80+ Best Free and Premium Animal Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Animal Fonts

Borrowing fresh elements from nature, animal fonts playfully combine an adventurous trait with your design. Their exquisite style can lead to something cheerfully cute or make it leap off the page with a tasteful wild quality. Just like a zoo with both domestic and untamed animals, right?

Those with raw, strong characters are perfectly suitable for packaging and branding, games, and social media, as they convey an uplifting contemporary feel through their sharp, bold design. At the other end, there are fonts with adorable patterns, signaling warm, friendly vibes, like the fuzzy animals they’re inspired from. That explains why they make such joyful logos, books, and banners. Charming, aren’t they?

Best Animal Fonts

What follows is an outstanding selection of animal fonts to help you design mind-blowing pieces of graphics. There are free versions along with premium fonts. Hard to say no to such a perfect combo, huh? True! We’ve thought of everything!

JA Jayagiri Extras

ja jayagiri extras animal font

JA Jayagiri Extras is a retro and old-style font. This animal font is a family of 13 fonts that can be used to design logos, festival posters, camping, badges, and many retro themes.

Price: Premium

Forest Vibes

forest vibes animal font

Forest Vibes • Font Family Font is one of the most beautiful fonts in the collection of animal fonts. This animal font transmits the smell of fruits and flowers in a green forest. It is suitable for decorating floral designs, florists, greeting cards, and flower festivals.

Price: Premium

Another Danger

another danger animal font

Another Danger is a font with Sharp characters. This font was created by The Branded Quotes, and to be honest, one of the best fonts for designing scary themes is the poster flyers I’ve ever seen.

Price: Free

Big Little Creatures Animal

big little creatures animal font

Big Little Creatures Animal is a cute font with a fantasy design. Each character represents one of the domestic and wild animals. For example, the letter B represents a hare and the letter R, which is the first word of the rabbit, represents a devil rabbit.

Price: Premium

Fairy Tales Bonus

fairy tales bonus animal font

Fairy Tales Bonus A font designed in an animal style and similar to a mouse tail. If you are fascinated by this creative and antique design, we suggest you use it in the next vintage theme.

Price: Premium

True Lies

true lies animal font

True Lies font contains thin but sharp lines. If you want your next project to look like a sharp-footed tiger among other designs, we recommend downloading it.

Price: Free

Kero kero

kero kero animal font

Kero kero is a frog inspired font. This animal font is suitable for designing animations and educational classes such as karate for children.

Price: Premium

Simple Cat Cute Display

simple cat cute display animal font

Simple Cat Cute Display has a cute and comic style font. Each character has playful cats who enjoy spinning alongside letters. We recommend this font for designing T-shirts and baby clothes, baby decorations, and toys.

Price: Premium

Cute Animal

cute animal font

Cute Animal font looks like a strong and enduring zebra or tiger. It will be a good companion for you to design themes and billboards with large dimensions without reducing their quality.

Price: Free

Cat Paw Display

cat paw display animal font

Cat Paw Display Font is one of the cursive fonts. This font is very lovely despite the cat’s paw, especially since children love baby cats and you can use it in designing T-shirts and baby accessories.

Price: Premium


bettie animal font

Bettie is an amazing and cursive font. With this animal font, you can design and present aristocratic cats in a beautiful frame with a harmonious background.

Price: Premium


insomnia animal font

Insomnia is a bold and condensed font. The texture of this animal font is one of the scratches that attacked a wild animal. This font is suitable for designing war costumes, zoo logos and posters, and safari magazines.

Price: Free

Magic Winter script

magic winter script animal font

Magic Winter script font duo logos has magical power and can make other seasons magical in addition to winter and create amazing designs and present them to the audience.

Price: Premium

Animal Typography

animal typography animal font

Animal Typography Font is a great survival secret for the graphic design of animal books and documentaries. This font is composed of geometric letters that can be pleasant and suitable in any design.

Price: Premium


heartless animal font

Heartless font originated from the depths of a dark forest. Twisted branches that can catch any animal or person. This animal font is great for scary themes.

Price: Free

Kids Watercolor

kids watercolor animal font

Kids Watercolor is a font for special and minimal designs. This font is suitable for designing picture books, painting accessories as well as cosmetics, despite the watercolor effect.

Price: Premium


thirdlone animal font

Thirdlone Font Duo Vector Pack can be used as one of the most effective fonts for designing posters and forest signs. This handmade font with 8 fonts along with two different styles can be downloaded from the link below.

Price: Premium


samdan animal font

Samdan font is one of the retro and wild west fonts. Suitable for designing posters, restaurant logos, movie posters, and many other themes.

Price: Free

Doggies Silhouette

doggies silhouette animal font

Doggies Silhouette is a font for those who are interested in dogs and dog designs. For example, T-shirts, mugs, invitation cards, birthday themes, and even dog kennel logos.

Price: Premium


giraffella animal font

Giraffella font with tall lines inspired by the giraffe’s tall height. This font is great for designing the game city logo, zoo, birthday themes.

Price: Free

Bemack Brush

bemack brush animal font

Bemack Brush Font is similar to sharks in turbulent waves. It is very fast and rough. This font is suitable for designing summer themes, mineral drinks, and many beach festivals.

Price: Premium

Fabel the Animal Alphabet

fabel the animal alphabet animal font

Fabel the Animal Alphabet is a font that depicts forest animals naturally. The interesting thing about this font is the harmony of the first letter with the shape. For example, the letter f for flamingo, the letter b for butterfly, and so on until the last character. This animal font is suitable for designing books and animations, teaching habitat, and many animal behaviors.

Price: Premium


hawlers animal font

Hawlers Font Family Extras is a vintage and repertoire font. This font is suitable for designing many brands, logos, and business cards, as well as zoo posters, music covers, and street brands.

Price: Premium


african animal font

African font was designed by Allen R. Walden. To design posters and magazine covers related to tropical regions, this font allows you to create a new and different work of art. If you like this font, I suggest you see the list of the best African fonts.

Price: Free

Bald Eagle Typeface

bald eagle typeface animal font

Bald Eagle Typeface is a font for those who prefer vintage lines with a combination of eagle claws. This animal font is suitable for designing logos, tattoos, poker cards, beverage brands.

Price: Premium


christopher animal font

Christopher Fonti is handwritten and romantic and is more like the waves of the sea and its fish. This font is great for designing posters, logos, greeting cards for the summer season.

Price: Premium

Wild Africa

wild africa animal font

Wild Africa font can not be ignored. This animal font is the best fonts for designing travel themes and getting to know animals, despite the outline lines and beautiful combination and vintage borders.

Price: Free

Unicorn Pop Bonus Vector

unicorn pop bonus vector animal font

Unicorn Pop Bonus Vector is a fantasy font inspired by the legendary unicorn. Do not forget to design birthday themes such as invitation cards, cake decorations, T-shirts, and many other pots.

Price: Premium

Wild Nature

wild nature animal font

The Wild Nature font has a vintage texture that reflects the fur of many wild animals. For this reason, it is suitable for T-shirt design, forest signs, zoo logo, and clothing brands.

Price: Premium

La Kame A Leon

la kame a leon animal font

La Kame A Leon is a hand-painted and handwritten font. This font was designed by Maelle.K and Thomas Boucherie. It can be used to have creative posters and covers.

Price: Free

Wolf Gang Vintage Typeface

wolf gang vintage typeface animal font

This font is the best option to have a different design that is a vintage texture. You can use it to design clothes and carpentry tools, hunting as well as nature photography.

Price: Premium

Delightful Dog

delightful dog animal font

Delightful Dog font is for those who prefer a cute font with a paw and bone design rather than a simple design. This animal font is suitable for designing logos of toy and dog food stores.

Price: Premium

Roaring Jungle

roaring jungle animal font

Roaring Jungle is a different font with lines similar to engraving on hard rocks. Despite these features, it is suitable for designing animal books such as monkeys, elephants, dinosaurs, and many others that are giants.

Price: Free

Jungle Vibes

jungle vibes animal font

Scandinavian designs that have a forest with wild animals always inspire designers. This font was born with the inspiration to be in a beautiful, fancy design.

Price: Premium

Sweetness Marshmallow

sweetness marshmallow animal font

For those who like their fantasies to be more in designs, we recommend this dual font. This font is suitable for children, especially children, who have a gentle spirit.

Price: Premium

Quiet Meows

quiet meows animal font

Quiet Meows A beautiful font with letters like Q, O, I that shows the face and paws of a cat. Suitable for designing baby birthday themes, t-shirts, cat food containers.

Price: Free

Shark Bite Shark

shark bite shark animal font

Shark Bite Shark font doodles is one of the interesting and spectacular fonts that shows that sharks can also be kind. In each character, one of the members of the shark is a doodle, which makes it very attractive and selected in animated designs.

Price: Premium

Chimera Tail

chimera tail animal font

To have a vintage and slightly formal design, we introduce this font. This font is similar to ancient times and kings and follows the retro style. The book cover is suitable for designing royal themes.

Price: Premium

Narnia BLL

narnia bll animal font

Narnia BLL font has a mysterious style with sharp branches like a rose. Despite these features, it is great for designing the cover of storybooks and posters of mysterious and magical movies.

Price: Free

Flamingo Tropical Bird Letter Vector

flamingo tropical bird letter vector animal font

Flamingo Tropical Bird Letter Vector The font is very clear what bird it is inspired by and each character is like a house for a beautiful pink flamingo. With this animal font, summer and tropical themes, as well as bird book design, are suitable.

Price: Premium


neilvard animal font

Neilvard Font Set is one of the most classic and widely used fonts in this collection. Be sure to use it in your projects to design logos, posters, magazine covers, t-shirt designs.

Price: Premium

Touch Of Nature

touch of nature animal font

Touch Of Nature is a font for those who like to have summer-related posters and aquarium ads. In the letters of this font, small fish are swimming to be in one of your large designs.

Price: Free


owlphabet animal font

Owlphabet is a very interesting and attractive font. With this animal font, thousands of owl eyes are staring at you. For designing a Halloween theme, Halloween, this font is very cute and great.

Price: Premium

Gans Animals

gans animal font

Gans Animals font is the best option for introducing pets, farm logos, and packaging of animal food brands.

Price: Premium

DK Astromonkey

dk astromonkey animal font

DK Astromonkey is a font inspired by the face of the monkey devil. In this font, the letter O is a drawing of a monkey’s head. Great for use in baby brand logo design, t-shirts, animations, and birthday themes.

Price: Free


animal font

ANIMAL is a font with a tattoo style and rough. With this font, many street designs with unique colors can be a different start for your projects.

Price: Premium

Wild One A Wild

wild one a wild animal font

To get acquainted with various wild animals such as tigers, lions, and leopards, design picture books and its title can be such a font.

Price: Premium


survivor animal font

Survivor font is similar to travel and animation fonts, except that its texture is similar to the prickly skin of crocodiles and animated snakes. For logo design, the animation of this animal font is suitable.

Price: Free

Black Animal

black animal font

Black Animal is a typography and marker font. To design fantasy, childish themes, we suggest photography of nature and animals and preparing an album.

Price: Premium

Little dinosaur Cute

little dinosaur cute animal font

Little dinosaur Cute font has 3 different styles and 46 clip art. Suitable for designing baby brand logos, marketing, baby t-shirts, and many countless designs that foster a sense of fantasy in children.

Price: Premium


mauikea animal font

Mauikea font has fancy letters and not all letters have the same volume. Due to this, you can use it for book covers, T-shirts, and posters of adventure animals.

Price: Free

Animal Crackers A Fun

animal crackers a fun animal font

Animal Crackers A Fun font is suitable for children and children’s books. Quirky letters are a great way to connect with children while reading book titles and flyers.

Price: Premium

The Animal Kingdom

the animal kingdom animal font

The Animal Kingdom Font is what the Hawans in the Wild West represent. Each character is one of the animals with its initials such as D as Dog, M as Monkey, and so on. This variety and great design will help you design children’s projects.

Price: Premium

Shark Made In Japan

shark made in japan animal font

Shark Made In Japan Font is one of the fantasy and geometric fonts. It can be used to design children’s logos and brands, zoos, animal books, video games, and animations.

Price: Free

Into The Wild Double Exposure

into the wild double exposure animal font

Into The Wild Double Exposure is a beautiful font and like a dream sight of beautiful undiscovered parts of the forest. Each letter is like a beautiful frame that attracts many nature lovers and adventurers.

Price: Premium

Beast Brush

beast brush animal font

Beast Brush has a scary style font that few dare to stare at. Dripping drops of paint or blood from the characters represent a scary and serious theme.

Price: Premium

Barn Animal

barn animal font

Barn Animal is a doodle and fun font. For designing comic books, children’s room book covers are suitable for many children’s fantasy themes and personal use.

Price: Free

North Western

north western animal font

Handwritten font from the heart of nature is introduced below. With this foot, you can feel the good smell of nature and the sound of the leaves shaking. This font is great for designing nature, tourism, and hiking posters.

Price: Premium

Bear cub Scandinavian kids

bear cub scandinavian kids fontmore animal font

As you can guess from the texture of the letters, this font will be a great success for baby brands. T-shirt design, book stationery, winter clothes are among the designs.

Price: Premium

Animal Cracker

animal cracker animal font

Animal Cracker font designed by Xerographer Fonts. Despite the characters that look like crackers are dancing and jumping up and down, it can be used to get acquainted with the lives of animals such as frogs, rabbits, and jumping creatures.

Price: Free


kristof animal font

This font is created in Scandinavian and fantasy style for your cute designers. In addition to the characters, you can use doodles and present a unique design.

Price: Premium

Safari Silhouette

safari silhouette animal font

Safari Silhouette Font is one of the masterpiece fonts. With pictures of animals in letters that are very naturally designed, the book cover, the zoo logo and many other things will look natural.

Price: Premium

Elephant Ears

elephant ears animal font

Elephant Ears is a very fancy font and its bubble letters are similar to an elephant snout. With this animal font, you can use a beautiful Sison for babies, including baby clothes, cradles, and many more, and put an image of an elephant in them.

Price: Free

North Western

north western animal font

North Western Font Vectors Vol 2 is one of the real fonts in this collection. Choose to draw on grunge textured papers, jungle boards, adventure video games.

Price: Premium


cattino animal font

Many people are interested in owning a cat and are looking for stores to make the necessary purchases for their cat. This font can be the same thing that you can even advertise on social networks.

Price: Free


sectar animal font

Sectar is a font for those who are not afraid of violence and wild animals. This font is suitable for designing logos, T-shirts, and martial arts classes.

Price: Free

Earthen Parasite

earthen parasite animal font

The Earthen Parasite font has sharp lines that look like a wild animal clinging to a solid concrete wall. We recommend this font for designing scary Halloween themes, T-shirts, and street brands.

Price: Free

Swamp Witch

swamp witch animal font

Swamp Witch Font is like a magic wand held in the hands of a wizard. This font is a priority for designing horror movies, Halloween cards, and flyers.

Price: Free

Made By Bears

made by bears animal font

Made By Bears is a Sharp font with brace lines. This animal font is suitable for designing logos and posters of martial arts classes, T-shirts, and street designs with a variety of colors.

Price: Free

Danger Zone

danger zone animal font

Danger Zone Font is one of the different and chaotic fonts in this collection. Despite the intertwined lines, it resembles the fur of animals such as bears, foxes, and tigers. As a result, it is suitable for clothing advertising, logo design, movie posters.

Price: Free


horroroid animal font

Horroroid font is one of those fonts stained with blood. This font can be a great step for horror movie fans.

Price: Free

Hanging Tree

hanging tree animal font

Hanging Tree font has a rough texture and vintage. This animal font is reminiscent of the wild forest and its wild animals. This font is suitable for designing logos, forest signs, carpentry shops, and weapons.

Price: Free

Tarentula’s Web

tarentula's web horror and scary font

Tarentula’s Web font is beautifully designed. These strings are designed in different parts of the character and are not uniform. Also, these spiders are preparing the web and they are preparing.

Price: Free

A Bug’s Life

a bugs life animal font

A Bug’s Life font can be considered a combination of small and annoying insects that you all see during the day or on a trip to England. This animal font is great for designing children’s storybooks about insects.

Price: Free

Creaky Frank

creaky frank animal font

Creaky Frank is a font for those who combine creativity and wildlife. The wood texture and vintage are unique. Suitable for animation design, adventure video games, book covers, and antique shop logos.

Price: Free

Animals are like people

animals are like people animal font

Animals are like people handcrafted font. This font is for those who see the charm in simplicity and like to experience a crowded design in the heart of crowded and attractive items.

Price: Free


griffin animal font

Griffin is a mysterious font with strange but unique lines. These letters are similar to the magic wand of wizards. As a result, it is perfect for Halloween invitation cards, animated posters, and mysterious movies.

Price: Free


animalia animal font

Animalia is a beautiful and minimalist animal font. This doodle and sketch font that is transparent can be a great design for children’s coloring books.

Price: Free

Animal Paws

animal paws animal font

Animal Paws fonts have claws of animals such as cats, frogs, horses, ducks. This paw is like an animal leaving a mark on its footprint after crossing a colored surface. Suitable for designing zoo logos, posters, and flyers.

Price: Free


citcat animal font

CITCAT is a handwritten and fancy font. With more than 200 characters, it can be used in many animal designs and books, especially cat stores.

Price: Free

Foxes In Love

foxes in love animal font

Foxes In Love is a handwritten animal font that contains over 200 characters and glyphs. For designing many birthday cards, we recommend romantic cards, beautiful texts, and nature photography.

Price: Free

Magical Unicorn

magical unicorn animal font

Magical Unicorn fonts are very popular in fairy tales and even dolls with this concept are produced. Today you can for any unicorn alphabetic character design and use it in children’s designs.

Price: Free


The collection of animal fonts is one of the largest and most diverse due to the existence of different species of animals. Each can be used in various images from the sea to arid and desert landscapes and to satisfy customers.

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