30+ Best Free and Premium Native American Fonts

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Best Free and Premium Native American Fonts

Crude illustrations and quaint vibes are how native American fonts leave their mark throughout your design. There’s something mysterious about their style, pushing them beyond the ordinary to the realms of the extraordinary. Impressive, right? Associated with them is a hint of historical flair, but their cultural mood is indeed far more noticeable. For that, you’ve got their tribal patterns to thank.

As long as you’ve got a native American font to count on, a rich background will be a certain trait for your brands, packaging, and apparel projects. Just bear in mind that these fonts have got nothing to do with simplicity, but prefer a more complex approach instead.

Best Native American Fonts

Seize the moment and access the most terrific native American fonts, both free and premium, right now. On the plus side, you can even mix and match these tribal fonts and African fonts as well to create something ostentatiously unique.

El Sol

El Sol Native American Font

In addition to the American style, we can also consider El Sol as a Mexican style. If you want to have an interesting logo for your Mexican restaurant, be sure to consider this Native American font.

Price: Premium


buick native american font

Buick is one of the Native American fonts created by Drizy. This ethnic bold typeface with modern style has a very unique form. The font features strong uppercase and is a suitable typeface for modern designs.

Price: Premium


lafafabienne native american font

The last one of the Native American fonts that is going to be on our list is LaFaFabienne font by ADT. This is a tribal typeface made in 1998. This awesome font is totally free for all your personal and commercial works.

Price: Free


afolkalips native american font

Afolkalips by Arterfak Project includes some tribe ornaments and has strong strokes. This font is highly recommended to be used for headlines. You can use this font for traditional theme designs as well. With this font, you will get Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Punctuations, Symbols, Stylistic alternates, Ligatures, and Accents.

Price: Premium


Xalapa Native American Font

Xalapa is a work of art by James Coffman Design. The lines are a combination of Wild and Native Western styles. Use this Native American font to design nature themes, t-shirts, logos.

Price: Premium

Tribal Aleut OTF color

tribal aleut otf color native american font

Tribal Aleut OTF color font is presented by Peliken. The font has a traditional ethnic style and is a good option for logos, quotes, shirt designs and more. With this font, you will get geometric elements and vector letters.

Price: Premium


powhatan native american font

POWHATAN font by The Routine Creative is one of the Native American fonts that are inspired by native texture. This perfect font features three different weights, upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. The font is suitable for different abstract designs.

Price: Premium

Dragging Canoe

dragging canoe native american font

Dragging Canoe font designed by Shara Weber is an antique font free of cost for commercial and non-commercial use. The beautiful syllabary of the Eastern Band of Cherokee inspired this font.

Price: Free

Django Wild West 2

django wild west 2 native american font

Django Wild West 2 is created by TSV Creative. This resource can create a vintage feel for your designs. the badge has organized layers and it is fully editable.

Price: Premium

Knucklehead Vintage Typeface

knucklehead vintage typeface native american font

Knucklehead Typeface by Headfonts is one of the free Native American fonts. Different weights and ornaments are available for this font and it creates an old western feel for your projects. Check out this font for logos, wedding invitation cards, quotes, social media posts, Ads, and etc.

Price: Premium

First Nation

first nation native american font

First Nation typeface is created by CloutierFontes . This font needs a license for commercial use. First Nation is one of the unique American fonts that can create a unique style and look!

Price: Free

Bohemian Alchemist 5

bohemian alchemist 5 native american font

Bohemian Alchemist 5 font by Opus Nigrum is inspired by old labels. Different styles are available for this font so you can create something new. This is a handmade font that you will definitely like, check it out!

Price: Premium

Jotunheim Typeface

jotunheim typeface native american font

Another one of the Native American fonts that I want to introduce to you is Jotunheim Typeface by Tugcu Design Co. the font has a simple legible style and allows you to mix up different versions. The font is packed with uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and simple punctuation.

Price: Premium


zilap geometrik native american font

ZILAP GEOMETRIK font made by LJ Design Studios in 2015 is a free font for commercial use only. This is a fantastic font for Advertisement and apparel design.

Price: Free

Higgs Boson Blues wood type

Higgs Boson Blues wood type Native American Font

Higgs Boson Blues wood-type font is designed to be distressed. This font is excellent for Rahi Flyer, vintage, and powerful themes.

Price: Premium


lovepagans native american font

LovePagans by MrKevCostello is an imperfect Typeface and creates an unpredictable feel. The font is designed for modern designing projects and it has three styles. Get the font, you will like it.

Price: Premium

Paradox Runa

paradox runa native american font

Paradox Runa by dawnland features all upper and lower case letters. This is one of the unique fonts that I recommend you to check out for your next creative project!

Price: Premium


Calistoga Native American Font

Calistoga is a very fancy design, and the lines are like pieces of rock. And according to these descriptions, you can use it for camping design, history book cover design, logo, and even T-shirt design that has a background such as animals.

Price: Premium


bombora native american font

BOMBORA font designed by Jan Paul is one of the all caps Native American fonts. the font is bold and sharp and looks flawless for titles, headers, signs, banners, and other designs.

Price: Free

Western Outdoor Mockup

western outdoor mockup native american font

Western Outdoor Mockup by TSV Creative has authentic mockup photos. This awesome font looks good on multiple purpose designs; check it!

Price: Premium

Navajo Deco

navajo deco native american font

Navajo Deco typeface by Pixel Kitchen has an art-deco style and is totally free. Take a look at this font, it provides all needed features and ornaments.

Price: Free

Maya Geometric

Maya Geometric Native American Font

Maya Geometric has a tribal and campaign style. Depending on the letters you can see, you will see lines similar to camp tents and Latin letters that you can see in caves and tribes. You can use this native american font to design posters, logos, flyers and mountaineering, and many outdoor sports.

Price: Premium

Tomahawk — Vintage

tomahawk — vintage native american font

Tomahawk is one of the vintage Native American fonts created by Noe Araujo. This hand-crafted font is a good choice to create amazing logotypes with. The font comes with a personal and commercial license.

Price: Premium


sioux native american font

Sioux font presented by CloutierFontes is a pictoral font. this awesome font is for personal use only and you need to get a license for commercial use of the font.

Price: Free

Pandora Typeface

Pandora Typeface Native American Font

Pandora Typeface has a geometric and native style. As you can see in the letters, each letter has three horizontal lines. For example, the letter A has the letter N in this way, but letters like P and R have two horizontal lines. You can use this font to design catalogs, fashion brands, brands that are presenting creative ideas in fashion.

Price: Premium


Saguaro Native American Font

Saguaro is one of the southwestern fonts that you can use in the backgrounds in the desert and desert places. You can also put this Native American font on your list for personal use.

Price: Premium

Bronco Hand Crafted

Bronco Hand Crafted Native American Font

Bronco Hand Crafted has a Native American style, and this font can be used for designing a military badge, drink labels, paper packages, catalog book covers due to its normal rough and halftone type.

Price: Premium

De Oro

De Oro Native American Font

The De Oro font is bold, and its letters are very smoothly designed so that you can use this font on the label of many drinks and T-shirt designs, logos.

Price: Premium

Billyforges Duo Fonts

Billyforges Duo Native American Font

 Billyforges Duo Fonts is one of the most popular fonts provided with vintage texture. You can use this font to design logos, T-shirts, motorcycle brands, flyers, and even Western book covers.

Price: Premium

Dreamcatcher Tribal

Dreamcatcher Tribal Native American Font

Dreamcatcher Tribal font is one of the most interesting and dreamy designs. It is a wish for a long time. You can use this font for girls’ designs, make-up, or even Instagram pages that do a series of handicrafts such as crochet and knitting that show the customs of a particular American tribe.

Price: Premium


I hope you enjoyed our list of Native American fonts. we are looking forward to hearing from you about your thought and recommendations. Drop a line for us in the comment section!

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