70+ Best Free and Premium Rounded Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Rounded Fonts

It’s the soft curvy edges, along with the tastefulness of style, that tie rounded fonts together with the cheerful vibes they carry along. So you can take it as read that you’ll find them extremely suitable for any sort of project intended to suggest friendliness.

That includes stylish signboards inviting customers inside the store, eye-grabbing banners for social media and webs, or just about anything else, as long as it concerns a vibrant inspirational touch. Meant for conveying a lovely impression on the first try, these fonts do you the courtesy of calling into attention by delivering something one in a million. It’s all about expressing a colorful character, right? 

Best Rounded Fonts

Experience designing on a whole other level with our wonderful collection of free and premium rounded fonts. Plus, if you’re looking for something much more impressive to level up your designs, our text effects library does that for you splendidly.

Xova Rounded

xova rounded rounded font

Xova rounded font presented by CRR | NTN comes with perfect shapes and it can create a playful looking design. The font has four layered styles and is packed with an extended character set. Check out this geometric typeface.

Price: Premium

Visby Round CF soft geometric sans

visby round cf soft geometric sans rounded font

Visby Round CF soft geometric sans by Connary Fagen is a soft-serve typeface. This Sans Serif font can create a fresh and friendly look. OpenType features are supported by the font and 8 weights are included. This rounded font is perfect for any design.

Price: Premium


quicksand rounded font

Quicksand font has 7 font files and is designed by Andrew Paglinawan. This Sans Serif typeface can cover a wide range of different purpose designs. This basic font includes upper/lower letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

Price: Free

Brandy Bay A hand drawn

Brandy Bay A hand drawn Rounded Font

 Brandy Bay A hand-drawn font is retro and has a very simple and Indian style that you can use for packaging, designing social media posts.

Price: Premium


corn rounded font

Corn is an amazing font that is perfectly ideal for logos and headlines. This font featuring numbers and symbols can create a smooth appearance. Different versions are available for this typeface; check it out!

Price: Premium


papua rounded font

Papua by Tosca Digital is a beautiful rounded font. In case you are tired of using the fonts with sharp corners this typeface is a great choice. Check out this rounded shape font!

Price: Premium

Simply Rounded

simply rounded rounded font

Simply Rounded font designed by Galdino Otten has four different font files. This Sans Serif typeface is a personal use only, font. it has a bold strong style and features caps and small letters.

Price: Free

Alcova Pro

alcova pro rounded font

Alcova Pro is an elegant and simple font. With this font, you can create your own style and add fantasy to your work. The font supports Cyrillic and includes extended Latin.

Price: Premium

Tailwind Collection

tailwind collection rounded font

Tailwind Collection by GRYPE is a geometric family that is inspired by the 70’s air travel. This family can create both retro and modern feels. Standard and Latin based characters are included in this package. Three weights are available and many languages are supported by this rounded Sans family.

Price: Premium


multicolore rounded font

Multicolore by Neogrey Creative is a freeware rounded font. This Sans Serif font has only one variation and it is an all caps font. Capital letters can draw attention to your design; try the font for headlines, titles, logos, signs, etc.

Price: Free

Round Page

Round Page Font

Round Page font is very simple. You can use this feminine font to design packaging, food logos, and fantasy animations.

Price: Premium

Anita PW

anita pw rounded font

Anita PW is a geometric and rounded font published by Publiworks. This creative font has 3 styles. The font comes with lowercase/ uppercase, numerals, and punctuations. Multilingual support is provided.

Price: Premium


bouquet rounded font

Bouquet Font designed by Mark van Leeuwen is a perfect Sans Serif font that can create a clean look. This font is ideal for different designs such as logos, titles, headers and more. The font includes uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

Price: Premium


raspoutine rounded font

I want to introduce you to a good looking rounded font with three font files; Raspoutine by Dimitri Castrique. This highly versatile font can be adapted in a wide range of designs.

Price: Free


ata rounded rounded font

Ata Rounded font designed by Bülent Yüksel comes in eight different weights. This font is carefully crafted to be ideal for packaging, logos, Ads, branding and more. This professional typeface supports OpenType features.

Price: Premium


oduda rounded font

Oduda is a Rounded font designed by Thom Niessink. This geometric typeface has a playful look and it has 4 weights available. The font comes with an extended character set.

Price: Premium

Leonardo Rounded

leonardo rounded rounded font

Leonardo Rounded by onedollarfont comes with two font files. This modern Sans serif font has rounded corners and is free for personal use only. Check out this clean and modern caps font!

Price: Free

Greycliff CF

Greycliff CF Rounded Font

Greycliff CF font has a strong style and very small letters. If you want to have a simple and effective design in logo design, posters, and flyers, we recommend this foot.

Price: Premium


modulus rounded font

Modulus by Arkitype is a modern rounded Sans Serif font. This is a minimalist typeface that will look perfect for magazines and brochures. Also, do you want to look awesome headlines? Check out this font.

Price: Premium

Equinox Typeface

equinox typeface rounded font

Equinox Typeface created by Tugcu Design Co. is a modern and clean font. This typeface comes with uppercase multilingual letters and also numbers and punctuations are available. Regular and bold are available for this font.

Price: Premium

Leo SemiRounded

leo semirounded rounded font

Leo SemiRounded is a geometric rounded font with rounded corners presented by onedollarfont. This typeface with two font files is free for non-profitable use.

Price: Free

Cocogoose Pro

cocogoose pro rounded font

Cocogoose Pro is created by Zetafonts. This geometric Sans Serif typeface comes with rounded circular shapes. This font can create a strong modernist look for your designs. It is a perfect choice in designing headlines and logos for which you want to create a vintage feel.

This font will work well for other display purposes as well. The font includes uppercase, lowercase, small case, numerals and old-style numerals, Punctuation and symbols, Ligatures, Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

Price: Premium

Aoki Typeface

aoki typeface rounded font

Aoki Typeface by Tugcu Design Co. is a perfect Sans Serif rounded font and it comes with regular, light and inline styles. This typeface is packed with uppercase characters, numbers, and punctuation and it also provides support for multilingual.

Price: Premium


alvaro rounded font

Alvaro font that is only free for personal use is created by Don Marciano. This all caps Sans Serif typeface can create an eye-catching design; try it!

Price: Free

Quartz Grotesque

quartz grotesque rounded font

Quartz Grotesque is a modern rounded font and it is a great choice for designing logos, labels, magazines, invitations, etc. if you want to create a luxurious feel you should try this font!

Price: Premium


reef rounded font

REEF by Wild Ones is a simple font that will work great on any design. These Sans Serif typeface can satisfy you, check it out!

Price: Premium


bpreplay rounded font

BPreplay including four font files is a unique font presented by George Triantafyllakos. This Sans Serif font features upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and numerals and it can cover a wide range of designs with different purposes.

Price: Free

Minimalust Typeface

Minimalust Rounded Typeface

The Minimalust Typeface font, as its name implies, has a minimalist style, and if you want to have a variety of fonts, this font has seven different types, including regular and Italic. Among the things you can use to design t-shirts are retro packaging and themes.

Price: Premium


avenue rounded font

Avenue by The Routine Creative is a new display font. This handcrafted Sans Serif typeface includes uppercase characters only, 2 Weights (regular and light), Numbers and Special Characters. Avenue is a perfect font for headlines and logos.

Price: Premium

Lucy Rounded

lucy rounded rounded font

Lucy Rounded by me55enjah comes with different versions; Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. This elegant Sans Serif font work awesome for quotes, body text, headers, titles, etc. this font features an upper case, lower case, numeral, punctuation, and ligatures and it supports multi-language.

Price: Premium

Finland Rounded

finland rounded rounded font

Finland Rounded font is presented by Craft Supply Co. this typeface has two font files and is free for personal use. It is one good looking Sans Serif font; check it out!

Price: Free

Hansom FY Regular

hansom fy regular rounded font

Hansom FY Regular is a good looking Rounded font. This Sans Serif typeface comes with 3 weights. This modern and functional font is ideal for different designs such as packaging, branding, editorial, and more.

Price: Premium


sonorous rounded font

Sonorous is a rounded font designed by Jordan Wilson. This modern Sans Serif font is highly adaptable and can create a structural look for your designs. the font is packed with upper and lower case letters, numerals, and a large range of punctuation.

Price: Premium

Coluna Rounded

coluna rounded rounded font

Coluna Rounded is an all caps bold and powerful font. This typeface presented by Marco Ugolini is perfectly ideal for headlines, logos, titles, Ads, and more. this Sans Serif font is only free for personal use.

Price: Free


ollie rounded font

Ollie is a rounded script font by Manraj Ubhi. You can incorporate this clean and beautiful font into many designs like invitations, flyers, signs, clothing and more. Ollie comes with Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, special characters, numbers, punctuation, and Symbols.

Price: Premium

George Round Typeface

george round typeface rounded font

George Round Typeface is created by NEWFLIX.Bro. This geometric Sans Serif typeface has soft edges and can create an elegant look for your design. This modern font that has a harmonious appearance cab be used for headlines and text body. The font supports many characters and includes Capital and Lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation plus eight weights.

Price: Premium

Odin Rounded

odin rounded rounded font

Odin Rounded is a totally free rounded font and is presented by Anonymous foundry. This Sans Serif font has a bold style and it features both upper and lower letters.

Price: Free

Debra PW

debra pw rounded font

Debra PW is an amazing futuristic and rounded font published by Publiworks. This font has three different styles; Light, Regular, Bold. Multilingual support is provided by the font and it is packed with Lower/uppercase, numerals and punctuations.

Price: Premium

All Round Gothic

all round gothic rounded font

All Round Gothic by Dharma Type is inspired by the classic Sans Serif typefaces. This geometric font can create a sweet atmosphere. This font can be used for many purposes such as logos, flyers, text, signs, and many more designs.

Price: Premium

Ostrich Sans Heavy

ostrich sans heavy rounded font

Ostrich Sans Heavy designed by Tyler Finck is a brand new Sans Serif font. this is an only caps typeface with a strong bold design.

Price: Free

BERLIN Rounded

berlin rounded rounded font

BERLIN Rounded is a Sans Serif Typeface published by Designova. This font comes in 4 weights and can be used in many designs.

Price: Premium

Polly Rounded

polly rounded rounded font

Polly Rounded is a regular font by Reghardt. This new Sans typeface is very unique and can create a unique design; check it out!

Price: Premium

Poetsen One

poetsen one rounded font

Poetsen One designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida is a 100% free font. this bold font that has both upper and lower letters can draw the attention of the audience. Try this Sans Serif typeface for headers, titles, logos, etc.

Price: Free

Grota Sans Rounded

grota sans rounded rounded font

Grota Sans Rounded is a new Sans font including 10 weights. This font is designed by Eli Hernández and Daniel Hernández. The typeface is highly ideal for logos, books, headlines and etc.

Price: Premium


kaige rounded font

KAIGE™ is a display rounded font by Glyph44. This Sans Serif typeface comes with playful curves and a simple structure. This geometric font is a single weigh typeface packed with Lowercase Alphabet, Numerals, Extended Characters, and Stylistic Alternates.

Price: Premium

Market Fresh

market fresh rounded font

Market Fresh is created by Brittney Murphy Design. This versatile font has 10 font files and can be used for personal use without license. Check out this clean Sans font!

Price: Free


cocogoose rounded font

Cocogoose by Zetafonts is a Sans Serif rounded font free of cost for personal use. The font has 10 font files and supports both upper and lower case letters.

Price: Free


comfortaa rounded font

Comfortaa is designed by Johan Aakerlund and contains 3 font files. This Sans Serif font is totally free of cost for commercial and non-commercial use.

Price: Free

Rounded Elegance

rounded elegance rounded font

Rounded Elegance font published by Genumano is totally free for personal and commercial designs. try using this Sans Serif font logos, packaging, clothing design, branding, signs, and other designs that you are working on.

Price: Free


antipasto rounded font

Antipasto is a Sans Serif font presented by Zetafonts. This typeface with three font files is only free for personal use. I recommend you to check out this geometric font.

Price: Free

Coco Gothic

coco gothic rounded font

Coco Gothic typeface published by Zetafonts has 12 font files. This Basic font that is free for personal use has a retro geometric style. Check out this Sans Serif rounded font and have a happy creation!

Price: Free

Boris Black Bloxx

boris black bloxx rounded font

Boris Black Bloxx designed by Manfred Klein has two font files and is totally free for commercial and personal use. This bold font is a great choice for headers, headlines, titles, logos, and more.

Price: Free


cocomat rounded font

Cocomat by Zetafonts is a Sans Serif geometric typeface. this font is free for personal use and supports for small caps, ligatures, European languages, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

Price: Free

Geometos Rounded

geometos rounded rounded font

Geometos Rounded is designed by Deepak Dogra. This rounded Sans Serif font is free of cost for personal use. The font is packed with capital letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols.

Price: Free

Typo Grotesk Rounded

typo grotesk rounded rounded font

Typo Grotesk Rounded created by Studio Typo includes four font files. This font comes in regular, italic and light versions. Capital letters, small caps, numbers, punctuation, and symbols are supported.

Price: Free

Steelfish Rounded

steelfish rounded rounded font

Steelfish Rounded by Typodermic Fonts is a beautiful rounded font and supports Latin alphabets and Greek and Cyrillic. This typeface comes with a license that allows it to be used free of cost for commercial use. It is a good choice for posters, videos, shirt designs, graphics, signs, and logos.

Price: Free


hiruko rounded font

Hiruko font presented by HypeForType.com is free for non-profitable use. This bold font is ideal for branding, packaging, headers, titles, shirt design, logos, and many more.

Price: Free


rimouski rounded font

Rimouski is a geometric rounded font and it is free for commercial and non-commercial designs. This Sans Serif font that is packed with geometric alternates is suitable for many designs with different purposes.

Price: Free

Robaga Rounded

robaga rounded rounded font

Robaga Rounded created by 7NTypes includes 10 amazing font files. This font that is free for personal use can create an eye-catching look. Have a happy creation with this Robaga Rounded!

Price: Free


arlon rounded font

Arlon by is a Sane Serif font designed Marc Lohner. This Basic font free for personal use features small and upper case letters. Have fun with Arlon!

Price: Free

Typo Hoop

typo hoop rounded font

Typo Hoop is a Sans Serif typeface with four font files ranging from light to bold. This font created by Studio Typo is free for non-profitable use. Try this font; it can satisfy you!

Price: Free


crewniverse rounded font

Crewniverse has two font files and it can be free of cost for all designs. This font created by MaxiGamer is a unique font with which you can have unique designs.

Price: Free

Renogare Soft

renogare soft rounded font

Renogare Soft font designed by Deepak Dogra is free for non-profitable use. This font with both upper and lowercase letters can be suitable for different designs such as headers, logos, signs, titles, etc.

Price: Free

H.H. Samuel

h.h. samuel rounded font

H.H. Samuel created by deFharo is a bold Sans Serif font free for non-commercial designs. this one variant typeface is awesome; check it out!

Price: Free

Cabo Rounded

cabo rounded rounded font

Cabo Rounded is a rounded font with two font files presented by Bogdan Casota. This Sans Serif font with upper and lower case letters is ideal for any designs that you can think of such as logos, titles, headers, signs, and more.

Price: Free

Sabandija FFP

sabandija ffp rounded font

Sabandija FFP created by deFharo has two font files and with its bold design can draw attention. Try this Sans Serif font for designs headers, logos, signs, packaging, etc.

Price: Free


baloo rounded font

Baloo by Ek Type is a single weight rounded font. This affable font has a distinctive design comes with Indian scripts and is ideal for different designs. Baloo is entertaining; Try it!

Price: Free


days rounded font

Days is a high-tech font designed by Alexander Kalachev. This beautiful Sans Serif font supports many languages and can be used in a wide range of different purpose designs.

Price: Free


dosis rounded font

Dosis font designed by Edgar Tolentino is a simple Sans Serif font. This condensed font has 7 weights; ExtraLight, Light, Book, Medium, Semibold, Bold and ExtraBold. Many different languages are supported by this typeface.

Price: Free

Geometry Soft Pro

geometry soft pro rounded font

Geometry Soft Pro created by CheapProFonts is a Monolinear font. this typeface is strictly geometric and is a perfect choice for display designs and any other projects that you are working on.

Price: Free


helsinki rounded font

Helsinki published by Vic Fieger is an all caps bold font. this handwritten Sans Serif typeface supports different languages and it can satisfy you using it for your designs!

Price: Free


jellee rounded font

Jellee is a free Sans Serif font by Hanken Design Co. this display font is ideal for logos, headers, flyers, titles, and designing animations.

Price: Free


linotte rounded font

Linotte designed by Joel Carrouche is a bold font with which you can create a warm and naïve look. This typeface is ideal to be used in large and small sizes and with it, you can create a friendly feeling so it is perfect in designing children’s products.

Price: Free


ubuntu title rounded font

This font is designed by Andrew Fitzsimon. Check out UBUNTU_TITLE; it is a perfect Sans Serif display font!

Price: Free


If you have been so enthusiastic about what has been said so far, be sure to mesmerize by seeing Rounded fonts. These fonts are downloaded and used for products that are chunky and circular, such as donuts, snacks, pizza, and for educating young children who want to learn the alphabet.

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