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What font is used in the Snickers logo?.

Snickers is the font used in the Snickers logo. This font is designed by Samuel Park. You can use the font in your personal projects. Simply download it from the link below.

The logo font of Snickers chocolate is consists of a wordmark inside a rectangle with two curved edges. The wordmark affected in all capital letters, which were sharp and brutal. The lines of the typeface are refined and modernized, and the letters obtained a thin white shadowing, which adds volume and dynamics to the logo. This logo font is useful for car brands, rally competitions, product packaging and banner, and billboard advertising.

About Snickers

Frank Mars was born in 1883 in Minnesota, USA. His mother was involved in the production of homemade candies, which led to Frank learning this with his mother as a child, and later in high school at the age of 19, he was able to make and sell candies on his own, producing and selling them.

Candy became Frank’s permanent job, and after his marriage, he and his wife made candy in the kitchen.

In 1923, Forrest Mars (Frank’s son) inspired by a popular type of milkshake and introduced his Milky Chocolate. The product was touted as a dessert containing fermented milk with chocolate and quickly became the best-selling chocolate. Less than a decade later, around 1930, the first Snickers chocolate, then known as the Marathon, was produced by a branch of the March Chocolate Factory in the United Kingdom and managed by Forrest.

The story of Snickers chocolate is a success story in the chocolate industry. Snickers chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world.

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