

Price: Free


arcade 8 bit font

Arcade font has a pixel and arcade design. You can use this font as 16 pixels, 32 pixels, 48 ​​pixels, and 64 pixels and use it in many video clips.

Price: Premium


jorolks 8 bit font

Jorolks fonts are in the form of three-dimensional pixel letters, with the difference that this time the three-dimensional part is in the form of light shadows, and as a result, you can use this 8 bit font in three-dimensional games in addition to two-dimensional games.

Price: Free

Alpharush Retro Game

alpharush retro game 8 bit font

Alpharush Retro Game font is presented as retro and eighties. This font is suitable for cyber designs, computers, pixel animations, and puzzles.

Price: Premium

Computer Pixel-7

computer pixel 7 8 bit font

Computer Pixel-7 font is one of the interesting pixel designs that have more than 300 characters. This font can usually be said to be very popular for computer work, academic presentations, and programming software.

Price: Free


bajt 8 bit font

BAJT font is designed as a square, and the interesting thing about this font is that sometimes you may not be able to get the necessary readability from this font, so it can show a mysterious design and be used in the design of T-shirts and video games.

Price: Premium


8 bit font

The 8-bit font has more than 200 characters. You can download this font both online and offline and download it for free for personal use.

Price: Free

Raqami Arabic

raqami arabic 8 bit font

Raqami Arabic font is a pixel design inspired by the letters of the Islamic and Arabic alphabets. You can use this font to design video games in Arabic and Persian.

Price: Premium


04b_30 8 bit font

Font 04b_30 As you can see, in addition to being pixelated, some of the letters have three pixels, which are hollow and look like the bubbles seen in balloons. There are decks or fancy designs. You can use this8 bit font for children’s animations, video games for children of all ages.

Price: Free

A Goblin Appears!

a goblin appears 8 bit font

The A Goblin Appears font represents one of the European and pixel designs. You can create any 8-bite design for your video games and animation title posters.

Price: Premium


vcr osd mono 8 bit font

Foot VCR OSD Mono shows an interesting and simple design. You can use this font for branding all kinds of retro and arcade games, designing casino logos, designing game cards.

Price: Free


awkward 8 bit font

Awkward font is provided in geometric and retro pixels. This font has lowercase and uppercase letters, and you can use it for use in various designs, including retro designs, computer-aided text.

Price: Premium

Monster Friend Fore

monster friend fore 8 bit font

Monster Friend Fore font provided by Designer One. You can use this fancy and friendly design for many video games or even Valentine greeting cards and special days. One of the features of this 8 bit font is that the hollow parts of the letters, such as the letters A, B, and D, instead of being square and one square pixel, are a few pixels next to each other and the heart, and makes you have a fancy design.

Price: Free


newsgeek 8 bit font

The Newsgeek font shows an arcade and typographic design. You can use this font to design the title of casinos and arcade games, video games Use nostalgic and many other languages ​​in a variety of languages, including Latin.

Price: Premium

Ancient Modern Tales

ancient modern tales 8 bit font

 Ancient Modern Tales font shows a combination of pixel and epic style, and you can use this font to design video games in which there are battles between tribes and warriors.

Price: Free

Super Bunny Hop

super bunny hop 8 bit font

Super Bunny Hop font is one of the interesting and pixel fonts that is boldly designed. You can turn more than tens of nostalgic designs and video games that you have in mind into reality by considering 14 different types in this collection.

Price: Premium

Mario Kart DS

mario kart ds 8 bit font

Mario Kart DS font is named after one of the most popular games, Mario. This font is three-dimensional, and as you see the characters, if you put the letters together, you can see that the letters are not regular, and some of the letters’ height and width pixels may be different from others. You can use this 8 bit font to design T-shirts, logos, greeting cards.

Price: Free

Connection Serif

connection serif 8 bit font

Connection Serif fonts are regular pixels that you can usually see on computers. This font is also suitable for designing T-shirts, puzzle toys.

Price: Free

Baby Blocks

baby blocks 8 bit font

Baby Blocks font Each of the letters is inside the cube blocks, so you can put one or more of these characters for puzzle games, scrap games, and even for T-shirt design and design game elements next to it.

Price: Free


frampoase 8 bit font

Frampoase fonts are a series of outline pixels. This font has tried to use more and more pixels as a fantasy and designer to show the round mode more. Another feature of this 8 bit font is that, for example, the letters A, B, and D do not have a hollow part, and you can also use it for fancy designs.

Price: Free

8-bit Arcade

8 bit arcade 8 bit font

8-bit Arcade font has retro and arcade design. This font has two types of online and offline. The offline type is designed in three dimensions, and you can use a design for large dimensions or even parts that need to have an interesting view at night.

Price: Free


bleo 8 bit font

Bleo font is one of the creative designs of MrtheNoronha designer. This font is designed to be floral, i.e., characters such as the letters C, J, and L at the end are circular and floral, so you can use it to design girls ‘video games, for example, cosmetics, fashion, or even girls’ toys.

Price: Free

I pixel u

i pixel u 8 bit font

 I pixel u font: shows retro and geometric style. You can use this 8 bit font for different designs of video games, design T-shirts with titles like I love gaming, and be sure to include this design in the list of eight-bit fonts.

Price: Free


pixelpoiiz 8 bit font

Pixelpoiiz font is one of my favorite fonts. The letters are floral and have small hearts inside them, which makes this friendly font as popular as possible, and you can attract your audience to yourself and your brand or game with this attractive and lovable design.

Price: Free


3dventure 8 bit font

The 3Dventure font is retro, but due to the font’s shadows, it is used in 3D, and you can use it in 3D designs, 3D puzzle animations, and house building.

Price: Free


The world of adventure and games is never complete. Using this set of 8 bit fonts, you can enter a nostalgic and retro window and recreate memories.

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