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What font is used in the Homeland logo?

“Coalition” is the font used in the Homeland logo. This font is designed by TracerTong. You can use the font in your personal and commercial projects. Simply download it from the link below.

The battlefields are always full of people who recklessly defend themselves, and this series is the story of a soldier who was found after the war and returned home. Homeland logo font is similar to a battlefield. Noise points that are more pronounced on the letters of the effect, such as explosions and scattering of dust, and the font style is very familiar and it seems as if each letter is drawn in a square space. You can use this font in war and crime movies and surprise the audience.

About Homeland

You certainly haven’t missed the Homeland series, which airs on Showtime and features traces of the crime, drama, and mystery genres. The series revolves around the horrors of American foreign policy. The first three seasons of the series followed an almost related story. The story of an old American soldier who, after years of ignorance, is suddenly found by the US military in Iraq and returned to his country.

Meanwhile, some in the CIA believe that he is a spy. The story of this series and its twists and turns is so fascinating that this story does not duplicate a single line. US-Israeli relations and US policy in the Middle East, and finally terrorism, are issues that the series pays more attention to.

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